LeSean McCoy says Vick cheated in race

Getty Images

Eagles running back LeSean McCoy met the media after the Eagles OTA on Monday and one of the topics up for discussion was the footrace he lost to quarterback Michael Vick earlier this offseason.

McCoy channelled one-time Jerry Seinfeld antagonist Duncan Meyer in his response. Jeff McLane of the Philadelphia Inquirer reports that McCoy said Vick left before the gun during their race and that he has video proof to back up his charge. That proof hasn’t yet seen the light of day and we’re pretty sure of what Vick’s answer would be if he was challenged to another race.

“I choose not to run.”

Strangely, that wasn’t the only moment that McCoy’s real life sounded like a Seinfeld episode on Monday. Les Bowen of the Philadelphia Daily News passes along word that McCoy spent all of Monday referring to rookie quarterback Matt Barkley as Mark. It wasn’t some kind of rookie hazing. McCoy admitted that he thought Barkley’s first name actually was Mark and that Barkley “never said anything” during practice.

This has anything to do with how the Eagles will do this season, but better to get something like this out of the way before it turns into a Susie and Elaine problem.