Mike McCoy thinks Rivers can complete 70 percent of his passes


They say that you can’t teach old dogs new tricks, but Chargers coach Mike McCoy clearly doesn’t believe that 31-year-old quarterbacks qualify as old dogs.

In an interview for Monday Morning Quarterback on SI.com, McCoy told Peter King that he believes Philip Rivers is capable of becoming a more accurate quarterback than he’s been over the course of his career. When it comes to completion percentage, Rivers’ best single-season mark is 66 percent and he’s completed 63.6 percent of his throws over the course of his entire career but McCoy believes that Rivers can connect on 70 percent of his throws in the 2013 season.

Per King, McCoy will stress to Rivers that the quarterback needs to trust that the system will provide him with “a myriad of answers” on passing plays. Those answers will include shorter, more conservative throws than the ones that Rivers has tried to fit into small windows on the way to throwing 35 interceptions over the last two seasons. McCoy feels like Rivers has the skills to pull off the change and that the quarterback will be a willing participant in what McCoy hopes to do.

“I’ve been blown away by his anticipation and willingness to learn,” McCoy said.

Hitting 70 percent might be difficult, but cutting down on the deep throws into tight spots should bring the interception total down. Doing that would, in turn, lead to a more efficient offense even if Rivers is still completing the same number of passes that we’ve grown accustomed to seeing over his time in San Diego.

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  1. Mike McCoy seems to be really confident in Rivers.. Looks like this season may be different from the past couple seasons we have become used to under Norv and lord of No rings (AJ Smith) ..

  2. Nice of him to say, but will River’s offensive line hold up long enough for him to complete passes? And will his sticky-fingered receivers hold onto the ball after it is placed in their hands?

    That would really help Rivers out alot.

  3. Well if they count passes completed to the other team he may just hit 70%. Don’t worry Mike, as soon as he throws his first pick he’ll be screaming at you just like he did Norv. I’ll be honest, I’m going to miss the Rivers-Turner blow ups on the sideline haha.

  4. The games I watched Rivers in last year, his OL wasn’t really the problem. He was holding the ball way too long and he seems to have no awareness of when a defender is behind him in the pocket.. which caused a lot of bad passes and turnover. They need to work more on him getting the ball out faster and his presence in the pocket I think.

  5. Doesn’t really matter. The broncos are gonna roll everyone in that division this year.

  6. McCoy is right if the O-line gives him enough time. Rivers has always been accurate and he has thrown the ball deep a lot over his career. Shorter routes means he will get the ball out of his hands faster which will help him avoid the pressure that has been his downfall the last few seasons. I like the excitement that this new Chargers regime is bringing.

  7. As soon as Phyllis gets hit she will be screaming at everyone just like she has the last nine years. A new coach won’t fix that. McCoy would be wise to forget rehabbing Phyllis and move on.

  8. Ihave re painted the band wagon in the belief that we may need it. I believe Rivers to be a better quarterback than I’d perceived and the quarterback makes the team.
    Point being how the Colts fell apart without Manning, Rivers can still lead s victorious team.
    Go Chargers

  9. In addition to having better protection, Rivers needs more quick options, and he needs to be able to identify them. The Bolts are potentially extremely deep at WR/TE. The offense could be a juggernaut if Rivers isn’t always making 7-9 step drops and waiting to be crushed.

  10. When these idiots watch Rivers play with a real RT, better guards and a LT they’ll get quiet. Danario Alexander, Keenan Allen and Vincent Brown would be the best starting WR group of his career yet along with Gates. Can’t wait till the fall when people claim they weren’t bashing Rivers last year I won’t let them finish their sentence.

  11. majormeatcurtains says:

    Romo And Rivers, future HoFailures.

    Antonio Ramiro Romo is 6th in NFL history in completion percentage. Higher than Brady. With no O line. Butterfingers Terrell didn’t help, either. And he plays with broken ribs and collapsed lungs.

  12. I love that everyone was negative about the comment that Denver would roll over the chargers this year. Obviously, everyone reading this post is a Charger fan because there’s no way that’s not true. Denver will systematically destroy San Diego both times they play this year. It won’t even be funny.

  13. Norv was single-handedly responsible in allowing Denver to roll over San Diego in the Broncos’ wins over the Chargers last year. Seriously, how do you not go for the jugular up 24-0 at the half at home? How do you give up an improbable first down on 4th and 29? I have a hard time envisioning Mike McCoy, or any NFL coach for that matter, losing games the way Norv did.

  14. When Rivers was at the top of his game from 2008-2010, he completed 65% of his passes and led the league three straight years in yards per attempt. That meant he was throwing the ball deep and accurately to his WRs. He also had the time to do so.

    When McNeil and Dielman went down with career-ending injuries and the entire line turned into complete garbage, we began seeing the bad Rivers. Instead of stepping up in the pocket, he started forcing throws (INTs) or taking the conservative dump offs to his RBs. SD went from being among the league leaders in WR yards per catch to league leaders in sacks allowed and RB receptions. We also started seeing the rollout, which Rivers should never ever be allowed to do again.

    This article says what we all knew. To fix Rivers, you need to either fix his line or have his WRs run shorter routes. Well, they haven’t fixed the line yet, so we’re getting the latter this year.

  15. “I’ve been blown away by his anticipation and willingness to learn,” McCoy said.

    Which is I’m sure the exact opposite of the overpaid, overrated, know it all choke artist of a QB he got stuck with last year.

    The only reason this guy would take a job with the Chargers of all teams is that he couldn’t WAIT to get out of Denver.

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