Mike Pouncey expects Dolphins to be “great”


An offseason of high-profile moves has confidence exuding from Miami. The latest to express that confidence is Dolphins center Mike Pouncey, who says he sees his team being not just good, but great.

“I think our football team is going to be great this year,” Pouncey said on NFL Total Access. “We added a lot of key additions to our football team. We look good on paper right now, but it takes chemistry to get where we want to be, and that’s in the playoffs.”

Pouncey specifically cited the defending AFC East champion Patriots as the team with a target on their backs, and Pouncey sounds confident that the Dolphins can knock the Patriots off this year.

“That’s what it’s all about,” Pouncey said. “Everyone wants to be just like the Patriots. They’ve dominated our division for a long time now. If you can go up there and win in Foxborough and beat the Patriots, you’re doing good.”

The gap between the Patriots and the Dolphins has been enormous in recent years. But after four straight years of sub-.500 records, the Dolphins are talking like they think they’ve closed that gap.

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  1. Great teams are built through the draft with one or two free agents to put it over the top. The Dolphins are putting unnessasary pressure on themselves. Their QB will be in his 2nd year and a lot of their success depends on his development.

  2. I couldn’t care less about the Dolphins, and I know most of the comments will be ripping this guy, but he’s onto something. Tannehill + Wallace is going to open up their offense this year. Watch for these guys to go 10-6. Jets and Bills will be a trainwreck and the Patriots will fall off just a little.

  3. Might take some time for this team to gel, however. A lot of free agent talent almost never results in a Super Bowl. Playoffs? Maybe, but they’ll need to see some serious strides in Tannehill.

    I see their running game struggling, to be honest. Tannehill will need to be 4200-4500 yards and 25-30 TD’s for that offense to be competitive.

  4. I wish I could have been a fly on the wall for the Pouncey to Pouncey talk regarding Mike Wallace.

  5. We go through this every year. Free agency champs never convert on the field. They always lack chemistry. Plus they have all their players writing checks that their play can’t cash. Just watch.

  6. heh really looking to mislead with that title eh? pretty generic q & a interview with pretty basic responses.

  7. Hopefully Tannehill can hit Wallace with the deep ball. Roethlisberger was OK with throwing the 10 yard pass that Wallace turned into a 75 yard touchdown but on any deep ball Roethlisberger tried it was underthrown so badly that Wallace was left just standing there looking like he was fielding a punt.

  8. I’d like to see them win the AFC East, but they can’t be slow out of the gate. After the Browns opener in Cleveland they have at Indy, Atlanta, at New Orleans, and Baltimore before a week 6 bye. If they can only manage a 1-4 start it’s going to be tough even before playing the two Patriots games.

  9. Time will tell. personally , I’d be happy if we could get even a split with them ; tired of being swept by those guys every year.

  10. Gotta admit the Dolphins beat the Jets for the off season Super Bowl this year. How many weeks is it before the Dolphins play in Foxboro? That’s how long it’s gonna take for Miami’s bubble to burst.

  11. Enough with the dolphins. They’re going to get secon in the east and miss the playoffs they added a couple prices. Whooooopi

  12. Not again?!?!

    Another filthy rich guy who lives in his own la-la land and dreams of world domination with his toys.

    We do not find such great delusion everyday, but when we do, invariably, it is found in some rich doofus who has more money than real brains and enough yes men around him to feed his ego.

    The Dolphins lost a lot of good players and there is no guarantee that the new ones will even play better and produce more than those who are now gone. With all of these guesses and no concrete incremental steps of demonstrated improvements, all of this talk is vain and full of the Pooh rich guys are known to spread around just because they can (without any backing up their wild assertions) becasue they have money.

    AND remember, they hate Tebow because Tebow has more playoff wins than the Dolphins have had in the last 10 years.

  13. With the Jets and Bills starting from scratch I suppose it’s possible, there only team to beat would be the Patriots but they’ve downgraded a bit after losing there wide receiver corp…

  14. This is about as annoying as the Chiefs getting more love than Denver. The Dolphins are a joke. Even us N.E. haters know the Pats own that division.

  15. Last year it was the Bills who were spouting off about overtaking the Pats. Before that the Jets. It’s Miami’s turn to be delusional. Keep talking phins, meanwhile when all is said and done you will still be in rebuilding mode.

  16. 2010 – Titans Claim to be super Bowl contenders – CJ hardly breaks 1k yrds rushing and no playoffs

    2011 – Eagles Claim Dream team – Failed to Make playoffs

    2012 – Pathners claim they will win the Super Bowl – Fail to make playoffs

    2013 – Dolphins are offseason champions and claim to be elite – Result????

  17. I’ve been fairly outspoken with respect to my disgust with Jeff Ireland and his drunken sailor act this offseason. That being said, what do they expect Pouncey to say? Totally legitimate statement from a good football player.

    But this is not even close to being newsworthy. This is completely inconsequential.

  18. Define “great”.

    I admire the confidence but the Fins haven’t been great since Shula; very good with Marino but not even great then…

  19. Well the Dolphins beat the Seahawks last season, so I don’t think beating the Pats will be so impossible. Miami had a huge off-season which should help them a lot and make them a much better team this season.

  20. being a phins fan, of all the guys who have expressed high expectations this is the only guy on that team that I can be confident in what he’s saying. Guy is the undisputed best center in the NFL and played with tebow in college. He knows what it takes to win! Being a phins fan you can never truly believe it’s going to happen, but maybe just finally we are finally on the upswing and can become a contender in the years to come. Because at the end of the day that’s all you can hope for! PHINS UP!

  21. The Dolphins are starting to sound like the Jets a couple years back, except at least the Jets went to the Conference Championship game twice. Another SB champ crowned in May, I wonder how Philbin is feeling about all this “talk”.

  22. Dumb comments Pouncey. It’s reminiscent of Vince Young’s “Dream Team” declaration from last offseason.

    If you really want to beat the Patriots, emulate them. Keep your mouth shut and do your job.

  23. I like that the Dolphins have made so many moves to help build their football team into a potential playoff team. If Tannehill can improve his completion and third down percentage with these new additions at WR and TE (Wallace, Gibson, Keller) then the playoffs won’t be impossible, though pretty tough to make.

  24. On paper there has been improvement at TE, WR, OL, DE, and MAYBE CB. I expect my Phins to be much improved, the schedule is difficult , but I do see a ray of hope to make the play-offs as a wild card, if chemistry develops, and T-Hill develops, as I believe he will.

  25. “AND remember, they hate Tebow because “….

    because of those like you! I don’t think anyone “hates” Timmy but it is clear NO ONE wants him on their team.

    If you Tebowites would shut up he might have a chance as a backup.

  26. I still get confused with everyone saying how the dolphins were such big spenders in fa. We went out and got one big fa on Wallace, then we simply upgraded the lb position and brought in a te and a 3-5 receiver in Gibson. We spent a lot of that money on our own guys at wr and safety etc. So at the end of the day we spent money we had and money under the new CBA that we had to spend and we upgraded key positions. We’re not the eagles of two years ago and our entire season falls back to what it always depends on, the qb.

  27. Great may be an overstatement but AFC East champs may not be.
    I think the Welker loss for the Patriots will prove to be significant.

  28. This team will win 2 more games at best this year. Don’t buy the hype. Spending in free agency works like drinking cut glass to cure a tummy ache.

  29. I cant see this team going better than 6-10… Do they realize they play the Pats twice, Falcons, Bengals, Ravens, Steelers, and Colts? With close games against the Saints, Panthers, Chargers, and Bills they have a shot, but i see them finishing with about 6 wins.

  30. It’s amazing how every year one of the other teams in the AFC East talks about how they’re going to be “great” and knock off the Patriots. Jets two years ago. Bills last year. Miami this year. Does this ever work out for the self-proclaimed “great” teams? Maybe the Dolphins should try to do better than a 7-9 record before they proclaim themselves “great”? Maybe they should play a competitive game in Foxboro (not losing 28-0) before they start talking about knocking the Pats off in their place? Just a thought..

  31. He said nothing wrong. What did you want to hear, we suck? He said the Pats were the class of the division. Obviously that is who has the target on them. Slow NFL time, so we get writers trying to stir the pot.

  32. .Wow, the last time Dolphins talked THIS big, was when John Beck came in as their savior.

    Improved , yes..doesn’t take much..But for the last 10-15 years, they have had worst bottom 25 of roster in NFL…so we shall see.

    Is amazing each year…how fans “declare” certain QB’s as top 5 or 10 material. jets did it w/Sanchez, /redskins fans doing it w/RG3/ and now Dolphin fans w/Tannehill…Fact is, potential means they haven’t done anything yet.

    South Florida is not a good pro football market..Dolphin stadium only fills up when NY, Pa., NE , …strong northern teams come in. Otherwise, is half empty.

    Think all this talk is to generate some fan enthusiasm…so that their “home” games aren’t populated w/majority of opposing team fans. If you’re from NE, is cheaper/easier to fly to Miami, than score tickets to Patriots @ home.

    But, to the guy who says this sounds like …jet fans…yes it does…and Dolphin team/fans, not THAT BAD..yet.

  33. Great? No! Competitive yes! And dolphins fans are their toughest critics. Don’t think us fans are gonna be expecting 12 wins. I’d love 9 wins. Especially with a tough schedule. Without the additions this yr the team would go 6-8 or 7-9 again. They got rid of a lot unproductive players this yr that left for decent sized contracts. I’m happy with the offseason. Up to coaches and players now

  34. Just the fact that the coaches and FO knew who was holding the team back was a BIG step forward. Bess, bush, long, smith, fasano, vontae were all bad.

  35. Did anyone actually see the interview on NFL Network that PFT is taking tidbits from? Pouncey never said they would ge great. He said they “look great on paper but would have to prove it on the field”.. He was very humble and this article makes it sound like he was making pompus guarentees. That never happened. The interviewer was actually pushing him to say something like we are better than NE and he didn’t. The interviewer asked him if they are better than NE now and he said they have to prove it on the field, and the quote here was in the context of you have to beat NE before they can say they’ve arrived. Again, no bragging, totally humble and professional. The comments here are way out of left field, but based on the way PFT has cut and pasted the interview I can see why.. Come on Man… PFT do your job and make sure you get the correct context of what he is saying in print as opposed to making it look like he is out there guarenteeing a SB like fat Rex and the Jerks.. Sheesh..

  36. Apparently everyone think confidence is a bad trait. I’m glad they are confident, but if you actually READ THE ARTICLE he said they look good on paper, but it’s going to take chemistry to get where they want.

    Haters gonna hate.

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