More talk that Sanchez won’t be a Jet when the season starts

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Mark Sanchez may be atop the Jets’ quarterback depth chart right now. But he may not be on the Jets’ quarterback depth chart at all in four months.

There’s increasing talk that if rookie Geno Smith looks good this summer, and if veteran David Garrard stays healthy, that the Jets will go into the season with Smith and Garrard as their top two quarterbacks, and go into the season without Sanchez at all.

Peter King writes at that it wouldn’t be surprising if the Jets traded Sanchez or cut him before Week One, while the New York Post reports that the Jets are smitten with Smith and view the starting quarterback job as Smith’s to lose. In fact, the Post‘s Brian Costello believes the only way Sanchez will be a Jet this season is if Smith simply can’t figure out an NFL offense by September and Garrard simply can’t stay healthy at age 35.

The problem, of course, is Sanchez’s contract, which guarantees him $8.75 million whether he’s on the Jets or not. But the Post suggests that the Jets might agree to eat about $6 million of that as part of a trade. No team would trade for Sanchez on his current deal, but some team might trade for Sanchez if the Jets are paying most of his salary.

Jets coach Rex Ryan has said that Sanchez will get the first snap of the first practice with the first-string offense, and that after that, it’s an open competition for the job. But the competition with Smith and Garrard will be a tough one for Sanchez to win. And if he doesn’t win, he may be done in New York.

83 responses to “More talk that Sanchez won’t be a Jet when the season starts

  1. So, if Smith is 10% of Seattle’s Wilson… Sanchez is a history lesson.

    And no, Pete doesn’t want you. Go bother Arizona…


  2. Peter King: It wouldn’t be surprising if Sanchez is not a Jet.

    What a scoop!!

    OK Jet haters….take it away with your originality.

  3. Who are the Jets going to trade Sanchez to ? I didn’t know an NFL team could trade players to the Arena league?

  4. What do you get when you pay a back-up caliber QB starter type money? That’s right, you get the jets-sanchez dilemma.

    Sanchez has never been good enough to start in the NFL. That is just the sad facts. If all a QB had to do was toss 5 yard passes every 5th play and hand off the rest of the time, anyone can play QB in the NFL.

    Sanchez is a prime example of what happens when teams pick a player too high, then try to get that player to play to the level where he was drafted.

  5. its funny that so many jets fans think that geno is a/the solution. they will get the wake up call in week1!

  6. Yes brilliant thinking – throw the rookie to the wolves and when he falters once the NY media will tear him limb from limb. We know they already love this “diva.” Enjoy the ride Geno

  7. It’s apparent that the Jets are clueless about running a franchise. They kept a lame duck coach. Procrastinated, haggled and loss picks on Revis and now are leaving their QB position in a fog.

    Cut your losses, move on and prepare f0r the season.

  8. This doesn’t make much sense. They would just “eat” all that money? If you’re gonna pay the guy anyway why would you cut him? This team has put itself in a BAD situation. Sanchez getting traded doesn’t make much sense either. Who’d want that circus?

  9. That’s ridiculous…no team would trade for him, even if they get him cheap. If by some miracle Sanchez does “decent” there’s no guarantee he’ll re-sign the year after anyways.

  10. Tough to imagine any team trading for him even if the jets pick up $6mil, wait til he’s cut & someone will sign hom for a lot less than $2.75mil. Looks like a $1mil back up deal awaits him, not bad on yop of $8.75mil.

  11. If they can work out some sort of deal to trade Sanchez while eating his salary, then do it (so you get some type of compensation)… but if not, then cut him.

    It’s going to hurt, but they have to do it. Oakland had a ton of bad contracts on their roster, and knew it would hurt to start cutting those guys, but you’ve gotta get through it rather than keeping those guys on the team and just continuing to suck.

    I think Rex Ryan is actually a great football mind despite being a P.R. nightmare. He needs someone to get the team’s attitude straight (and to tell him to shut up and handle X’s and O’s) and he could bring the team back to being respectable.

    If the Jets had a better QB a few years ago, who knows what could’ve happened.

  12. N, they wouldn’t have. Remember, the awful Tannenbaum was the GM until recently and the Jets didn’t have their QB of the future until a couple weeks ago. Idzik has a long project ahead of him trying to fix the mistakes of his predecessor.

  13. If Smith can get it done the dude is starting for sure. And with a vet backup like Garrard he’s in decent hands. Sanchez, unfortunately, is the odd man out and is playing the circus role of Tim Tebow in this equation.

    Another team will pick him up for sure…but as a backup QB…for now.

  14. Where is all the Jet fan’s who cite 2 consecutive trips to the AFC championship as proof that Butt Fumbling Sanchez is a real NFL QB?

    “What have you done for me lately?” is taking over as well it should.

  15. The circus is still making the headlines.

    A lot of the circus atmoshere will disappear after they dump Sanchez. He was just awful last year…

  16. Funny, jets were once smitten with Sanchez too, you would think this team would learn not to count their eggs before they hatch. Not a huge Sanchez fan but he has done more in the NFL than Smith or Garrard and showed poise and talent at times. Jets fans and media are railroading this kid out of town first by bringing in Tebow and now by playing up Smith so much they are making it almost impossible for Smith not to start. There’s a reason Smith fell into the second rd, he’s not RG3 or Wilson and by giving this kid no offensive weapons he like Sanchez will be blamed for the failures of the franchise in 4 years or less, typical jets… All talk and no show. I suggest they look to the North in Buffalo or South in Miami if they want to see how you start building a team that can compete with my patriots.

  17. “No team would trade for Sanchez on his current deal”

    No team would trade for him regardless, unless their fans demand more buttfumbles.

  18. Even if they cover most of his salary. It will be hard to find a trade partner since rest of 31 teams has better QBs than Sanchez.

    But Mr. Idzik should stick with his “competition at all positions” stance. Because you don’t wanna give Geno a dose of over confidence. Let him compete with Sanchez.

  19. Knowing the Jets, they’ll trade or release Sanchez, and he will go win a SB in Oakland while the Jets struggle along with Akili Smith 2.0

  20. The “national” media would rather create news about New York teams than actually report on what other teams across the NFL are doing.

    Sad and lazy.

  21. Sanchez is going no where. He will be the starting quarterback for the 2013 New York Jets.

  22. Any team taking Sanchez is going to view him as a re-building project, and as such close to $3mil is going to be too much.

    At less than that, I’d like to see GB bring him in and cut Graham Harrell. Harrell’s noodle arm makes Sanchez look like Jeff George, and at least Sanchez has to run into something in order to fumble, which can’t be said for Harrell who seems to routinely trip over his own feet.

  23. Nobody has given a reason how the Jets gain if they cut Mark

    In fact, the cap hit will be greater if they cut him. He has to compete for the job and thus Mark supplies completion for Geno to push him. If in fact, Mark has a better camp then Geno, and wins the job, Geno can sit on the sidelines with the coaches, with no pressure from the media, and learn the job. Most experts say this is the best way to break in a new young player; there is no chance of a burn out because he was thrown into the fire before he was ready.

    I believe this hatred for Mark is due to the so called ‘buttfumble’ and the embarrassment it caused. But that is unfair to Mark, since every QB (even the great ones) have run into an Offensive Lineman on a broken play at sometime in their career. Every Jets fan should hope that Mark has a good year, even if you think Geno has a higher ceiling, since we could then trade Mark next year and get something for him.

  24. Mark will start week 1 and put up extremely good numbers in Marty’s offense, book it.. let the hate/thumbs down commence

  25. Another USC qb fails. Like the string of Penn st running backs. Ki-Janna Carter, Curtis Enos, Blair Thomas. Bad first round picks.

  26. Quick! Someone name the jets starting wr from week 12 on. Sanchez isn’t the problem.

  27. Sanchez would make for a formidable backup on a lot of teams. He wasn’t terrible (though clearly not great) in his first two seasons with some talent around him. I wouldn’t pay $8.75M or trade much for him, though.

  28. After Sanchez gets cut because no one will pick up his contract , the Raiders will pick him up off the street. He is Mexican just like Tom Flores and Jim Plunkett. He is a Cali guy not a NYC guy. One year on the bench with the Raiders mentally healing and being mentored by Coach Flores [ who belongs in the HOF] & Jim Plunkett is Sanchez’s only hope in the NFL to turn it around. Plunkett was a wash out when came to the Raiders and won 2 SB’s . Sanchez could learn alot from Plunkett and revive his career as the Raiders rebound and rise in the AFC West.

  29. In a few years we will remember this of the guy:

    1) The legendary Butt Fumble
    2) The hot dog eating on the side line
    3) Sanchez wiping a boogie on his buddy

    Some great ESPN highlights

  30. He will be gone by training camp. The Jets cannot risk him “winning” the job in camp. They know he won’t be there next year. It is the same mentality that prevented Tebow from starting when Sanchez played badly.

  31. I don’t see Sanchez as a good starting NFL QB under any scenario. But you have to wonder how he might work as a backup with occasional temporary starting duties in a reasonable work environment with a coach who is not utterly clueless when it comes to people management and offensive game planning.

    Also, starting Smith is probably the final nail in the coffin on Rex’s head coaching career in NY.

  32. Will Geno Smith fire his agent again if he’s not the starter on day 1?

    Smith has a huge probability of being the next QB flop in NY. Entitled SOBs like him never play to their expectations and always blame everyone around them for failures.

  33. I assume if (when) Sanchez gets cut, no one will trade for him since they know he will be cut, Geno will get the number six so the tatoo is still good for the next couple fo years…..

  34. Mark Sanchez is an absolute joke. He doesnt care about what the jet fans say about him or what the media says because no matter what happnes, he is going to get his gauranteed money. But atleast he will be remembered as a less than mediocre quarterback who doesnt deserve to play for the NFL.
    All us jet fans request Mark, take a pay cut and leave New York for good. Dont become a festering parasite that we have to endure. Its been over 40 years since us Jets fans have tasted Superbowl victory, dont make us wait longer because ur a dirt bag.

  35. It’s simple really, Sanchez will be with the Jets organization, just not a player. He is owed what, 8 million in guaranteed money? No team is STUPID enough to trade for him, as lousy as he plays for even half that. So, if the Jets owe him that much, than Mark won’t be at home collecting a check. The Jets will have him: taking out the garbage, mowing the field, washing the player’s uniforms, cleaning the locker rooms including toilets. Right down to rubbing Rex’s nasty feet. The Jets should get their money’s worth.

  36. This kid should have realized that once Garrard was brought in he was history. Imagine how bad the Jets were since both of their qb’s from last season are never going to take a snap again in the NFL. That’s pathetic…especially since both are young men.But, both of them do suck!

  37. hehateme2 says:May 13, 2013 7:46 AM

    The jets are irrelevant. Same ole jets.

    Your comments are repeated every day.
    That’s relevant? I call it boring.

    You’ll never get your own talk show that way.

  38. norv and chud probably have the trade bait ready to go.. mark is a good QB he just needs a good teacher.

  39. I would handle this the way the Jags handled Leftwich. If he doesn’t win the job, he doesn’t make the team. Cut him before week 1. You cant leave him on the roster because he will be a cancer to their locker room.

  40. We think Sanchez is a good football player and might have a breakout season, just give him another year please.

    Bills, Pats and Phins

  41. What a quality franchise.

    So they are basically admitting that they carried TWO QBs last season that cant play QB.

    How does Rex even have that job still – I feel bad for Jets fans.

  42. Admittedly, Sanchez is still young enough to salvage his career and become a decent player in much the same way that Gannon, Testaverde, and Alex Smith did. But it’s going to take a few years, and it’s highly unlikely that he’s ever going to be great.

    Might as well get rid of him now. He’s not the kind of guy you want around a young kid like Geno. Ideally, you’d have an older, mid-30s guy who understands that he’s a seat-warmer and doesn’t feel threatened by the kid. You don’t want Geno in a heated quarterback competition with a 26-year-old guy who’s fighting for his career.

  43. A team might trade for him if the draft still had 20 rounds. Then again, Deacon Jones was drafted in round 14, so possibly no team would risk a 20th rounder on him…

  44. Sanchez is the same as Leinart, party boys out of USC. At least Leinart can say he got beat out by a working class guy in Kurt Warner. Sanchez is about to get beat out by a spread QB with thin skin.

  45. Sanchez could actually be around on somebody’s sidelines for quite some time. He’s started playoff games, etc. and the bar for backups isn’t all that high in plenty of cities.

    But, wow, are the Jets clueless at QB. Smith is off to a rough start with the media and the Jets just can’t wait to throw him out there as the starter? He’d need to be the second coming of Joe Namath to survive what is coming his way.

  46. “Brian Costello believes the only way Sanchez will be a Jet this season is if Smith simply can’t figure out an NFL offense by September and Garrard simply can’t stay healthy at age 35”

    Check & check. Congrats Sanchez, you’ve got another year to try to improve on the butt-fumble play! I can’t wait!

  47. The stupidity of analysts never stops.

    When reviewing Geno Smith they say he will struggle with the current weapons and offensive line on the roster. Yet when they speak of Sanchez he takes the blame.

    Sanchez has been bad the last couple seasons. However the WR/TE/RB/OL have been getting worse every year he has been on the squad. Again this year they start drafted on the defensive side rather than getting the QBs some help.

  48. All this talk about QB competition.. All nonsence! If Sanchez wins the battle in camp what has changed?? He is a decent practice QB but a horrible game QB.. As a number of coaches & LB’s have stated “Mark Sanchez has a zero football IQ”. He couldn’t get it done if he had Jerry Rice & Tony Gonzalez as targets. Let him go in peace. It’s not like he will starve for Christs Sake.. Let’s move on!

  49. Remember in Hard Knocks when Sanchez stiffed the pizza delivery guy and thought it was hilarious? The a-hole maks millions of dollars and screws the delivery guy out of 5 bucks.
    I hope this SOB gets his ass cut. We all got to see what a self-entitled jerk he truely is.

  50. Sanchez to the Chiefs for conditional picks in the 2014 draft as long as the Jets eat six million.

    Sanchez gets to go to Kansas City and get coached up by Reid, who should be able to make him look good, and sit behind Alex Smith, which leaves a realistic chance of competing for the starting job.

    The Jets get an extra pick for their rebuild and even eating 75% of the contract for this season, they are still ahead not paying the whole thing to cut him or have him ride the bench.

    It makes so much sense that the Jets are instead going to keep him a year and have him waiting in the wings for a QB contraversy when Smith inevitably struggles in his rookie season with a team that is sorely lacking offensive talent.

  51. Jets need to get rid of him anyway they can. Just like my Dolphins FINALLY did with Chad Henne. Henne stayed far to long and made it torture to watch the offense. Sanchez does much the same thing.

  52. Why is everyone dumping in Sanchez ? He had no decent receivers or weapons to throw too. It’s not all his fault ! Just watch his highligt from playing at college , he played good. The Jets keep him on the roster because he knows the Playbook inside & out and does great in practice but come game Time the rest of the team sucks and it all falls on Sanchez . The new diva Geno is not the answers to the Jets he will crash and burn soon . The Tebow circus was a mess for the Jets and for Sanchez. Maybe the Jets should give Sanchez a break and cut him , so that he can get out if that circus. I bet Sanchez would be a better QB for the Raiders instead of Matt Flynn. I like the Jets but I can’t stand te Diva Geno and Rex Ryan will be coaching his final season. The Jets should of drafted Matt Barkely … Chip Kelly is smart and drafted Barkely for a reason. As for Sanchez he is a now aQB that can’t wait to get out of NY , he will still get paid his $8.5Million so do him a favor and cut him….

  53. Jets should make Rex Ryan a defensive coordinator or just fire him NOW! Jets should hire Lovie Smith ! With the Patriots in the division Jets cannot go far! Go Patriots !

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