Panthers sign Gaydosh, top pick in CFL draft

Not that long ago, he was the top pick in the draft. Now, he’s fighting to get in on the ground floor.

No, not JaMarcus Russell.

For Canadian defensive lineman Linden Gaydosh, a weekend tryout with the Panthers resulted in a contract offer. That means his CFL plans are on hold, even though he was the first overall pick of the Hamilton Tiger-Cats.

“It’s great,” Gaydosh told Scott Cruickshank of the Calgary Herald. “Like, I’m so happy right now. I was at a loss for words when the CFL draft came — so I don’t know how to describe the feeling I have right now.

“The first thing I did was call my parents. They were so excited the day of the CFL draft, I can’t imagine what’s going through them right now.”

What’s going through their son is sweat, at the moment. Though it was a pleasant spring weekend in Charlotte, barely getting out of the 60s, Gaydosh was already experiencing culture shock.

“I was asking some of the guys here about it and they go, ‘Hey, this is just a nice day. Wait ’til summer hits,’” he said. “And I’m like, ‘Oh my god.’ ”

The 6-foot-3, 314-pound defensive tackle has no guarantees of a job with the Panthers, just a shot at training camp. But that’s enough to make him put his CFL plans on the back burner.

Photo credit: Canadian Press

9 responses to “Panthers sign Gaydosh, top pick in CFL draft

  1. Good on Gaydosh for playing to the level he’s drafted highly, and obviously caught the eye of the Panthers and impressed them as well. And good on the Panthers for scouring talent from wherever they can find it. Gotta love these stories that show hard work pays off.

  2. Just wondering what’s the success rate of CFL players who become NFL players? Because if Gaydosh turns out like Cameron Wake, for example, this is a steal. We need all the depth we can get at DT.

    Nonetheless he sounds so thrilled just to get the opportunity and I wish him the best. Welcome to Carolina!

  3. Hate it when someone beats me to it…well played Rick Spielman is a Magician.

    I agree with shortnbald–it’s awesome when teams are willing to look all over to find talent that could help their team significantly.

  4. I know this guy might not be a lock to make the team, but #1 overall pick in the CFL has to be at least decent, right?

  5. Hey Carolina fans,

    Here’s my two cents. I live in Calgary where he played and saw him in action twice. He is a steal in the sense that you may have a role playing DT (3rd down) He’s 6’4 with a large wingspan and a super quick first step (you have to line up one yard from the ball). Put him in the weight room for 2-3 years and put on some real muscle and you have yourself a quality starting DT….and you gave up no picks. That’s kind of a steal.

    Poor Hamilton loses again.

  6. One more thing….as a #1 pick he would have received a small signing bonus (maybe 10,000 bucks) and a salary probably around 55,000. Now you can see why he’s so exciting to have a shot to even make the practice squad.

  7. If Marty Hurney were still our GM, Gaydosh would be offered a 3 yr 20million deal, and after three years, Give him a 2 yr 13 milion deal with a guarantee of 10mil. SMDH. Thank God we don’t have Hurney anymore. We actually have a football guy(gettlemen) making plays as he should!!

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