Police say Titus Young’s car was involved in two incidents before arrest

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Titus Young’s weekend arrest in San Clemente, Calif. came on the heels of two other alleged incidents linked to a car registered to him, the Orange County Sheriff’s Department told PFT on Monday.

Orange County Sheriff’s spokesman Jim Amormino told PFT a black Ford Mustang registered to Young was involved in a pair of incidents investigated by authorities on Friday, hours before Young was arrested in San Clemente on burglary, resisting arrest and assault on a peace officer charges.

According to Amormino, the Orange County Sheriff’s Department received a call at 6 p.m. Friday regarding a person believed to be laying in a black Mustang in a driveway outside a home in San Clemente. County fire department personnel in an ambulance got to the scene first. When they arrived, the Mustang was leaving, and it almost hit the ambulance. Sheriff’s personnel searched for the person alleged to be driving the vehicle, but they could not find the person. After the first incident, the sheriff’s department was able to ascertain that the vehicle belonged to Young, Amormino said.

Then, at about 8 p.m. Friday, the Orange County Sheriff’s Department was contacted regarding a person peering into cars, Amormino said, and a description of a car alleged to have been used in the incident was the black Mustang belonging to Young. Sheriff’s personnel, including a helicopter, searched for the person alleged to be looking into cars for about an hour, but the search did not turn up the person.

During the 8 p.m. incident, a description of the person alleged to be looking into the cars was given, Amormino said. The person was described to be wearing a burgundy undershirt, and the person described in the 8 p.m incident matched the description of the person involved in the Saturday morning incident in which Young was arrested on burglary and other charges in San Clemente.

The car registered to Young was found and impounded.

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  1. You literally have to try to get in this much trouble. I feel like the first thought he has in the morning is “how can I get in trouble today”.

  2. I wonder if the Lions regret passing on Torrey Smith and Randall Cobb to draft this guy?

  3. He needs to be in a mental health institution. Oh sure he can go to jail and do his 5-10, but he’s going to come out and be much worse. Jail will only make him worse. Its a vicious cycle. We live in the greatest country in the world, but we have many flaws. Our justice system, and dealing with people with real mental health issues is one of them.

  4. “County fire department personnel in an ambulance got to the scene first. When they arrived, the Mustang was leaving, and it almost hit the ambulance. Sheriff’s personnel searched for the person alleged to be driving the vehicle, but they could not find the person.”

    Maybe he was in the car that drove off? Just a guess.

  5. A police helicopter for someone peering into cars? Waste of time, resources and money for a small fry criminal.

  6. What a mess. For his son’s sake as much as his own, I hope this all winds up getting him straightened out. Football is probably over for him now in any form, but anything would be better than where he is now.

    Actually, now that I think about it, the Lions may have waited so long to cut him precisely because they were trying to help him, and when that didn’t work, they cut him.

  7. Wait, they sent in a HELICOPTER to search for a suspect who was “peering into cars”? This is what people’s taxes are paying for?

    Anything better to do, sheriff’s dept.? Guess not.

    Wonder how much it costs to fly a police helicopter for about an hour.

  8. I spent and wasted 10 years avoiding doctors about my mental problem. Finally saw one after getting rushed to the hospital with a huge panic attack. Immediate diagnosis and fairly quick fix for my problem. I have been healthy for 20 years.

    The key was that I saw a doctor. I was unwilling, afraid and embarrassed to admit something wasn’t right in my head. The refusal to seek help is the number one problem. Believe me, I outright avoided help, and most people with a similar issue would say the same thing, even if we can’t even understand why. It is just how it is, to our determent.

    So, don’t get all huffy in your judgement of Titus when asking, “Why doesn’t he get help? He must know something is wrong!”. Keep my example in mind and understand that I would draw the same quick conclusion before I went through my ordeal.

    Of course, the non-clinical side of this whole thing might be that Titus is just a bad person with an insatiable ego.

  9. Titus may be charged with one count of “laying low on a public street” and multiple counts of aggravated “peering into parked cars”, in addition to break and enter, and resisting arrest.

  10. This guy’s an idiot. However, the law enforcement operation sounds like a giant cluster F. How do you expend such public resources to apprehend this d-bag? How much does it cost to dispatch a freaking chopper?

  11. Drafting this guy in the first place is an enormous failure on many levels for the Loins organization. So how did he ever pass pre-draft inspection. Where’s the accountability in Detroit

  12. I don’t think Brandon Marshall is the only NFL receiver with borderline personality disorder…

  13. Horrible time for Young, and he deserves sympathy, but all I can think of at the moment is that hot babe who played lead guitar for “Titus Andronicus”. Amy Klein.

  14. His bail was only set at $75K….. He will post bail and be re-arrested by Wednesday

  15. So his next attempted robbery will be fence jumping at the impound lot part 2!

    But in all seriousness, at this rate he’s going to wind up in prison or dead. I hope he finds help ASAP.

  16. He has mental issues, that is very plain to see. Lock him up before he hurts himself or others and get him some help.

    All I can think of his how it all ended for Chris Henry.

  17. Not sure how big a county Orange County is but here in Baltimore police keep a helicopter up during weekend nights until about 3am. If its up and not on a call why not use it? THAT would be a waste of resources.

  18. How in the He!! did he get through Boise State?

    What kind of institution for higher learning will hide and protect such a nut job?

    Someone should be asking questions at BSU…

  19. On another note I was at a family bbq this weekend and when this fine young man’s story came up in discussion my mother said, “What’s a Titus Young.”

  20. D-R-U-G-S. Of course, I’m speculating, but I’ve known enough drug addicts in my life and I have a hard time believing he just randomly went off the deep end when he had lots of talent and plenty of money. You didn’t hear stories like this when he was at Boise State and I would be willing to bet that drugs are a little more accessible in Detroit, Michigan or any part of California than in Boise, Idaho. The kid probably got himself hooked on something real bad. Hope I’m wrong, but with the direction his life has taken, there are zero positive possibilities as to why.

  21. maybe he thought the world was gonna end after last week, thats why he went on that crime spree…..

  22. well actually police helicopters are almost always flying around in high crime or traffic areas my neighbor is a pilot for the Broward Sheriffs dept. here in South Florida he flys choppers and airplanes here every day from morning to night he just flys around and dispatch calls in crimes and they surveil the area so its usually not a waste in that sense. now if you wanna argue wether having those things in the air all day is a waste of taxpayers money thats another issue all together but they budget for these things its not like they just wing it.

  23. Hes smoking crystal.

    This was my first thought. I’ve seen first hand what meth does to people. It’s not pretty. Look at him.. skin and bones. It also makes good people do things like stealing. Now I’m sure sure I’d consider him a good person to begin with.. but he’s on crack or meth.

    About the Mustang.. people make fun of ex players of any sport for going broke. Him driving a Mustang was the smartest decesion he made. He signed for millions but it wasn’t a pile of cash. I’m sure he’s broke now though or else he wouldn’t be breaking in to houses.

  24. I think it’s about time we start talking about players that are relevant to the sport. This guy isn’t worth the time or effort put in to read this rubbish!

  25. A number of people includes the Lions mgmt, friends, etc. have asked Titus Young to get help. The incidents over this past week show that this is a medical issue. Hopefully the court requires him to undergo a psych exam so that he can get some treatment. Once he gets started on the right meds … he could probably even play in the NFL again.

    As for the police helicopter and the person “peering into cars” … the police helicopter was sent out because there was a black man in San Clemente. It’s the OC, where spoiled rich white kids get away with murder (sometimes literally).

  26. Seriously did this guy not have a record before the
    Lions drafted him?Warning signs?

  27. there are 7 billion people in this world. we are not going extinct. we can do without this one.

  28. This really sounds more like a guy with serious mental problems than just being a turd. I hope he gets psychiatric help.

  29. as a recovering addict, I can say this with as much certainty as possible. this is addict behavior. and I never thought I would say these next words…..he is trying to out Marcus Vick Marcus Vick.

  30. Given he fact he went to Boise St. I figured he would be rolling in a Bronco instead of a Mustang, ala OJ. Oh the irony.

  31. The good news is theres enough evidence to support a not guilty by reason of insanity defense.

    And its WARD of the State in case you weren’t joking.

  32. Maurice Clarett is even in shock.

    We just need to see what happens at his upcoming hearing(s).

    After that we need to see what he’s doing 5-7 years from now. He’s crashed so low we will never know if he’ll ever get back up.

    I can’t believe he went from underachieving in-house diva to possible future jailer.

    This is worse than Clarett, Pac Man, Tank Johnson, or Vick and this drop in Young’s life is even more hope crushing.

  33. How do you go from being the number two wide receiver in Detroit across from Megatron to this? You can take the kid out of the ghetto but you cannot take the ghetto out of the kid!

  34. This kid is either Bi-polar or just dumber than dumb. It’s a shame, but how could a team not see this side of him before they drafted him? Al Davis always liked Bi-polar players, but the last one cost him his last chance at a Super Bowl win.

  35. I have seen quotes where his father says he needs help. Well why didnt he help him. I mean seriously. This guy just needs to be thrown in jail for couple years he will get all the help he needs in the pen.

  36. Being a Boise State fan, I loved watching Titus in college. All of that talent is being wasted. Never thought he would end up like this but its a classic example of money changing people.

  37. A lot of ignorant comments. “How did he get through Boise State?”

    Ever heard of John Nash? Ted Kaczynski?

    Mental illness onset at young adulthood is pretty common. It’s the most common age of onset for many. Plenty of people get through college, and many bright and/or otherwise functional people breakdown.

  38. How other than drugs does one go from leading a “normal” life with a very well paying job to, let’s be honest, a terrible petty criminal in a matter of weeks?

    I could see it being a case of him going off meds for a mental disorder he was previously being treated for causing such an epic collapse, but for it to just be the onset of a mental illness? I have my doubts about that.

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