Rams’ plan for Tavon Austin: Get him the ball as often as we can


When the Rams traded up to take West Virginia’s Tavon Austin with the eighth overall pick in the NFL draft, the only question was what his primary role would be in St. Louis: Will he be their No. 1 receiver? Take handoffs out of the backfield? Handle punt and kickoff returns?

Rams coach Jeff Fisher would love the answer to be all of the above.

“We’re going to try to get the ball to him as often as we can, however we do that,” Fisher said.

The Rams see Austin as a uniquely talented player, a player who has such versatility that he could be the Rams’ leading receiver in one game, their leading rusher in another game, and score a touchdown on special teams in another game.

“He’s very talented. We drafted him because he’s got receiver skills, run skills, return skills. We think we can use him in all those areas,” Fisher said.

Austin said he realizes the Rams are expecting a lot of him.

“There are high expectations for me because I went No. 8, but at the same time when I come in here I just try to have fun, do all the things I can do,” Austin said. “The No. 1 thing is just to make some plays.”

Fisher sees Austin making a lot of plays.

16 responses to “Rams’ plan for Tavon Austin: Get him the ball as often as we can

  1. I’m really worried about his size. He’s had a good track record of health though so positive thoughts.

  2. That sounds like a good plan to me. A creative offensive coordinator can have a lot of fun with his speed. Besides returning all kicks, reverses are a must, bubble screens and handoffs too since he has played RB.

    Let the show begin.

  3. He was a stud for WVU Geno Smith should give Tavon his signing bonus because him and Bailey made him and made him look better than he was Tavon will be a beast under that dome on turf best pick of this years draft

  4. I’m not even a Rams fan and hope this kid is successful. They’ve needed a #1 for awhile.
    NFC West is going to be a fun division to watch this season.

  5. Very quietly the Rams have secured a ton of elite speed at the skill positions. Fisher is building a stout defense that can get after the qb and now he is building a track team on offense. Go look at the Rams schedule and look at how many games they play on grass. This team is very young so I expect many rookie mistakes as well as many more explosive plays. Hopefully more TD’s than mistakes. Should be a really fun team to watch this fall.

  6. Pretty sure he’s about the same size as Barry Sanders…. Although Sanders was heavier, he was still a small dude… But tavon could probably add some lbs….. I’m a believer. He and stedman are going to tear it up. I’m a wvu fan, and I’m telling you, stedman is a much much better wr. He’s almost a Greg type

  7. You heard him, he just wants to have fun!
    Has bust written all over him, Geno smith just threw the ball in the air! In the area of him, he can’t run precise routes and he won’t be able to take a hit from people in this league!
    Yeah, he gets turf this year, so what? Did West Virginia play a lot on turf?

  8. Yeah Frisco fans, your vaunted defenses were able to slow Danny Amendola to a paltry 26 catches 206 yards and a TD in the last 3 games he played against them. How will they stop a faster, healthier and more athletic version?!
    Good luck repeating your runner-up season!

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