Ron Jaworski offers Tebow a job with the Philadelphia Soul


If Tim Tebow decides that he wants to make the move from the NFL to arena football, he’s got options.

The Omaha Beef put an offer on the table for the former Bronco and Jet shortly after he was cut loose by the Jets and now he’s also gotten an offer from the Philadelphia Soul. What might make the Philly offer a more interesting one for Tebow is that the Soul are owned by Ron Jaworski, whose playing career suggests he knows a thing or two about how to be a successful NFL quarterback.

Here’s the rub, though: Jaworski, who said last summer he thought Tebow’s throwing motion had improved, isn’t looking at Tebow as a starting quarterback. He told the Philadelphia Daily News that he and Soul coach Clint Dolezal sent Tebow a list of plays that they would want to use him on, most of which occur near the end zone, but that Dan Raudabaugh would remain the team’s starting quarterback. Jaworski also shared why he believed playing arena football would help Tebow.

“One [criticism] of Tebow is that he is slow and methodical,” Jaworski said. “He would be forced to quicken it up in this league and it would be good training for him. You can learn a lot in this league. It’s about processing information and getting the ball out … or you get whacked.”

Tebow’s camp didn’t respond to requests for comment. Jaworski said that he hasn’t heard back from Tebow either, which suggests that the arena version of the game is not one that Tebow wants to play.

35 responses to “Ron Jaworski offers Tebow a job with the Philadelphia Soul

  1. Not a Tebow fan in the least but…. You want him to come to your team to boost ticket sales but you won’t let him play quarterback?! Why would he even entertain that? I’m pretty sure he would have some options in the NFL if he changed positions

  2. Not a Tebow supporter, but I still believe that the Arena experience (processing info quickly) benefitted Kurt Warner immensely.

  3. So, basically, team owner wants Tebow to run gimmick plays that will draw attention to team and make him more money.

    I would forgive Tebow for passing on this one.

  4. Great Move By Jaws. This guy’s jersey was flying off of the shelves just a year ago. The Tim Tebow spectacle is still alive and well, and hiring him would definitely move some tickets for the Soul.

  5. I don’t think this is an option for Tebow.

    I am pretty sure one of the minority owners of the Soul is Jon Bon Jovi. And everyone knows that Rock and Roll is a tool of Satan.

  6. There is maybe one other QB in history that got as raw a deal as Tebow: Warren Moon. We know why Moon did, and we know why Tebow is. (Hopefully, though, we don’t have Tebow out here 30 years from now still crying about it like Moon is).

  7. There is maybe one other QB in history that got as raw a deal as Tebow: Warren Moon. We know why Moon did, and we know why Tebow is. (Hopefully, though, we don’t have Tebow out here 30 years from now still crying about it like Moon is).
    What? Moon played into his mid 40’s

  8. boo hoo everyone picking on poor Timmy-did it ever occur to his supporters that Timmy brought it all on himself? He didn’t have to make a public spectacle out his personal beliefs and he could have politely declined to participate in all the media hoopla-but he didn’t-he jumped in and tried to use the media to lobby for a start and to call attention to himself. He is reaping what he sowed and getting a lesson that media attention is a two sided coin.

  9. “Bring yo’self down Brotha’ Tebow! To the Soul! Oh yeah, righteous, righteous, brother Tim. Can you feel it now? Let yourself go, brother! Give it up to the Soul! Oh yeah…”.

  10. I don’t get it. I’ve never seen a winning QB treated like this. He won a playoff game with a worse Broncos team than Manning, who could not win a playoff game. It’s not his fault Ryan is a bad coach and has a weird relationship with Sanchez where he wouldn’t give Tebow the job. NFL teams would rather have QB’s like Gabbert or Palmer starting this season? Even Ryan Leaf and jemarcus russel got more of a chance, and they never won anything.

  11. I recall Tom Bradys old QB coach saying he could correct Tbows mechanics in a few weeks. If he is that dedicated to playing QB why doesn’t he find a QB coach and funnel his efforts into correcting his problem. He has plenty of time on his hands now. Perfect situation to prove everyone wrong.

  12. Woohoo!!!
    My boy Tebow is gonna land on his feet and be JUST FINE, but…….how ’bout you? Feet feelin’ hot a little?
    Buh bye….:)

  13. Huh? In arena football you need have precision passing and timing while completing a high percentage of passes. Yes the ability to run helps, but you need make decisions fast and get the ball in tight holes to succeed in the AFL. This must be a PR stunt.

  14. C’mon, where’s the link for Dan Raudabaugh? I want to know more about the latest qb who will march his team up and down the field only to get pulled at the goal line so Timmy can score the TD and get all the media attention.

  15. Pretty intelligent comment from mykelane. Kurt Warner wasn’t too proud to hone up in arena, and you could do worse than hanging out with Jaworski.

    But some NFL team is going to pony up, or Tebow will go on the talk circuit. Maybe the big T will decide to play tight end in the NFL. Lots of choices will pay a lot more than arena football, and I personally don’t think TT can take a fair inventory of his skills, nor formulate a realistic improvement plan to reach his career goal. Despite his outward professions, he thinks he is better than he is.

    Fire away, Tlovers. But the truth will set you free.

  16. Listen, America: The NFL was this country’s most popular spectator sport long before Tim Tebow, and the NFL will continue to be this country’s most popular spectator sport long after Tim Tebow. To suggest that the NFL needs Tebow to survive is ridiculous.
    Secondly, not even Tim Tebow could make ArenaBall watchable. It is simply too horrific to stomach, especially since it involves the likes of Ron Jaworski.

  17. Why do people feel sorry for this guy? Sure je’s a decent person but tje fact remains that NFL circles don’t think he’s good enough. That’s the way it goes. There’s tons of guys out there who arent good enough to play at that level. He’s just another one.

  18. For people who love statistics, this year thirty owners, head coaches and starting quarterbacks are going to fail to reach the Super Bowl. Twenty owners, head coaches and starting quarterbacks are going to fail to reach the playoffs. And sixteen owners, head coaches and starting quarterbacks are going to fail to win more games than they lose. When he was given the opportunity, Tim Tebow won more games than he lost, reached the playoffs, and won the first playoff game by breaking NFL records. Tim Tebow’s presence on the field electrifies his teammates and the crowd. In that atmosphere of faith and expectancy anything can happen. Nothing is impossible, even a Super Bowl. I believe an NFL owner and a head coach will come to their senses and realize that Tim Tebow is by far their best option for starting quarterback and give him an opportunity.

  19. YES there is a team called the omaha beef !! they play in the champions professional indoor football league ( ) the teams are mostly from the midwest and most of the players come from within 100 miles of the city they are playing in. my home town team ( sioux city bandits ) were in a different league and was just WAXING the other teams so when this one came together just last yearm they jumped in. so far the only team to be the bandits is omaha !!

  20. In all seriousness, has anyone in the NFL thought about trying Mr.Tebow as a FULLBACK ? He has the right body for it, his vision for that position is probably better than most, his balance is good, and his acceleration would be more than adequate for the position. These things plus his ‘team-first’ mentality are ideal for the workhorse mind-set of the ideal fullback. All that remains is whether Tebow himself would consider such a leap? But I think it would pan out pretty well. I don’t like the guy’s religious posturing. I wish he would keep quiet about it. But I DO kind of hope he gets a real shot in the NFL; even if it isn’t as QB. Think about it !!!!!!

  21. Who gives a damn about Arena phony football? Who cares about Tiny Tim Teblow except some dimwitted fans and clueless sports pundits? Just disappear Tiny Tim and stop wasting space in the football news that should go to real football players.

    Too funny but even in the phony football league Tiny Tim wouldn’t be allowed to be a real QB. I still think the Lingerie League is a better fit for Tiny Tim’s lack of talent.

  22. No Tim Tebow isnt the best quarterback in the league and is not starting caliber but when he was a starter he did pretty well if you ask me. The fact he isnt signed as a back up is ludacris. Last year a couple times when back ups had to play I just though to myself, you’re telling me Tebow isn’t better than this guy. One for example was the playoff game for the Vikings. You’re telling me Tebow couldn’t have done a better job than Joe Webb? You’re lying if you say he couldn’t have.

  23. If Tebow was smart about the situation, he would just change positions, which would mean a job in the NFL and a nice paycheck too. He’s not going to get anything like that if he keeps being stubborn.

  24. the Tebow groupies are always talking about how Tebow won a playoff game and thus should be a starting QB somewhere… but they never mention all the crazy stuff that had to happen for more than half of those games to be won….

    even a blind squirrel finds a nut….

  25. Some times, the best way to shut up critics is make them look like fools. If I were Tebow, I would try to be the first quarterback to win a college national title, win an AFL championship, win a Canadian football league championship, and a Super Bowl. Then, they will finally shut up. If the critics tried to block me in one league, I would move to the next.

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