Saints sign six guys, including Baraka Atkins


After taking a look at a weekend rookie minicamp, the Saints decided to shuffle the bottom of the roster.

The biggest name of the group is journeyman defensive end Baraka Atkins, who, surprisingly, is not the guy from “The A-Team.”

Atkins was a fourth-round pick in 2007, who has two years in the league with the Seahawks, and has spent time in camps with the 49ers, Broncos, Steelers and Cowboys. That gives him some degree of background with new Saints defensive coordinator Rob Ryan from last year, and when you’re changing systems, that doesn’t hurt.

According to Larry Holder of the New Orleans Times-Picayune, they also signed wide receiver Brent Leonard, defensive back Korey Lindsey, kicker Jose Maltos, running back Khiry Robinson and guard Jeremiah Warren.

The Saints also waived running back Shawne Alston, cornerback Ryan Lacy and center Ryan Lee, keeping them at the 90-man roster limit.

6 responses to “Saints sign six guys, including Baraka Atkins

  1. I think the kicker I more interesting than any of them. Maybe he’ll give Hartley a run for his money.

    Jose can you see?

  2. The AINT’S are back baby!!!! Who’s that! Who’s that that can’t speak proper English!?! Uneducated AINT’s fans that’s who!

  3. vfan76, Talk about uneducated,can you even spell? I have been a New Orleans Saints fan over 30yrs,meaning I have been around football long enough to know there is no team with the name of the”ain’ts”. I have wracked my brain,looked it up,but I just can’t find them. Now if you are referring to the SAINTS,you bet your ass we are back. So if we play your team,do you have one? ( just curious since I figured the v stands for “virgin fan”) you know the WHODATs will beat them like they stole something.Sounds like you are a fair weather fan,49ers,or Falcons fan.Either way,I get you are jealous because you are not a member of WHODAT NATION,but really enough with the insults.Just cause you hate a team,no reason to insult us,by saying we are uneducated.And by the way,the whole ain’ts thing was put to rest in 2006 and again when we won the SB. And we can speak proper,we just don’t wanna. WHODAT!!!!!

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