Tyler Wilson draws strong reviews at Raiders minicamp


In Seattle last year, quarteraback Matt Flynn found himself backing up a rookie quarterback taken after the first round with the last name of Wilson.

Flynn is in Oakland now, but Steve Corkran of the Bay Area News Group reports that he may still wind up experiencing a case of déjà vu this season. After seeing quarterback Tyler Wilson at rookie minicamp, Corkran writes that “it’s not a stretch to envision” the fourth-round beating out Flynn and Terrelle Pryor for the Raiders quarterback job.

It’s a rather gargantuan stretch to draw a line from a strong performance against tryout players to starting in NFL games, but it’s certainly fair game to speculate as long as the Raiders remain uncommitted at quarterback. Since Flynn and Pryor only have three pro starts between them, it’s not like Wilson is trying to scale Mt. Everest in terms of competition.

“It’s an opportunity,” Wilson said. “Obviously, there’s a lot I have to learn. … I’ve got a lot of work to do to get up to speed because there have been veteran guys that have been here that are way ahead of me right now. So, I’m playing catch-up from that point.”

Raiders coach Dennis Allen praised Wilson’s arm strength — a trait that caused some of the receivers problems, according to Corkran — and accuracy while pointing out some rust in picking up the team’s offensive system. Assuming that gets knocked off now that Wilson is able to practice with the teams, he should at least draw consideration for the job from a team that should take a page from Seattle’s book and pick the best man for the job instead of the likeliest choice at the start of offseason work.

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  1. I think the kid has a shot to be good. I don’t think he’ll have trouble vaulting past Pryor on the depth chart.

  2. Couple things: the Raiders aren’t “uncommitted”, it’s Flynn’s job to lose. Read the papers guys. Also, the indications have been strong that the Raiders intend to let Wilson take a year and absorb everything. Again, just reading papers and things RM and DA have said. All that said, Tyler Wilson stands a great chance to be for Raiders in 2014 everything that Rich Gannon was for this team back at the turn of the century. Stoked about his potential.

  3. Hey this was Ron Jaworski’s prediction following the draft. He said Wilson would indeed be starting for the Raiders at the beginning of the season

  4. I’ll hold my horses for now until Ty gets a better understanding of the playbook and that “rust” is WD40’d…I think Matt will be the starter until injury or he stinks it up. I hope if he sucks, they don’t wait until half the season until switching…the original Nation, Go Raiders!

  5. A decent pop Warner team would look good compared to the dumpster fire they’ve been witnessing.

  6. 3 total starts in the QB group? I see no reason why anyone should be handed a job. If the 4th rounder is the best then he should be in there….he only has to beat out a 3rd and 7th rounder.

    I’m pulling for him or Pryor in this race. I just can’t shake the feeling that Flynn will be exceptionally average.

    I also think Pryor has a much better chance at getting the job than being given credit. Dude works and works and works….we’ll see. It’ll be interesting for sure.

  7. Wilson was the biggest QB, if not overall player, steal in the draft. The Raiders finally did something right. The only thing is, he’s playing for thr Raiders. If they can get out of their own way, and be a decent franchise, Wilson will be the franchise QB they have been waiting for. Many forget his Junior yr, and the termoil of changes coaches, schemes, loss of players, etc…He’s Jay Cutler, but with a better attitude. I just wished the Texans would have drafted him.

  8. The Raiders have committed to Flynn being the “starter” in camp. Not the “starter” for the regular season. It remains to be seen what happens at that position, but it’s a good thing for once in Oakland. I like it.

  9. Unfortunately, The. Raiders have been traditionally bad at drafting and developing quarterbacks (jawalrus, marajuanvich, andrew walter, tuiososopo). We have been pretty lucky with re-treads (gannon – miss ya buddy). Hopefully big reg changes that for us. Still, I’m rooting for Pryor but I will take whoever wins the competition.

  10. Don’t care who’s the quarterback, that’s the coaches job. I want a winning season, that’s it!

  11. I think Flynn is the QB this year still–regardless unless yes, injury or he just sucks really bad and loses tons of games. But even then I think Reggie would like to see what they have with Pryor first from that point–since Davis used a supplemental third round pick to draft him–only makes sense to see what they have to work with–which they will do a lot of in the preseason as well. But by 2014 or 2015–I agree with another commenter–I think Wilson will be the starter–and if the Raiders continue to add talent again and build around this guy, he has the tools to be very good in this league and could be a steal for the Raiders. Would be good to see them competitive again.

    Shouldn’t be all that hard. I think San Diego and Broncos both start to slide in another two to three seasons max. I think it will be a battle between KC and Oakland for the west starting in 2015 and beyond, with both being spoilers even in 2013 and 2014. Not sure how McCoy will do as the coach in SD or how the team will be–could be playoff bound or 5-11, or worse. Time will tell, but I really believe KC and Oakland are going to improve leaps and bounds regardless of what SD and Denver does or doesn’t do.

  12. After reviewing the Raiders history the past decade, I’m confident that no matter what they decide, it will be the worst possible choice.

  13. One thing in life is always certain: spellingcops posting crap in a Raiders story…he must really be a closet Raider fan…or wants to come out of the closet.

  14. Word around the grapevine…Terrell Pryor is looking like the best qb right now. I Rly don’t think Flynn is the answer and that sooner rather then.later TP or Tywill will win the starting job. Tp iz 6’5, mobile and showed me something vs SD week 17.. it wasn’t a beast performance, but he looked like a qb to me. Like he belonged competing for a qb spot. And yeah he hasn’t got the chance but I also think there’s a reason we havnt gt rid of the guy.
    #raiderNation!! #dmacc1400yds #Dmoore1200yds

  15. Watched tape on Flynn and Wilson. Flynn simply doesn’t impress whatsoever. Wilson has a fast release. I was kind of impressed. He makes up his mind and the ball is out of his hands fast and pretty accurate as well.

    After watching both I feel it to be a mistake to just give Flynn the job ‘because’. I have a good feeling about this Wilson kid.

  16. Please enough of Pryor … the favor of the month read option qb will be dead after this season.
    What I what to know between Tebow and Pryor can throw the ball better … it’s a toss up.

  17. Wilson probably has more upside than Flynn. He looked real good as a junior, but had a talented offense around him. He wouldn’t have that luxury in Oakland this year, but if he could somehow earn the starting job and acquit himself well, it would speed up McKenzie’s rebuilding effort.

  18. I also view Tyler Wilson as the best steal in the draft. He was the clear cut best QB in this years draft. I had him at number 18 overall. Yeah he has small hands and everyone seemed to think of him as round 2-3 player but he was fantastic against SEC competition, easily the best pure passer in the draft and he showed tremendous leadership ability when the team was really coachless. His team got skunked by Alabama when he was forced to sit out the game. The Raiders got a heck of a player in my opinion.

  19. I am not holding my breath. I am not going to pretend to be a pro scout like so many others but I watched as much tape of Wilson as I could after his name was called and there is just no way he’s ready week 1, rookie year. I don’t know where to begin with him, there was more bad on that film than good. I was ticked we took him with some other QB’s on the board. He’s got tools but the kind that make you good in NFL rookie camp. Seriously, watch ten seconds of him against LSU last year and you know where the term “duck” came from when he throws deep. I know I am being contradictory and we essentially gave up Palmer, a fifth and another six million for Flynn but Pryor makes the most sense for the this team. He did enough against San Deigo last season to earn a long, hard look. He was 50% throwing but at times his grit was inspiring and as a Raider Fan, that goes a long way. Not to mention he was responsible for 3 td’s. If this regime deserves any respect and has an ounce of the character they say they covet he’ll get the nod unless he shows no progress in preseason.

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