Branden Albert: I was never disgruntled

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The Chiefs kicked off their OTAs on Tuesday and, as expected, left tackle Branden Albert was in attendance.

Albert, who stands to make $9.828 million in 2013 under the terms of the franchise tag, was the subject of trade discussions with the Dolphins before and during the draft and made it known that he had no interest in shifting away from left tackle if the team used the first overall pick of the draft on another tackle. The Chiefs did choose a tackle in Eric Fisher, but Fisher will be on the right side this year with Albert back to explain that he wasn’t all that upset in the first place.

“I never was sad, never disgruntled, just a little confused. Everything is clear, it’s in the past, ready to work,” Albert said, via Dave Skretta of the Associated Press.

Albert also said that his representatives are talking to Chiefs General Manager John Dorsey about a new contract, which follows earlier reports that the team had shifted gears toward keeping Albert after the Miami trade fell through. That’s not the way it looked like things were shaping up this time last month, but there would be worse outcomes for the Chiefs than a pair of strong tackles to anchor their offensive line.

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  1. I called this in January. Sooooo glad we kept Big Albert! Extend him, switch Fisher & Albert in year #2. With rookie salary cap, you have 2 stud tackles for the next 5 years at a reasonable total price. I like how Dorsey & Reid are running this show. Savvy….

  2. These are t

    These are some of the best athletes in the world. They make billions for their owners. I am so tired of hearing how players are greedy or over paid. If anything, considering how few people on this earth who can do what they do and the amount of revenue they generate, they are severely underpaid. I would want to get all I can too before my stock plummets. People who think players are overpaid are the same people who have never done anything with their life worth mentioning. A person who believes putting a fender on a car in Detroit is equivalent to being a superior athlete. Please. I support the players… Always.

  3. the conflict between him and the chiefs was blown out of proportion by the media and ignorant fans. he said from the start that he just wanted clarity on where he’d be playing, and just like every other player in the league, that he’d prefer a long term deal. the former was more important than the latter, and thus, he’s at voluntary workouts with the team.

  4. Sign a Left Handed QB and then we can really see if it’s a blind side preference or a LT preference.

    Blind side pays more but ‘left side’ would be a technique thing.

  5. I am Glad B Albert is staying with our team. Him and Fisher will be a stud Combo. Our line will be awesome. J Charles running. Alex Smith passing. Ready to roll in 2013. Whew!!!!!!!

  6. I’m having a hard time believing that KC drafted Fisher with the intention of making him the permanent right tackle. I think this kid is ticketed for the left side sooner or later.

    If they are considering giving him a long term deal, it could be in part because it would make him easier to trade next offseason.

  7. of course they didn’t draft him to make him the permanent RT, nothing is permanent in the NFL. he provides insurance for LT, but they’re also perfectly happy keeping him at RT and having a premier tackle on both sides.

    the jags and eagles also took guys at #2 and #4 who will be playing RT for the foreseeable future. the NFL is evolving, get used to it.

  8. A “never disgruntled ” better be on his best game this season. Or there’s going to be NEW “happy to be here” bad ass ready to take over

  9. All this talk about the blind side. AS is a lefty, which in turn would make fisher his blind protector. It makes sense to keep Albert at his position. Fisher can learn either side at this point in his career!!!

  10. Thank god Jeff Ireland is the worst GM in the league.

    Welcome home big guy. We needed you.

  11. I agree with having 2 solid tackles. Football is won or lost in the trenches. Give damn near any QB in this league a few more seconds for every throw or an extra yard or 2 up field on every run is huge. OL is looking pretty solid all together

  12. Can’t wait to see how Albert faces off against DeMarcus Ware (Week 2), Brandon Graham (W3), Jason Pierre-Paul (W4), Mario Williams (W9), and Brian Orakpo (W14); likewise with Eric Fisher facing Anthony Spencer (W2), J.J. Watt (W7), Paul Kruger (W8), Von Miller (W11 & W13), and Ryan Kerrigan (W15). This duo is definitely going to face some elite and top-level pass-rushers this season

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