Charles Woodson’s agent says Raiders have an offer on table


Could Charles Woodson’s career finish where it started?

That’s a distinct possibility with Carl Poston, Woodson’s agent, telling Josina Anderson of ESPN that there’s an initial offer from the Raiders on the table for 2013. There’s no details on the size of the offer or of Woodson’s interest in said offer, although Woodson remaining unsigned is a pretty good indicator that it didn’t knock him off his feet.

In addition to confirming that his client was going to visit with the Broncos on Wednesday, Poston told Anderson that the Panthers had also been in contact to inquire about Woodson. It remains to be seen how this interest translate into offers, but the cold Woodson market certainly seems to be heating up all of a sudden.

The Raiders and Panthers both have bigger safety needs than the Broncos, but the Broncos look like they’ll be the best of the three teams in 2013. Woodson expressed a preference for playing with a contender early in free agency, although he backed off from that more recently.

One imagines the long indifference to his services caused him to reconsider. An offer from the Broncos could lead him to shift gears again.

24 responses to “Charles Woodson’s agent says Raiders have an offer on table

  1. Some of these guys have a hard time coming to terms with the fact that they can’t play into their late thirties and still make top tier money.

  2. Is it increasingly obvious that Coach Allen is a DB coach? The Saints miss him for sure…Geaux Coach Allen – Who Dat!

  3. Does anyone hear buzzing like a mosquito? PFT needs to spray for bugs!! (spellingcops) ANYWAY!! Come home C.Wood!! It only seems right to finish where it all began!! GO RAIDERS!!!!!

  4. Saw Charles in a midseason game last year before he was hurt and he was a sideline-to-sideline tackling machine. Assuming he gets in great shape, I don’t believe that he’s lost it, it’s just that the Packers are taking a tough stance on players who might be too injury prone to finish a whole season.

  5. spellingcops – what’s it like to go through life so obsessed with something you appear to hate? I’m guessing lonely.

    As far as a contract offer this makes some sense. 8 years history with Mark Davis and the Raiders family, plus another 6 with Reggie McKenzie.

  6. He’d be a part-time player in Denver, likely filling the same role Jim Leonard did last year, coming on the field when the Broncos go with 3 safeties.

    If he wants more playing time Oakland would be the better fit for him, if he can accept being a role player and wants one more chance at winning another ring (probably on a 1 year $2m contract) then Denver would be a good fit.

  7. I can’t think of a single reason the Lions wouldn’t make him an offer. They could use a veteran presence in that secondary. He’s from Fremont, OH which is very close to Michigan and he went to U of M so it seems like a good fit for him too. I guess maybe if he wants to win a championship it wouldn’t necessarily be his best move though. You never know though.

  8. Why do haters hate? 2 reasons; they’re jealous and they’re scared. Hate is like drinking poison and hoping the person u hate dies. Raider Haters and Laker Haters spend more time and energy on the teams that they hate than their own. U should be scared and a little jealous!

  9. No one goes back to that toilet. I would expect a suicide attempt before he re-signs there.

  10. The fact that Woodson has yet to accept, while only 2 other teams has even sniffed in his direction, just shows you what he thinks of the organization that drafted him. Woodson knows better, he doesn’t want to go backwards. I don’t blame him.

  11. I still wish SF would sign Woodson. I think he can still play and would be a huge help to the young safety they just drafted. Maybe he just wanted too much money, but signing Craig Dahl instead is just ludicrous.

  12. slickster35 says: May 14, 2013 6:50 PM

    No one goes back to that toilet. I would expect a suicide attempt before he re-signs there.
    Well now. Isn’t that the same “toilet” that swept your garbage team last season, and even shut them out once? As for suicide attempts, I believe it’s Chiefs players that take the time to drive to the facility just to blow their brains out in front of the coaching staff.

  13. The fall from grace can be a long and hard decent. He’ll definitely see more playing time in Oakland than he would in Denver. Denver could use a veteran to help teach some young, dumb player(s) how not to let a receiver get behind you in the final moments of a game. Interesting….

  14. Love Charles, Raider for life! But he is older, slower and not as durable…if he signs with Elway no way will I see him the same. Its like when Marcus signed with KC…a Raider of that caliber in any West uniform other than SILVER & BLACK is not cool…

  15. Come back Charles. Huffs gone so you can have your “vintage” #24. Hell if Huff was still here he’d still have to give it up for THE MAN.

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