Daryl Washington works with second team at Cardinals OTA

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When the Cardinals signed linebacker Daryl Washington to a six-year deal before last season, there probably wasn’t much thought that they’d be planning for a future without him at the first OTA of the next offseason.

As a result of Washington’s four-game suspension for violating the league’s substance abuse policy and subsequent arrest on two counts of aggravated assault, that’s just where they found themselves on Tuesday. Washington ran with the second-team defense while the newly signed Karlos Dansby worked with the starters during the first OTA of the Cardinals offseason.

Washington met with the media after practice, his first time in front of reporters since his arrest. Washington didn’t talk about the case beyond saying he hopes there aren’t any further repercussions from the league. Although he watched Dansby with the ones, Washington said he didn’t think his standing with the team had changed because of his off-field issues and that he was planning to keep his head down and work hard for the rest of the offseason.

“All I can do is come out here and work as hard as I can and let everything else play out. I don’t like to bring a lot of attention to the team,” Washington said, via the team’s website. “I wish I could’ve just been more aware of a lot of situations obviously on both ends of the stick with the league and myself. All I want to do is move forward from here and just try to help my team and bring positive attention to the team.”

No attention at all would probably suffice for now.

12 responses to “Daryl Washington works with second team at Cardinals OTA

  1. I’d say he is lucky to have his job…I could see him being cut and suspended the entire year–maybe even longer if he actually does some hard-time in jail. Interesting to see how this plays out–it’s a shame. He had a ton of talent and was probably one of their better defensive players…SMH.

  2. What don’t you understand…. Drug violations and assault! … You are either misinformed or just stupid…I believe the latter

  3. He got himself into this mess–don’t hand him anything. Instead, make him earn everything on his way back out. That is the best way to make the changes in his behavior stick for the long term.

  4. Anyone with half a brain realizes that the Cards are trying to get their first unit ready. Washington is out four games regardless of what happens with the allegations placed on him. It would be foolish for ANY team not to prepare for the worst.

    4 games is a lot of time to miss in the NFL. It’s only smart to make sure the guy taking his place gets the most reps.

    Washington is one of those players who doesn’t need much practice anyway. He’s that good.

  5. Daryl, I’d like to introduce you to Titus Young. I hope he teaches you a lesson or two.

  6. Washington’s off-field issues have been blown way out of proportion and his alleged “assault” charges are REALLY, REALLY murkey…he said/she said…”victim” with a police history for assaulting a former boyfriend and who admittedly threw a potted plant at him? One has to wonder who the victim really is in that mess and the violation of the substance abuse policy is equally sketchy. Sounds like the Cards are looking for a way around paying him the money he is due and are feeding the media storm. The alleged “violations” aren’t even felonies and if the NFL suspended all the players who had records there wouldn’t be anybody left to suit up!

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