DeMarco Murray: If I get fined for the helmet rule, Romo can pay

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Cowboys running back DeMarco Murray sees a link between two of the big stories of the NFL offseason: The new rule against hitting opponents with the top of the helmet, and Tony Romo’s new contract.

Murray told reporters that he’ll continue to go head first into opposing tacklers, regardless of the rule against it, and that if he gets fined for it, he thinks Romo can help him out

I’m not changing my running style,” Murray told the San Antonio Express-News. “If I get fined, hopefully Romo will take care of the first couple for me. I’m doing it for him.”

Romo did get a new six-year, $108 million contract this year, but there are a few problems with Murray’s plan: First, it’s against the rules for one player to pay the fines of another player. Second, if Murray does break the new helmet rule, he’ll cost his team 15 yards in addition to costing himself money — and Romo may not be able to bail him out there. And third, the helmet rule is designed not just to protect the tackler but to protect the running back as well.

That’s why Cowboys running backs coach Gary Brown says he is instructing Murray to keep his head up rather than lowering his helmet, and to try harder to run past defenders, instead of trying to run through them.

“We’ve talked about it. We are going to have a plan to try to get better than that. He’s explosive enough that he can freeze people’s feet and get away from them and do the things he needs to do to gain more yards,” Brown said. “What is going to happen is he’s going to be better because he will be able to see. He will have to keep his eyes up, his head up. . . . We want them to be safe. We want them after their careers are done to be able to play with their children and things like that. So it is a bigger picture. It’s for their future. . . . If you keep your head up, you can see what’s going on. If you drop your head . . . you are going to break your neck eventually.”

That message, more than a fine, may be enough to convince Murray to follow the new rule.

44 responses to “DeMarco Murray: If I get fined for the helmet rule, Romo can pay

  1. Players who do not conform to the helmet rule will not only hurt their wallet with fines, they will hurt their team with penalties.

    In every area of life & work, rules change and we must adapt and change. Too many athletes think they are in their own world where rules don’t apply. Invariably they learn the hard way – sooner or later.

  2. Sounds like Murray has lowered his head a few too many times already. Like the rule or not, if you aren’t smart enough to adapt to it, you’re going to wind up suspended. When you aren’t already on the IR like Murray usually is.

  3. Murray just put himself under a microscope by informing league officials he intends to break the rules. Not a smart move.

  4. Giving 33 YEAR OLD Romo a $100M+ deal is insanity. Even from Jerry Jones, the man who walked away from multiple superbowls when he fired J.J.

  5. “I’m doing it for him.”

    I dont get it. What exactly are you doing for Romo? You arent trying to anything for yourself? You arent doing anything to win games for the team? Youre all about Romo or something?

    Im confused.

  6. And you wonder why people say there’s no leadership or accountability on the Cowboys…..

  7. this makes running backs more prone to injury.. they’re gonna be dropping like flies this year… stupid rule.. id like to see how the commish would react if someone was going to tackle him.. probably naturally and lower himself

  8. I’m sorry, but I agree with Murray on this one. This is by far the WORST rule change in recent NFL history. I’m not sure how many defenders have been injured by a running back lowering his head into them, but I’m sure the number is staggeringly LOW.

    The running back’s job is a difficult one. He’s typically got 8 guys within 5 yards of him before he even gets the ball in his hands. Most of them outweighing him by at least 50 lbs. If HE thinks his best option is to go THROUGH them, that should be his prerogative. Don’t coddle him when he whines about getting injured when he leads with his helmet, but don’t try to put pee-wee league handcuffs on his running style just to cover your own collective administrative asses. It’s disgraceful.

    And when ONE player demands over $100M in salary, he SHOULD be allowed to pay other players’ fines if he so chooses. It makes a statement to the officials that both players feel the fine is unwarranted. And sometimes all you need is enough people making a statement to get retarded rules like this one over turned.

  9. typical Cowboy attitude. sounds like someone who’d fight this rule to the end. then after he gets paralyzed from keeping his head low, will try to sue the league.

  10. I’m no fan of Brady nor am I a Romo hater … but what Romo is getting paid is ludicrous in comparison to TommyBoy …

    In what world does this add up?

  11. I understand Murray’s frustration with this rule and he won’t be the only RB that doesn’t like it. Murray’s injuries have not been related to lowering his helmet in any way, so far.

    It does seem like Romo’s big contract is causing a little tension behind the scenes with teammates. I get the feeling Romo will be picking up the tab frequently this season.

  12. I hate that the NFL has been stealing away the running game for years.

    less contact with receivers, more replays of passes, penalties for hitting the quarterback except in a strike zone, red jerseys at practice. practical all fines and suspensions are for defensive players, Can’t hit receivers certain ways.

    Now they want to hinder the running back.

    Might as well just eliminate the running game and change the name from football to pass ball.

  13. and you guys wonder why we are “americas team”…look no further than pft writing an article every time a member of the cowboys takes a crap….and haters actually commenting on said articles

  14. I’m no Cowboy fan, but that sounded like DeMarco was attempting to be funny and rib his team mate. And…if not…then he’s a numbskull.

  15. Murray will do the right thing. I dont blame him for not liking the rule change but the coach has a point about keeping your head up and seeing where you are going and making more yardage. Besides a couple 15 yd penalties hurting the team and Randle will be the No. 1 Back if he is not careful after this comment. Ignorant youth talking. Nothing there, move along folks=) Go Cowboys!

  16. You just know his agent got a blistering phone call from the front office for making such idiotic remarks… about Jerry’s favorite, no less.

  17. Let me guess, D.Murray voted for the Big O.
    His statement is one step away from a socialist point of view. And definitely a little jealous of Romo tah boot.

  18. well this rule will devalue the running back position even more, I envision two big changes 1. more backs like Reggie Bush, Darren Sproles- scat back, good hands. 2. Extra Blocker. No more power rushers Jerome Bettuis or Brandon Jackson.

  19. Fines will be flying left and right come September and hopefully it will develop into a PR crisis for the NFL. Stop ruining the game!

  20. for the record, I don’t agree with the rule, but it does not say a running back can’t lower his head, it says he can’t lead with it, there is a difference. Most of the people on this thread that are against it are acting like running backs have to run perfectly upright or something. Also, the rule is outside the tackle box, so the whole “how do you get through a guy 50 lbs heavier” question if moot. It only matters in the open field, and you should be able to get around that guy in the open field.
    You can still technically lead with your helmet, as long as it’s your facemask. Is hitting someone with your head at that angle dangerous? Yeah. Is it just as dangerous for the defender to be rammed by the crown of a helmet? yeah

    Can’t keep making rules to protect the offense, and players can’t have it both ways where they want to cry about rule changes, but sue after the blow all their money because the league didn’t protect them from themselves

  21. steelrezerve says,
    This rule will be a 1 & done… much like the Cowboys in the playoffs (if they even make it)

    How that Cowboys/Steelers game go for you last year HATER?

  22. The NFL needs to look at doing something about the QB’s follow through with his throwing arm. Should that hand come down and make contact with another player’s helmet it could cause serious head trauma.
    I suggest using the shotput style throwing motion of Collin Klein to avoid the chance of injury. It would also give those types of QB’s a chance of landing a job.
    The New NFL! Not your Daddy’s Old NFL!

  23. Good thing we fixed that epidemic of running backs breaking their necks. Why not just draw a yellow line zig zagging down field that the runner must follow. Every 2.3 yrds will be a post cemented to the turf and covered with pads that the RB must shoulder check before moving to the next. No linemen, no back field, no players to risk injury at all except the RB and his chances of injury drop to almost nil. Fastest time wins. We’ll call it Shuttle of the NFL stars. Whoo hoo!

  24. Coming up next on ESPN 30 for 30, Demarco Murray’s heart wrenching story about being broke due to racking up millions in fines because he wouldn’t change his running style and thought his quarterback could/would pay the fines…..

  25. Since Goodell is the one who is attempting to destroy our beloved NFL with his nonstop tinkering, I suggest that he pay all the fines. He’s good for it and, unlike the players, doesn’t do much to earn his salary.

  26. Are you people making these commentsfor real?

    He was being sarcastic in his comments – look at the audience who was around during the interview. Once a Cowboy hater always a Cowboy hater.

    Oh and one more thing – I would stop comparing that loser Brady to anymore elite QB’s. When was his last SB victory? If you like running up the score in the regular season and then getting punked in the playoffs then Brady and Belichik are your men.

  27. Either player is more susceptible to a catastrophic neck injury when lowering the head.
    This is in response to all thw defensive players saying “oh yeah but what about the RB’s. That ain’t fair.”
    Fairness issue solved.

  28. Now I consider myself a football “purist” if you will. I’ve played football since pop-warner (1980’s) thru highschool (1990’s) and NCAA college football (1997-2002). The proper technique for tackling or any football collision has been established a loooong time ago. Im blown back by how the League, namely Mr Goddell, is treating this “heads up” football crap like its a new topic, as if no one knew that the proper way to tackle or deliver a blow is with your head up. That is the first thing you are still taught to this day. And I have 2 young sons, 11 and 6 yrs old, salivating to get back on the football field. The first thing they were taught, by yours truly, was the proper technique when colliding/tackling. BUT a basic understanding of the laws of physics and more importantly human nature is seriously lacking with this new rule. Whose tried steering your car at say 20 mph and opposed to say 80 mph. Tad bit different controling things isnt it? Asking these men to ensure that no part of their helmet is used to deliver a blow is asinine.(Thats where this rule is heading BTW) Coming from someone who has played over 2 decades of football. Heres a news flash….SOMETIMES YOU JUST CANT HELP IT!!!! The speed, nature and physicality of this game has evolved even since I was playing only a decade ago. Now i do undertsand that football is supposed to be played with a certain level of control. But the greats of this game played with reckless abandon which is what immortalized these men. A lack of care for their bodies. That is what this game was built on “WHO WANTS IT MORE?!” This powder puff football makes me sick to my stomach. And whens the last time anyone who was bracing for impact stuck there head up to do so. Unless what you are really saying is you dont want this to be a contact sport anymore, in which case me and millions of other NFL fans will simply turn the tv off on sundays. Im all for making/keeping the game safe. But i personally consider you a higger idiot if u decide that sticking ur neck up and out is the best way to protect yourself in any type of collision. Roger should be terribly afraid of a football player dying on the field. I just hope he realizes that the rule he just passed will probably be the reason why!!!!!

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