Donovan McNabb set to retire as an Eagle

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After a year out of the league, quarterback Donovan McNabb is calling it a career.

McNabb relayed his plans to retire during his radio show with Mark Malone on NBC Sports Radio. He will officially announce his retirement at an Eagles home game in September.

According to Paul Domowitch of the Philadelphia Inquirer, McNabb said the Eagles have suggested the date to be the team’s Week 3 matchup against the Kansas City Chiefs and McNabb’s former head coach Andy Reid, who will also be returning to Lincoln Financial Field for the first time since being let go by the organization.

McNabb was 92-49-1 as a starter for the Eagles over 11 seasons from 1999-2009 as the Eagles quarterback. He holds the franchise records for passing yards (32,873), touchdown passes (216), completions (2801) and attempts (4746). With McNabb at the helm, the Eagles won six NFC East division titles, appeared in the NFC Championship game five times and played in Super Bowl XXXIX.

91 responses to “Donovan McNabb set to retire as an Eagle

  1. Good keep him out of Minnesota. Throwing dirt balls and trying to hand Adrian Peterson the ball going left when A.P. was going right TWICE in ONE drive. yuck.

  2. Redskins fans everywhere are crushed that McRibb decided to retire as an Eagle.

  3. If he is booed that day I will be embarrassed for my city. He was the best QB in Eagles history and deserves the respect of the fanbase

  4. He was great when he was on his game but his stints with the Redskins, Vikings were un-memorable.

  5. I won a lot of Fantasy Football games because of him.

    I cracked a lot of jokes about him at his expense.

    But I can honestly say I really appreciate the fact he always played the game the right way, the broken ankle game alone, and that he was a great example on and off the field.

    Never heard anything negative about him as a person.

    Congrats Donovan. He really will go down as a great QB.

    (coming from a guy who hates the Eagles)

  6. Anyone who is a Nabb hater should go back and watch the game vs the Cardinals where he threw 4 touchdowns on a broken ankle. The dude is tough

  7. Having him retire as an Eagle and with Reid there makes so much sense and is so right that I’m amazed that they may actually do it.

  8. Donny Mac served the Eagles well.
    It is a shame that many Eagles fans never seemed to appreciaye him.
    His stats far exceed anything Michael Vick has ever done.

  9. Best QB in Eagles history good old McNuggets things haven’t been right since he left.

  10. Donovan McNabb is probably one the most unappreciated quarterback to ever play. I don’t think any quarterback could of handled the media and criticism any better than he did. He always kept his mouth shut and just went out there and did the best he could with the pathetic receiving corp he had throughout the majority of his career. I remember when he played against the Arizona Cardinals on a broken ankle and he had 255 yards and 4 touchdowns. The guy has every passing record in Eagles history and should be embraced when he comes back to retire an Eagle.

    There were games when I wanted to ring his neck, but he brought winning back to Philly and him and Reid completely turned that franchise around.

  11. Donovan McNabb is the Jim Kelly of the Philadelphia Eagles. Except instead of superbowls it was NFC championship games. Great QB who for most of his career really had no star offensive weapons.

  12. Consider me as die hard as any Eagles fan that ever lived, and I’ll be the first to tell you that I’m honored and grateful to have had McNabb quarterback my team.

    I will never respect pure haters…

  13. The worms at Lincoln Financial Field, upon hearing of McNabb’s return, decided to pack up and move south to the Fed Ex Field/Gopher City.

    At least the worms have plenty of holes and ruts to hide in, with nobody taking care of the field so they won’t be disturbed.

    Their only worry there will be the flooding from the tears of the Redskin fans crying over torn ACLs, LCLs & the hopes and dreams of a once mighty football team never reliving past glories ever again.

  14. Overtime! You mean teams can tie in the NFL? I didnt know that, i guess i do now, haha.

    All jokes aside the guy was a top notch QB during his NFL career.

  15. The man who got benched for Rex Grossman twice is getting retired by the team with no super bowl rings? And this is breaking news why? I thought his retirement was when he was on the beach throwing footballs and falling in the ocean looking like a moron. He should retire from broadcasting too. Hate that guy. And still trying to forgive my team for trading picks for that clown.
    Rant over

  16. he should have retired BEFORE he came to the vikings. ha King of the dirtball throwers. Then the vikes have a playoff team but their qbs are injury ready ponder with joe webb as a backup? Now they have ponder (#31 in passing) and Kassel(#32 in passing) on an improved team from last year? Guys, this is killing me!

  17. His last 2-3 seasons were shaky but, overall, he had a heck of a great run. He had the best career of all the quarterbacks drafted from 1994 through 2003 with the exception of Peyton Manning and Tom Brady (Kurt Warner was undrafted).

    Everybody gave McNabb a bunch of well-deserved criticism because he didn’t seem to know that he was done when the whole rest of the world could see it plainly. Now that he knows that he’s done, we can give him the credit that he deserves for having played well for a long time.

  18. I’ve been an Eagle fan for 45 years and only three QB’s standout in my mind during that time, Jaws, Cunningham and McNabb. It’s a well deserved tribute.

  19. This makes me so happy. He got so much more hate than he deserved. Real Eagles fans will appreciate McNabb for what he has done. He is a top-5 QB of the 2000’s decade.

    Imagine what he could’ve done from 2000-2004 if he didn’t only have Todd Pinkston, Chad Lewis and Freddie Mitchell to throw to

  20. I hate the way this guy’s career had to end, especially since he was just shipped out of Philly coming off of a playoff season. But that’s classy of him to not hold that grudge against them.

  21. Wow. Better crank up the PA for that particular halftime ceremony, if you want to hear anything over the booing.

  22. Gonna get booed. Andy’s disastrous season way to fresh to have that tag team back for a retirement party. Should hold off for a few seasons.

  23. The guy was clutch when at the top of his game. He was outstanding as an Eagle. Best qb to ever play as an Eagle. Thanks for all the memories Dmac.

  24. Wow. That will be a big moment for him. Walking back into that stadium, not knowing what to expect. All those memories.
    Hope he doesn’t puke.

  25. A very, very good player who almost got a ring.
    It was fun watching him dominate the Giants all those years.

  26. He wasn’t credited enough for his toughness. Played one game with a broken ankle and another with broken ribs. He was crushed on the 1st play of the Superbowl by Teddy Brudski and nobody mentions it.

  27. Yes, because no one threw a dirtball better than McNabb.

    Lets all celebrate mediocrity at it’s finest.

    I can’t believe someone said he was the best Eagles QB ever, wow.


  28. Anyone have the brain cells to remember how it was Jeff Garcia that led the Eagles to the SuperBowl throughout the playoffs?

    Something McCampbells soup never did.

    And once he was healthy, Andy reid put McCampbells soup back in and he did what he always does in the playoffs.

    Crash and burn……..

  29. I am glad he is ready…but he might want to talk to the team first. The Eagles have been silent on this and have yet to even comment on Donavan’s announcement.

  30. I had a lot of respect for him when he played the game, but since then, he has become a total idiotic moron. He is a terrible analyst and obvious Cowboys hater. OK to hate teams when you are playing, but not as an objective analyst. Just glad that he will never see the Hall of Fame. It is reserved for players with class like Troy Aikman and Emmitt Smith.

  31. So he’s going to vote for himself to go into the Hall of Fame as an Eagle then too, huh?

  32. The guy averaged less than 9 wins per season, less than 20 TD passes per season, and a completion percentage less than 60%. Big deal! If that’s all the Eagles have to brag about, it’s no wonder they are the only team in the NFC East that hasn’t won a Super Bowl.

  33. He had some great years for the birds, playing for the toughest football crowd on the planet. He and red just couldnt get over the hump. All in all, it was a mostly stellar career that 99% of football players never approach.

  34. Great quarterback and glad I was able to watch the guy. As a Bucs fan, he caused me much pain, except 2002 of course. Philly fans don’t know how lucky they were to have this guy.

  35. As a lifelong Redskin fan I can truly say McNabb has given Eagles’ fans many exciting games over the years. His NFL playing career is over and he should retire as an Eagle.

  36. Only in Philly could someone get booed with those kind of numbers and hard work. I could only dream of my Lions winning one division title and this guy is gonna get hammered for bustin ass and giving it his all every Sunday for over a decade. It’s not exactly easy to win a SB when only one of 32 teams reach the top. It’s like they think he purposely blew it because everybody succeeds in the most pressure packed moment in all of sports

  37. Good for McNabb. He gets a ton of flack for never winning a ring, but it sure as heck wasn’t his fault he didn’t won one.

    I hope it happens when they play the Chiefs. Andy Reid deserves to be there for it.

  38. I his prime that dude was a beast. It’s sad how his career came to an end but that tends to be the case for many greats. As a skins fan I remember a decade of him kicking our butts with receivers like pinkston. That says a lot. Good on him and fingers crossed that Philly fans aren’t jerks and boo. They never seemed to realize what they had.

  39. It is good to see Super 5 close his sports loop here. He was always the square peg in a round hole in city, from a personality and skill set standpoint. I will repeat the thing I said that almost got me beat up in jury duty” He is the BEST quarterback this city has ever had!”

  40. Not an Eagles fan, but people would be crazy if they didn’t realize how much better the Eagles were with McNabb under center. I think he lost his desire for the game after losing his job to Vick. That was crazy too he rallied to bring Vick there, basically he sealed his own fate trying to help someone… but the numbers don’t lie….when he was good, he was good…after Philly, well you know how that went…

  41. Got to meet him while doing some work at his home a few years ago. Very classy, humble guy. Made it hard rooting against him as a Giants fan. It’s a shame his career ended the way it did, but it doesn’t take away from the dominance his Eagles teams showed. Hope Philly gets it right and cheers for this man, because he deserves it.

  42. “Best QB in Eagles history”

    Really??? I would think that most intelligent football fans would pick someone different. Someone who was consistently in the top 5 in passing. Someone who was All Pro and a league MVP. Someone who actually won a ring. So what if it’s been 53 years. So what if he only played a few seasons for the Eagles. Norm Van Brocklin is still the best QB to ever play in Philly.

  43. Great!!! Now only if they could Retire him from NFL Network and that “Receding Hair Line” of his.

  44. H.O.E’er for sure. Not a big game qb. D bag as well. Hope you were smart with your money Donnie.

  45. He will be booed ferociously because you have the pied piper’s of the world-angelo cataldi-leading the charge of the idiot eagle’s fans that gets heard ,unfortunately, louder than the competent ones. Philly will never shed it’s rep because there are just too many morons who get seen and heard in that city. It’s got to be frustrating for the respectable fans.

  46. Donovan McNabb was the most successful QB of the 1999 draft, even though he wasn’t the first QB taken.

    Tim Couch was not a bust, but he was no Donovan McNabb.

  47. As much as he supposedly showed class from receiving all of the criticism in philly, really showed you how much Andy Reid protected this guy throughout his career. His true colors as a player, and a person came to fruition when he joined the skins. Bad work habits, not a team player, and was not teachable nor was willing learn. A slightly above avg career, but not a hof’er.

  48. No thanks, way too soon. I’m surprised the Eagles are doing this. It’s week 3 of the Chip Kelly era and we are going to trot out Donovan & Andy? Donovan could have done this last year, but he was too dillusional to realize he was washed up.

    I guess it’s poetic justice though – Donovan was booed on the day he was drafted and will be booed on the day he retires. The circle will be complete. Donovan will get a much better reception in a few years when they retire his number after the proper amount of time has passed.

  49. McNabb was a great QB for the Eagles…but the best QB in franchise history???

    Tommy Thompson won two titles for the team in 1948 and 1949.

    Norm Van Brocklin won a championship for them in 1960.

    Unless you’re in the Marino strata (which McNabb wasn’t) you gotta win a championship to be considered your teams all-time best QB.

  50. Funny how Eagles fans are generally positive about McNabb in the comments, congratulating him for a great career, whereas pretty much any time a Redskins or Vikings fan posts it’s all negative. They bash him to no end. Same thing happened when I went to Fed Ex field. He got treated worse than he ever did in Philly. This coming from someone who has been to games at both stadiums. Yet, the sheep will continue to believe whatever stupid Santa Clause story from the 60’s that ESPN feeds them.

    Oh, and guaranteed that you will see a massive ovation for McNabb when gets when he comes back to Philly.

  51. Man,
    Was this guy the poster child for “Leave the game before you lose it” or what??

    I cannot BELIEVE all the derision this guy gets.
    Don’t get me wrong, I’m a Vikes fan so I absolutely wanted him benched when he was playing for them. He just did not have it anymore. Or the previous year with the Skins for that matter.

    But I don’t get the demonizing of the guy. He really was a good guy, and at one time (for a long time) like top 5 in the NFL.

    Maybe it’s because a lot of young people post here, but people act like he was NEVER good or have no sense of history.

    It’s truly a head-scrather to me….

  52. Retire #5 the number as well. I love Donavan McNabb and what he did for us. Best QB in franchise history and a close second in leadership to BDawk. CLASSIEST ACT ever in Philadelphia sports. Thanks D-Mac.

  53. really, curtis?. What did you think i was being too hard on the guy. soft fans.

  54. PLEASE explain why retiring with a certain team means ANYTHING?? it’s the most pompous, meaningless thing in the world. why does anyone thing it’s even remotely important?

  55. McNabb always annoyed me with his think skinned personality and nonchalant demeanor. I also was critical of his play over the years. To me, he wasn’t a mature player before about 2003. He was great then and in 2004. After the knee injury in 2006, he was never the same.

    All that said he did a lot for the city and won a lot of games for us. He was squeaky clean off the field and was an exciting layer to say the least. A mixed legacy to be sure, but he definitely deserves a standing O when he retires as an Eagle.

  56. Best qb of modern era for the iggles. Took an awful lot of junk and for the most part handled it with class. A model for rg3 on how to deal with the media as a black superstar

  57. An above average QB that was likely the best the Eagles ever had. But NOT a HOF QB. Let’s end that fiction right now.

    He deserves a standing O, as does Reid. But they both had to go, when they did, respectively.

  58. He is far from the best Eagles QB ever. He was far from being a great QB as well. He was a decent QB. only 8 win seasons and he had weapons on offense that he couldn’t utilize. As well as the fact that their trip to the Super Bowl, was thanks to TO and Jeff Garcia, with no credit to McNabb. He was interesting to watch and yes I’m a Redskins fan, but the fact of the matter was that the run game and defense in Philly was good enough to carry. He was a consistently better Rex Grossman when he was still with the Bears. Andy Reid, definitely deserves to be honored in Philly, but McNabb is the reason the Lombardi never ended up in Philly.

  59. I was an Eagles season ticket holder for about 8 years. Went to a lot of games before and after as well. Donovan was the best we ever had. Part of the reason I gave up my tickets was because of the 15-25% of the Eagles fans who knew nothing about football and were simply there to uphold the bad reputation Eagles fans have made nationwide. While I truly believe most Eagles fans are great fans, I would have to sit and listen to drunk a-holes who knew nothing about football sreaming for Mcnabb to get benched for Feeley. Really people? This guy deserves a very positive response from fans the day he retires. If he gets anything but I will be extremely embarassed for this fanbase.

  60. 92-49-1

    I’m 21 now and grew up watching this guy, he is much of the reason why I got into football. The McNabb era spoiled me, that’s for sure as always saw this team as a playoff contender. Some team’s don’t even sniff the playoffs for decades that and the Eagles history isn’t all rainbows and roses.

    Mcnabb spoiled me well, I’ll miss watching the guy.

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