Doug Marrone: I’ll pick a QB when one pulls away from the rest


Bills coach Doug Marrone says he has no timetable for picking his starting quarterback, other than that he’ll know his starter when he sees him pull away from the other two quarterbacks in the team’s three-man competition.

“Once we see one person pull away from the others, then I think you make that decision. To put a timeline or anything on it, I think, is very difficult,” Marrone said. “It’s up to the players to do that.”

Kevin Kolb, who knows a thing or two about being involved in quarterback competitions, said at today’s Organized Team Activities that he believes the whole team will rally around the starter — whoever he is — because the whole team will see that the starter has earned it on the practice field.

“Whenever somebody does win the battle, I think everybody feels that that’s right,” Kolb said. “If you prove it on the field, everybody is on board with it. The teammates, everybody. So that’s the best way to handle it.”

The teammates may be on board with it if Kolb or Tarvaris Jackson wins the quarterback competition. But Bills fans have to be hoping that E.J. Manuel will prove himself ready to start from Week One.

41 responses to “Doug Marrone: I’ll pick a QB when one pulls away from the rest

  1. Kevin Kolb is in Buffalo to win the super bowl. Go home Kevin Kolb you’re drunk.

  2. EJ will win. You don’t draft a guy mid first round these days & sit him, that man’s a starter.

  3. I think this is the best way to go. A competition for the job. Either Kolb or Jackson may not be on the opening day roster. I would like to see Manuel come along and learn the game before being handed the starting position. If the kid earns it that’s fine with me. But I think he has a lot of learning to do to understand the pro game. The kid is talented you could see that in his college career. He definitely needs to learn how to read and understand NFL defenses. After 13 years I’m in no rush to force the kid to play now unless he is the best option. We need to be patient and give this staff time to implement their system. Don’t rush the kid in because you picked him high.

  4. The Bills have a stellar offensive line, the best back in football, a very good TE, three powerhouse receivers, a speedy H back, and a defensive coordinator who can finally put our talent to use. As said last year, maybe the best front line in football, a few new, faster, tougher LBs solid safeties and one soon to be great CB. Don’t tell me how the Bills suck, they’re already set to compete. You know nothing’s dumping on us will get a shock. Just two years ago Kolb was the ” it” guy for QB, and an extremely talented rookie QB in the more rubber armed ball tosses, true speed on the outside may be unstoppable

  5. Basically, EJ Manuel has the job and someone will have to take it from him. The only way a first rounder doesn’t start is if a veteran shows up and outplays him.

  6. I’m just hoping that the camp brings out the best in all of them. I’m betting Kolb starts the regular season, by beating out the other 2………… for the time being.

  7. The Bills are not winning more than a couple of games this season, so it would just be better to go with the rookie from day one.

  8. catquick says: May 14, 2013 7:06 PM

    The Bills have a stellar offensive line, the best back in football, a very good TE, three powerhouse receivers, a speedy H back, and a defensive coordinator who can finally put our talent to use. As said last year, maybe the best front line in football, a few new, faster, tougher LBs solid safeties and one soon to be great CB. Don’t tell me how the Bills suck, they’re already set to compete.

    Slow down.

    Scott Chandler is one of the weaker starting tight ends in the league. You have one proven NFL receiver; you do not have three powerhouse receivers. I like the three rookies a lot, but they have to prove themselves first. You also lost Andy Levitre on the line and didn’t replace him.

    Buffalo has a promising future, but the passing game has a rookie QB, and the 2-5 receivers might be three rookies and a second-year player. Give them time to develop.

  9. buffalo has the best back in football? did the Vikings secretly trade Adrian Peterson to Buffalo? don’t get me wrong, CJ Spiller is a stud, but he is nowhere near Peterson’s level. There are two tiers of running backs in the NFL, Adrian Peterson, AMD everyone else.

  10. @titusyoungslegalcounsel says: May 14, 2013 7:00 PM

    CJ Spiller will run all over the league this year.

    Spiller lost his best blocking guard this offseason and no team is going to believe that any of these quarterbacks are going to beat them until proven otherwise. Spiller is coming back down to earth this season against 8 and 9 man fronts.

  11. catquick says: May 14, 2013 7:06 PM

    WOW! Your drinking the koolaid pretty hard there catquick. Time will tell if there is true talent in Buffalo or just a fans hopes and dreams being smashed upon the rocks for yet another long season.

    There is a good reason you’ve been out of the playoff for like forever.

  12. So, I’m hoping EJ proves himself as number 1, and they still play Kolb anyway, every QB who starts fresh out the gate in their rookie season always slows down by season 3 if not sooner. Look at Aaron Rodgers; look at Tom Brady. They sat behind someone who was good, both came out great when they finally got to play.

    Either way, I love the way this new coach talks.

  13. Please stop with “a first round QB must start” because its not at all true. Aaron Rogers & Jake Locker were both 1st rounders and coaches sat them. It’s not crazy to think EJ will sit.

  14. In other words, waiting for the right time to sign Tebow. Timmy would bring something that Jim Kelly could never bring to Buffalo: a Lombardi trophy. Plus he would fill the stands and sell millions of jerseys.

  15. Nathpz……….cChandler is hardly the weakest TE in he league. Where you get hat is beyond me. As far as rookie Wrs, two are considered NFL. Ready, Stevie is already set. Spiller not as good as AP? With about one quarter of the opportunities he had 60% of the yardage. Now tht Mr. rubber arm is gone and all three QBs can scare he DBS, lbs, into deeper coverage CJ will bust many more long runs. As far as LeVitre, scouting reports said while a top player, he no longer was getting he push he once did. Colin Brown will fit in quite well, if not, Zebrie Sanders can play that spot. 6’7″ and 327, while athletic suits me fine. How much of LeVitre was Eric Woods? Last yr, 8 or 9 in the box was normal. Now, they’ll get ore off if hey try that. Oh, did I mention a wideout with Olympic speed? 4.2?

  16. Kolb will be injured in camp or pre-season so either Jackson or Manuel will be Belichek’s appetizer in the opener. This team will be no better than 5 wins and that’s being generous because you have to feel sorry for Buffalo, the perennial mess.

  17. so you are saying that Spiller is in AD’s league because of PROJECTED stats? bwahahahaha. I love Spiller. I really do. but until he does the things that AD has done in the NFL, you cannot say he is in the same league. spiller is a scat / speed back dude. AD is the total package. speed, size, power, angry runner, decent receiver. blocking and pass pro is the only area that AD is not top shelf. when Spiller runs for 2100 yds in a single season, we can talk. until, Bwahahaha

  18. First of all, Chandler is definitely an above average TE. He’s no Davis, but the guy has hands, and he definitely has the size. So while the attacks are completely ridiculous, fellow Bills fans, lets not act like he’s part of the receiving core. He’s a good blocker with end-zone potential. Seriously you guys, I see so much inaccurate criticism toward TE’s in this league. You praise guys like Hernandez and Gates and then the minute guys like Chandler and Pitta miss a tackle or drop a ball, they aren’t worth your time. You know who knew Gates was going to be garbage this past season? Everyone in buffalo; when none of us picked him in our fantasy draft.

  19. @Catquick He said Chandler is one of the weaker
    TE’s in the league. Chandler isn’t some top tier gronklike player. Spiller is a good back but he isn’t AP. Spiller wouldn’t be able to do what AP did in Minnesota, AP was running against 8-9 man box on many plays. Maybe watch football or look at statistics before saying something stupid like Spiller being better then AP.

  20. Lax…….I never said better. I said as good. I’ve forgotten more bout football than you’ll ever know, so, as far as stupid goes, you’re the champ. Donkey.

  21. How pathetic does your team have to be when fans are going to the everybody in buffalo knew he was going to suck because no one took him in our fantasy drafts card. You mean like we all know that the bills are going to suck we watch the bills drafts and games?! Oh Care Bears mafia you make us all laugh

  22. Spiller compared to AD is like Reggie bush compared to “sweetness”. Please stop already . Spiller is not even better than Arian foster

  23. @ bigdogbob

    you clown, if you knew anything about andy levitre you’d know he’s an above average pass blocker and a mediocre run blocker

  24. Being a Bills fan is difficult enough without having some of these posters make it even more embarrassing. I can say this; I’m from Buffalo and I know these people. They think that just because they can down a keg of beer at a tailgate party that they are football experts. I apologize for them.

  25. Scott Chandler is one of the weaker starting tight ends in the league. explain how a guy gets back to back years with 6 touchdown catches and he is one of the weaker tight ends in football????

  26. I love the delusional Bills fans. There’s a reason why they are some of the worst fans in football.

    Now, by “worst” I don’t mean that they don’t love their team – because they clearly do. By worst I mean that they are some of the most out of touch, rudest and most drunken people you will ever meet. Losing those four Super Bowls in a row must have really done something to the psyche of that city.

    Every year they think their team is going all the way to the Super Bowl and every year the Bills give them some small glimmer of hope and then break their hearts.

    Sorry to tell you the obvious Bills fans, but Doug Marrrone is just the latest in a long line of snake oil salesmen. Your team will not get out of the near-permanent rut they are until some big changes happen at the top and by that I mean not until Ralph Wilson takes the big dirt nap.

  27. Tarvaris Jackson had a very solid season in SEA with a severe throwing side pectoral injury that takes most players in the NFL out for the entire season. He is healthy, and I think in the future he will be slide happy,and not incur those types of injuries. I think he wins this competition and is the starter in game 1.

  28. I’m a Bills fan and I don’t know whether to “Thumbs Up” or “Thumbs Down” jpaq68’s comment. What he says hurts so bad but his hard to deny.

    One thing you are wrong about is your definition of “worst” is however.

  29. Ps. Ralph Wilson has nothing to do with our team anymore. His name simply sits on paperwork and the stadium. He has given full FO authority to Russ Brandon. So jpaq68’s idea of things changing when RW passes is incorrect.

  30. The Bills need a total organizational shakeup, from top to bottom and the only way that’s happening is for a new owner to take over the team.

    Russ Brandon has been with the Bills since 1997 and the only person that has the power to fire him is 300 miles away in Detroit waiting for The Grim Reaper to come calling. Just how many times have the Bills seen the playoffs (other than on television) since Russ Brandon started with the organization? Sorry Bills fans – he needs to go.

    Look what Shad Khan has done in Jacksonville – granted, they’re not winning many games yet, but the culture of the Jaguars is changing and people are talking and starting to get excited about the Jags again. What Buffalo really needs a new owner who will make a commitment to the team and to the city and who will hopefully not move the team out of Western New York. One that can instill some excitement and a new attitude throughout the organization and the city.

    Maybe then Bills fans will stop living in the past, stop wearing that damned Zubaz and get over the frustration and anger that four Super Bowl losses and thirteen straight years without a playoff game has brought them.

  31. “As far as rookie Wrs, two are considered NFL. Ready, Stevie is already set. ”

    Two rookies, no matter how “NFL-ready” they’re considered, are still rookies. You’re talking like Robert Woods is Larry Fitzgerald and Da’Rick Rogers is Calvin Johnson.

    “Oh, did I mention a wideout with Olympic speed? 4.2?”

    Lots of players with fast 40 times have failed. Is this a serious comment?

  32. AP is an absolute stud…..but running backs have a limited shelf. Chan Gailey didn’t use Spiller when he should have last year and that is good moving forward. If Kolb or preferably Manuel can finally provide decent QB play the Bills will be much better.

    And Pettine will be a much better defensive coach than Buffalo has seen in 10 years. This team should be better this year based on coaching alone.

    Looking forward to the Whaley Regime!!!


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