Free Gatorade, new cleats a big deal for small-school rookie


Going from Fort Lewis College to the NFL is a big deal, and Tim Jenkins is grateful for the opportunity.

Jenkins is an undrafted rookie quarterback who played his college football at Division II Fort Lewis in Durango, Colorado. He signed with the Rams after last weekend’s rookie minicamp, and he said that during that minicamp, he noticed perks of playing professionally that players from big-time football schools might not notice. Things like unlimited supplies of sports drinks and shoes.

There’s Gatorades in every room, and if you need new cleats, you get new cleats,” Jenkins told the Durango Herald. “I think I’m a lot more thankful for it coming from a smaller school.”

Jenkins knows he has an uphill battle to still be on the roster in September, but he said he’s going to take advantage of every practice rep he gets.

“Now being the fourth quarterback, you’ve got to do as much as you can with the time you have,” he said. “It’s great when you do get a rep, get a rep in the National Football League. . . . This is my goal since I’ve been a little kid. . . . So you feel like you’re going to feel all different, but I still feel like the Tim who stepped on the field freshman year at Fort Lewis.”

The same Tim, but with nicer shoes.

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  1. Nice story! This site needs more of those stories. I know it’s a long shot, but I hope he at least makes the practice squad.

  2. Trainers are wondering about the new guy who has asked for new cleats four days in a row, and goes through several cases of Gatorade, even though they never see him drinking any. Also wondering why he has to hang up his clothes outside his locker.

  3. So the Rams will give this joker a shot and not Tebow? I dont remember this so-called “Tim” winning any Heismans. Did Mr Jenkins single-handedly lead the Gators to TWO national championships? The guy just WINS football games at every level. Ask the Broncos how getting rid of the best athlete of our generation for an old, creaky Peyton Manning. Ill give you a hint: ZERO playoff wins!

  4. z561 – Seems to me that Tebow had his shot. Guess you missed it. Oh well.
    You are really out of line dissing this kid. He’s come from a point of great disadvantage compared to Timmy Tebow who, by the way is not even remotely close the best anything. Jesus or not.
    Go play with your dolls.

  5. Peyton got just as far. He was so good during the regular season he got the playoff bye.

    Tebow in no way fits what the Rams are trying to do. Which is complete passes 😉

    We want stories like this more often. Lets go Rams! For the first time in a while we Rams fans have hope.

  6. If he doesn’t make the roster they should at least send him home with one of them jugs full of Gatorade and a new pair of cleats.

  7. When did Tebow ever get a shot? Oh that’s right, with Denver, and he responded with the best playoff performance by a QB ever. And then he was kicked to the curb and blacklisted by the league. NFL teams won’t give Tebow a legit shot because they’re afraid he might do what he always does: WIN football games. Nobody wants it more than Tebow, he just needs a legit chance.

  8. Tim Tebow also responded with 6 INT’s and 7 fumbles in 14 games with a 72.9 QB rating. He also benefited from 60+ yard FG’s, a Marion Barber run out of bounds that would have otherwise won the game, and losing the last 3 games of the season, two of them to losing record teams (Buffalo and Kansas City), in which two of them they were blown out 41-23 (New England) and 40-14 (Buffalo), while Tebow was a scoring monster in their 7-3 loss to Kansas City. He had his chance. He wasn’t good. Everybody around him was good. His defense showed up and his kicker made 60+ yard field goals to save him.

  9. No people just understand what Tebow did was a fluke. Their defense won games. You act like Tebow did it alone. Guess what? It takes a team. Tebow can’t hit wide open guys. Prater hit a few long fgs to win games and if Pitt wasn’t missing 2-3 starters on D they wouldn’t have won that game either.

    You lost everyone comparing him to Peyton and then went overboard calling him one of the greatest athletes. He’s not even a great athlete.

  10. @dallashomer

    Not saying SEC guys don’t get paid but honestly you hear more about Oregon and Miami paying players than the SEC. Of course it could be a coverup because the SEC generates serious revenue.

    BTW, (S)Cam Newton got paid and got away with it. His dad was on tape. That was just terrible.

  11. A kid who doesn’t feel “entitled” and feels like the world owes him something????

    I’m a fan of his and I don’t care WHERE he lands!

    Hats off to you Mr Jenkins, your parents did a fine job!

  12. z561 just trolled you guys. I can’t believe you didn’t pick that up right away. Then again, doing the exact same thing has made Skip Bayless fabulously wealthy and people couldn’t see through that either.

    Guys, the next time you see a Tebow comment like that, just keep on scrolling, its the angry reactions that get us a ratio of approximately 1000000000 articles per actual down he played with the Jets last year

  13. Did someone just say that Tebow turned in the greatest playoff performance ever?

    And here I am thinking I saw Montana, Bradshaw, Elway and sooo many others actually play QB and do more impressive things in playoff games. Maybe it was all just a dream and none of those guys actually existed.

    What a dumb$hit.

  14. Thank you PFT!

    With this story, you’ve finally given your commenters a guy they can date and take home to their mothers. He’s nice and humble and respectable and “knows his place” and is just…..dreamy.

    Maybe one day we’ll hear about his football ability.

  15. I think Tim Tebow is a great God fearing man who deserves a chance. It’s unfortunate that he brings a lot of distraction (which he has not asked for) and his talent level isn’t good enough that coaches are willing to put up with the distraction(s) In order to get better at the QB position, he needs reps and game experience but no one is willing to sign in on that deal. If he abandoned the need to play quarterback, a team my be willing to sign him. I wish the kid the best of luck b/c he deserves it.

  16. Hopefully strong play from Austin Davis can bump the legendary Kellen Clemens from the roster and open a spot for this kid as a practice squad QB.

    Rams will Still be a really young team, but a really young team on an upward trajectory. Just Ram it baby!

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