Jaguars claim Brandon Deaderick off waivers


The reputation of the Patriots is such that if you’re ever cut, and under the age of 30, you’re basically guaranteed work elsewhere.

That’s come through again, with defensive lineman Brandon Deaderick not waiting long after his release yesterday.

According to John Oehser of, the team claimed  Deaderick off waivers, and released undrafted rookie wide receiver Cole McKenzie to make room on the roster.

Deaderick started five games for the Patriots last year, and was a solid participant. With the Jaguars, he’s probably the signal of a trend, as they’ll be able to employ many guys unwanted by better teams.

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  1. I always thought the opposite of ex-Pats getting a job elsewhere. I mean what of Maroney? McGowan? Eric Moore? That’s just a few. Haven’t heard their names since they were cut. Seems like most Pats don’t catch on anywhere after leaving.

  2. He’ll be a good addition for the Jags. He can play when he wants. Most are guessing he broke some rule (he was suspended his rookie year) and being in the last year of his contract with an outside chance to make the roster, BB said goodbye.

    mrpresident2, Maroney was traded to Denver and is now out of football, the others you mentioned were not drafted by NE.

    Maybe Belichick knows when to get rid of a player??

  3. Being someone who watches every patriots game, this guy never impressed me. Sometimes he was just in the right place at the right time, but he was never a key contributor to the team in terms of his playing ability. Honestly I wanted the patriots to cut him before last season started. Wish him luck in Jacksonville though, hopefully he produces better there.

  4. Most young players the the Pats have drafted and cut the last few yrs have landed on NFL rosters. BMeriweater, TPrice, TLarson, TWelch, RBrace, DButler, BTate, ROhrnberger, TMckenzie. None are standouts yet, but were able to hook on with other teams after not being good enough to make the end of the Pats roster.

  5. As I said before, he’s a good run defender, but not much of a pass rusher. Ideally you’d want him as a rotational player, but either way, he should help the Jags.

  6. It’s not the strangest move to part ways with a 7th round pick but since Deaderick had been hard working and productive in his 5 starts, he probably did Deaderick a solid by releasing him early and giving him a chance to be with a new team during the offseason.

    The fact that Belichick often does consider a young player’s welfare doesn’t go unnoticed by other young free agents out there.

  7. “The reputation of the Patriots is such that if you’re ever cut, and under the age of 30, you’re basically guaranteed work elsewhere.”

    Unless you are a DB, then it is assumed you really suck.

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