Jake Locker: I have to find a way to be more consistent

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Two years since the Titans used a first-round draft pick on quarterback Jake Locker, these are the bottom-line results: Locker has started 11 games, and the Titans have won four of them. That, obviously, is not good enough.

And so Locker says he has to get better. And the key, Locker said in an interview with Andrew Siciliano on NFL Network, is consistency.

“I can improve in a lot of areas, and I think that first and foremost, just find a way to be consistent,” Locker said. “There were a lot of third downs, situations where if we would have converted and kept drives alive it would have changed the game. A lot of times it just came down to one or two plays, and finding ways to maybe not make the flashy play, but just find a way to move the sticks.”

Locker had shoulder surgery after the season, but he said his shoulder is back to normal and he will “definitely” be ready to go for training camp. Making it through a season completely healthy would go a long way toward playing more consistently.

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  1. As a Titans fan, unfortunately Jake, it was far more than a play or two a game that kept you out of it. Consistency would be great, but a vast improvement in accuracy, development of some kind of pocket presence as well as much smarter decisions are all needed.

    A long list, and I don’t know if he can do it. Luckily with the running game being the focus hopefully that assists him getting it together.

  2. Consistent at what? This guy is a dolt. I’m so thankful the Titans took him. I think even Blame Gabbert has more upside. He can hit the target.

    But to be fair (and that’s hard for a Jags fan when it comes to the Titans) their OL is almost as bad as ours. Jake is fast on his feet but he isn’t athletic enough to make throws on the run that hit 50%+ of the time.

    I see Ryan Fitzpatrick getting a start after an 0-5 start.

  3. Everything that could have gone bad did go bad last season. From injuries on the offensive line to poor playcalling by Chris Palmer (see anyone clamoring for his services?), the injury to Locker’s shoulder (hard to be consistent when your shoulder keeps popping out of the socket during the game), ect…
    Jake is not going to have the same issues he had last season.
    So now its on him. I hope he proves everyone wrong. If he doesn’t, he won’t have anyone to blame but himself.

  4. To be consistent, you need consistent protection. It looks like the Titans have most certainly done that on both sides of the line!

  5. For many Titans fans seeing Jake Locker play is déjà vu. He’s so much like the young Steve McNair that arrived in Tennessee in 1997 that it’s uncanny: major potential but very rough around the edges. From the inconsistent passing, erratic decision making, and getting too physical after interceptions (tackling) to the upside: strong arm, tough as nails, and a gifted runner, we’ve been here before.

    Steve McNair not only outgrew every one of those three weaknessees, he came to excell in those areas, especially passing accuracy and reading defenses. Here’s hoping Jake will do likewise.

  6. Steve McNair’s first year as a starter (his third season):

    Attempts: 415
    Completions: 216
    Completion Percentage: 52.0
    Yards: 2,665
    TD Passes: 14
    Interceptions: 13
    Longest Pass: 55 yards
    Yards Per Game: 166.3
    Passer Rating: 70.4

    Look familiar? You betch’a.

  7. This will be a make-it break-it year for Locker. I think the article is correct, he now has some weapons around him. No one calls the Titians Superbowl bound, but they are capable of reaching the playoffs in the AFC with the squad they have.

  8. People constantly want to make it seem like Locker is injury prone when in reality he’s started 1 season and in that season he got a very badly dislocated shoulder that never really healed. It hasn’t been multiple things.

  9. thats a scary QB group…Fitz who cant throw farther than 30 yds and Locker who cant do anything…..remember when he was a supposed #1 overall that one year….ha

  10. Locker needs to stay healthy first. That’s a good place to start.

    But he isn’t the only one. That OL needs to be improved and his WRs need to stay healthy and out of trouble.

    I expect him to break out this year. Titans probably won’t win the division but they can win more games than they did last year.

  11. This is it Jake! Put up or shut up time, you’ve got the tools and arm to succeed now go make it happen!

  12. Of course its easy to bash on him when you look at his record. Don’t forget that aside from the shoulder injury he had terrible protection up front, the running game was bad at the end of the season due to injuries on the online. Kenny britt and jared cook were supposed to be his top targets, but they didn’t always show up. his oc was Chris palmer for crying out loud. No excuses for this year, the front office went all out.

  13. This is what happens when you pay attention to looks over performance. Locker was a four-year starter at Washington and was never even close to acceptably accurate. But he’s a pretty boy who looks good throwing a football so he went #8 overall. He never got better in college; why would he get better now?

  14. I have been watching some Titans games lately and I have no clue why people think he sucks. The offensive line played like crap most of the time, not only affecting Lockers play but the running game also. The receivers dropped way to many balls. I saw plenty of times where Locker would make a great play only to have teammates screw it up with penalties and drops. I watched a game where Locker was 21-45 and the receivers must have dropped 10-20 of the passes. I’m not exaggerating, the majority of in-completions were dropped passes. It was either vs the Texans or Colts late in the season. The last couple of games I watched, he didn’t play as well. If you watch the Titans vs Dolphins game, Locker looked a lot better than Tannehill. Granted, that was 1 game though. At times he made bad decisions and at times he threw some bad passes. Just not to the extent that people make it out to be or to the extent that will mean he can’t be successful. If the team around him gets better, there is no reason why he can’t be successful. He is tough. He can make great plays throwing or running. He is willing and does make throws down field. He isn’t gun shy or timid. I don’t think he is as bad as people make him out to be after watching him.

  15. I think hes got what it takes. A little too inaccurate for my liking but he definitely improve in that area. He’s been hurt most of his 2years. With a shoulder injury. (As qb u need ur shoulder lol) but like someone said earlier, he has the complete set of weapons on offence. No more excuses.

  16. As a fellow NorWester I root for Jake he’s a good kid with all the tools you could ever ask for in a QB prospect. That said as a Seahawks fan I’m glad he’s on another team and absolutely elated with our QB situation and the great Russell Wilson. Sadly I don’t see jake developing into the next Elway as I once did. He’s had four years in a pro system and he’s the same QB he was under Ol winless wealighan

  17. tennesseeoilers says: May 14, 2013 11:25 AM

    For many Titans fans seeing Jake Locker play is déjà vu. He’s so much like the young Steve McNair that arrived in Tennessee in 1997 that it’s uncanny: major potential but very rough around the edges. From the inconsistent passing, erratic decision making, and getting too physical after interceptions (tackling) to the upside: strong arm, tough as nails, and a gifted runner, we’ve been here before.
    I couldn’t care less about the Titans, but you literally took the words right out of my mouth. Everyone can yak about Ponder and Gabbert all they want but, excluding the 2012 class, Locker has on of the highest ceilings of any quarterback to enter the NFL in the last four or five years. Right down to their height/weight and 40-times, he and McNair are literally identical (Yeah, that’s what I said– suck it Warren Moon). In fact, considering the level of competition, Locker arguably put up better numbers in college.

    He hasn’t played well, but he also hasn’t been given a chance to play well, getting yanked in and out of the lineup by Matt Hasselbeck and injuries is no way to develop as a passer. Point is, Locker is raw, but talented, and the Titans would be extremely foolish to not give Locker a chance to prove himself. Not all young quarterbacks can be Luck, Griffin, and Wilson, and if we ask them to be, there will probably be one new NFL passer every six years.

  18. funny how many post here and really know nothing about football. first locker injured shoulder came out of socket almost every time he threw the ball, try playing with that. The shoulder of course was injured on a play that never should have happened but POS replacement refs created. But most of all, with the o-line injured (more so then any other team in football last year), Locker was told by Palmer to make one read and either throw or run, a practice which was kept after he was fired and loggains took over. That is why Locker’s stats and play looked completely different the first half to the second half of the season. Also don’t forget the “help” he had with players on the team giving up and another year of very poor playing calling on both sides of the ball.

  19. People who don’t watch the Titans say he sucks because he hasn’t put up monster numbers yet. His rookie season he looked awesome for a few games in relief if Hass & those same people were saying much different things about him. He had no chance of success last year really. No oline, mediocre running game, young & injured wrs, & abysmal play calling. That all seems to be fixed this year. I agree that this is a put up or shut up year, but don’t tell me he sucks when he hasn’t been given a fair shot yet.

  20. At this point, Jake Locker is a clear case of too much of the “same stuff, different shovel.”

    He is very consistent at two things: inconsistent performance and poor decision-making. That is his well-deserved reputation.

    Those issues have been part of his game since he started as a redshirt freshman at Washington. Brilliant on one play, and a complete bonehead on the next. That is why there was such an audible reaction of surprise and shock in the room when the Titans took him so high in the 1st round.

    The other thing that has been consistent for him is the same tired litany of lousy excuses that is offered for his mediocre results. Talk is cheap. Either get results or go teach high school PE somewhere. Part of staying in the NFL is staying on the field.

  21. Oh my god, does the word ROOKIE mean anything anymore? It takes 3-4 years to properly determine if a player is the future for a franchise, but there are so many factors that fans don’t always choose to see can negatively affect a promising, young player’s career. Of course, Jake isn’t perfect but he gave it his all last season while dealing with an arm injury. The Titans had an excellent off-season by drafting players who can play right away and signing underrated veterans that this team desperately needs.

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