Packers’ Alex Green says more running back competition is great


The Packers’ decision to take two running backs in the NFL draft is just fine with last year’s leading rusher, Alex Green.

Green told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel that he welcomes second-round pick Eddie Lacy and fourth-round pick Johnathan Franklin, and that he thinks their presence is “great” and “best for the team.” Green knows his 135 carries and 464 yards were nothing to write home about, and the Packers need to seek an upgrade.

“Last year, I didn’t do anything too good in the running game,” Green said, “so I think it was a great thing for us to get back out there, make a step in the draft and help the team win football games.”

Green will compete with Lacy, Franklin, DuJuan Harris and James Starks to be the starter, and if he doesn’t perform well in training camp and the preseason Green may not make the 53-man roster at all. But Green says he expects to be a lot better this year because he was never 100 percent healthy last year after a 2011 knee injury.

“I had a couple setbacks. I was never really quite where I wanted to be, but I made great strides in the off-season. I’m definitely getting ready for this year,” Green said.

Green will need to be ready, with more competition at the position than he’s had in his two previous years with the Packers.

15 responses to “Packers’ Alex Green says more running back competition is great

  1. Mr Greene if you and Starks and Seine (now gone) weren’t hurt all the time, maybe they wouldn’t have needed new blood.
    They drafted these guys to replace you stupid. With the new kid Harris, both Green and Starks could be gone before the pre season starts. Only an idiot knows that 6 running backs is a crowd and they have 8 trying out.

  2. If Franklin and Lacy divy up enough carries evenly and stay healthy–Packers could be even tougher no doubt.

  3. Green could still be a good player but I hate how the pack always has bigger backs recently the line just doesn’t make big enough holes little backs like dujuan harris and jonathan franklin will have breakout years

  4. Rick Spielman is a Magician says:
    May 14, 2013 1:59 PM
    With the Packers’ rich history of drafting star running backs, I have no doubt that Lacy and Franklin will be welcoming the competition from next year’s draft picks.


    I just worry about the Vikings. they have had a lot of luck with QBs in the draft, and this kid out of Florida State looks like he can throw some pretty amazing screen passes.

  5. No kidding, Brent Fullwood, Eddie Lee Ivory, Ryan Grant, Samkan Gatto, and whopping 464 yards last year from Green, is simply amazing. The Pack is looking forward to becoming a well balanced offense next year. I am sure all the 4-7 round lineman they drafted this year will get them in the top 30 of rushing.

    If you would like to pass, lets see if we can improve on the 51 sacks given up last year.

  6. I think the roster moves at RB will allow the Packers to keep beating the hapless, tasteless Vikings and Bears twice a season – like they have for each of the past 3 years.

  7. The depth chart will be Lacy, Franklin, Harris, Green. Kuhn at FB with Taylor mixing in similar to Crabtree. Starks will be traded or cut.

  8. I’d say the depth chart will be Lacy, Green, Franklin, with Starks and Harris fighting it out for a 4th spot.

    Is Starks can ever be healthy for more than one week, he might be the lead back. He blocks, can catch, and is big. You gotta believe that McCarthy will want a reliable back to protect his QB.

    I also think Kuhn gets cut.

  9. All things being equal, these 4 backs have a good shot of making the roster:

    – Dujuan Harris
    – Eddy Lacy
    – Johnathan Franklin
    – John Kuhn

    These backs will likely be on the bubble:
    – Alex Green
    – James Starks

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