Packers want to be on good terms with Brett Favre


The Packers and Brett Favre did not part ways on the best of terms.

However, the organization is reportedly open to re-establishing a relationship with its long-time starting quarterback.

Packers president and CEO Mark Murphy told Paul Imig of Wednesday that the club would be amenable to having Favre “back involved in the organization soon.”

“We want to have (Favre) back in the family,” Murphy said, per

At the NFL meetings in March, Murphy also expressed the organization’s willingness to get along with Favre, according to the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel. Also, in April, Favre, according to ESPN Milwaukee, told 1310 AM in Dallas that he would “one day” return to Green Bay.

Murphy has said that retiring Favre’s jersey is a matter of when, not if.

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  1. I know that in the twilight of his career, Brett was a diva and had a problem with self-portraits. He still was one heck of a gunslinger and I still have one of his jerseys. Favre should get his number retired and I look forward to the day when he gets his name on the Lambeau Ring of Honor.

  2. They’ve hurt each other before so they should go easy in the beginning, say, dinner and a movie?

  3. He should be a part of the Packers. Most of the players think they have something left until they really don’t. Teams have to plan for the future. Time for both sides to bury some hatchets.

  4. It would be a shame if they can’t put their differences aside. Watching the Packers and Favre battle the 49ers and Cowboys in the 90’s is what caused me to become an NFL fan.

  5. Any ceremony would have to be in private as too many fans would boo the guy, making it very awkward and uncomfortable for Favre, his family, and the Packers.

  6. Tokyo……pot, meet kettle

    Honestly, this is sooner than I anticipated. I thought we’d be closer to Canton enshrinement before we would start seeing these reports

  7. Favre did amazing things for the league and for Green Bay. Bring him in for a 1 day contract so he can retire a packer then retire his number.

  8. I love me some Brett Favre. Guy was simply amazing. Hindsight is 20/20 and the Packers and Ted Thompson, did their job and did what was best for the future of the franchise. Time and a super bowl championship has healed all wounds. I understand what Brett did, and why he did it. And when he’s ready, every true Packer fan will welcome him back with open arms. Welcome back Mr. Favre, enjoy your place in the Packer ring of honor and pro football hall of fame. You deserve both.

  9. At first the organization was reluctant, but then Farve sent them a few texts…

  10. I’ll second that kettle remark to buttblaster….like you thought you could get away with calling someone else a troll? Lay off the meds

  11. Huge Packer fan here……screw Favre…he was like the person who you thought was your friend until you got to find out he really was the guy screwing your girlfriend. Yes he was the qb when the Packers won that SB, but the way he left town was totally effed up. Also you do not play for your rival. Buck Frett!!

  12. Amazing how easy it is to forgive and forget when you win a Super Bowl without the King of Divas. Total vindication for Ted Thompson and the Packers, So, now it’s OK to bring him back and retire his number (as long as he doesn’t go into the HOF as a Viking, of course).

  13. We’ll never forget you, Brent. All joking aside, both sides need to patch this up. It’ll be a healthy move for both parties.

  14. Softening the departure was the fact that the Packers had a quarterback waiting in the wings 10 times better than Favre The Human Turnover…
    Finding replacements for alleged legendary QBs seems to be getting easier with every NFL rule change.

  15. I always respected him until I learned how much of a weirdo he is texting pics of his junk to a woman who was not his wife.

  16. Packers owe him that. I understand business is business. But Favre has literally given his body for this organization. He’s probably the toughest player of my generation.

    Rodgers would crumble if he took some of the hits Favre took. And Favre played with crappy and make-shift offensive lines too.

  17. I loved watching Favre play all those years for the Pack. But let’s not forget what really happened. He was NOT pushed out. He retired after a season, the Pack tried to talk him back, he stayed firm but finally decided too late to unretire. The team was forced to make other plans in the interim and it was just too late to let him take the reins again. Favre was the star of the team, but he wasn’t bigger than the team, and HE forced the Pack to go in another direction, with Aaron Rodgers.

    It was a pity how it ended, but it wasn’t the Packers’ fault.

    They’re both great quarterbacks. Personally, I prefer Rodgers — you get the same great plays that Favre made but very few of his bonehead plays.

  18. To hear Packer fans boo him unmercifully as he walked onto the field at Lambeau wearing purple..

    I’ll never quite forget that smug satisfaction.

  19. I think Favre should come back to Green Bay also.
    When he’s in a casket, maybe on a train that tours through the NFCN cities.

  20. Oh lord.

    Here come the trolls.

    Vikings, Bears, and Lions, oh my!


    we would have also accepted:

    “Lions and Vikings and Bears, oh my”

  21. It’s a shame Brett had his roughest years at a time when the roster around him was weakest. Javon Walker, Donald Lee, Brady Poppinga anyone? He proved his best season was still ahead of him, and that Greg Lewis TD gives me goosebumps to this day. I will always admire #4 for his no-fear unrivaled fire, an arm that NEVER lost its zip, and willingness to take blame for a mistake.

  22. I hated Favre for years and then he joined my team the Vikings… will always be a big fan of number 4 now. Shame on the Packers for not letting him join the Vikings though the first year when he had to play for the Jets.

  23. Maritime85, I would’ve taken Favre over Rodgers in 09, let alone his prime. Rodgers has so much raw talent it’s not funny, but he doesn’t seem to have “it” like Favre did. Favre could make any game exciting and has made throws/plays Rodgers could only dream of. Mainly because he’s too smart to even try.

  24. “There willing to entertain the thought”………Pretentios asses…….just chill and do some fishing Bret…….you rocked the boat but we’re willing to let you back in the club if you behave……..

  25. As a life-long Packers fan, as soon as Brett apologizes to the Packers and the fan base for all the crap he’s pulled, I will be willing to forgive him.

    The Packers have reached out to him on a couple of occasions and he has declined.

    Brett: be a man and apologize. We will forgive you, but you have to ask for forgiveness.

  26. Favre was no choirboy but that’s hardly the reason the Packers switched to Rodgers. He threw far too many INT’s and no amount of coaching and cajoling could stop it. The OT loss to the Giants was the last straw. Replays show that every other receiver on the field was open on that play and Favre threw it to the only one who was covered.

    If you don’t think Favre threw too many ill timed INT’s, just ask Tracy Porter and the Saints how they managed to win their one Superbowl? Or Brad “12 men in the huddle” Childress why he never got to a Superbowl.

  27. Get over it….Brett made the PACK relevant again..Thank-you…We must always respect that fact…..

  28. The way so many treated Brett after everything he did for the org was terrible. Coach and owner treated him like an old piece of meat…just tossed it away. While trade decisions are not easy…class should be involved. Shame on the Packers!

  29. He was a class act when N.O was accused of paying players to break bones. He didn’t whine and take a poor me attitude. Don’t know why green bay wouldn’t have him back. He was there 20 years and did a lot for the place.

  30. He can come begging… Then and only then. When you retire, you retire. Get on the bus or stay home. He whined on Gretta, we done.

  31. January 17, 2023, Ted Thompson will reach mandatory retirement age under the Packers bylaws. Aaron Rodgers will be 39 years old.
    That is the furthest in the future this drama will likely play out.

    I really doubt he will pull a Fran Tarkenton and never return for any of his teams events.

    The Packers love their history and the history of the NFL. The Green Bay Packers bring back former players all the time to salute them and their accomplishments.

    No other team loves their former players like the Packers love their players.

  32. Brett brought our franchise back from wandering in the dark ages. He’ll always be part of the Packer family. There were bumps in the road, but I really grew in my love for the game while watching Favre. Can’t wait to see him back in Titletown!

  33. Retire the Legend in Green Bay.
    Hopefully, Broadway Brett will finally come forth with the Jen Sterger PeePee Pic that was really meant for TT as an F-U.

  34. Favre was the whole reason I become the football fan I am.
    I still say he was the most entertaining QB in history.
    You never knew what he was going to do next (good and bad) not to mention the toughest player ever.
    Their is a reason the NFL refused to replay that Saints game. He was brutalized out there, and he still didn’t quit.
    The Packer fans don’t realize how good they’ve had it… that includes Rodgers.

  35. Erin will be so jealous when Favre returns to the deafening accolades bestowed upon him. He might just pout the rest of the season knowing he is only the 3rd best QB in Packer history. Favre, Starr and Bug-eyed bush baby Rogers

  36. Did you see how I called OTHER people trolls?! It made it sound as if I’m not one myself! Pretty neato, huh?

    I need some new comics and fresh Cheetos down here…

  37. Scorn, pride and competitiveness aside – lets not forget the man was offered $40 million for his last 2 seasons. Regardless of career earnings, thats a chunk of change to walk away from. Even for a ” Packer”.

  38. Someone tell him he’s not coming back to play. And the person with the 1st comment should check their history. 2 Superbowls? Didn’t know appearances counted you idiot.

  39. I hated and respected Favre in Green Bay and I really did not want him to go to the Vikings, but after several games he won me over and I was cheering him on every game. Its time to go back home Brett to those that truly were you fans.

  40. As you can see the comments count is not very high, 19 when I wrote this, the circus around Favre has quieted. Its time to make the return to Lambeau and put the #4 where it belongs. The animosity with the fans has died and I think 90% of everyone is ready for the return. Unless he has a problem doing it with Thompson and McCarthy there but I don’t see that changing for awhile.

  41. Farve needs to return and Green Bay and their fans need to embrace him again. It was ugly and both parties were at fault. Time to forget.

  42. If he really wants to be in good graces with Green Bay, he could start by not bashing his predecessor in every interview he has.

    It’s childish and makes Favre seem small. It’s Aaron Rodgers, one of the good guys in the NFL. He took your job, he won an MVP and a Super Bowl, it helped most fans forget about you. Life goes on Brett, let it go.

  43. filthymcnasty1 says: May 14, 2013 8:51 PM

    Any ceremony would have to be in private as too many fans would boo the guy, making it very awkward and uncomfortable for Favre, his family, and the Packers


    I don’t think so. The Packers are very savvy about presenting and upholding their traditions. They’ll do the prep work, pick the right time, and the fans will be wondering why they ever called Bret ‘Judas’. Mark my words.

    Love him or hate him, you were compelled to watch him, and he was one of the main components of bringing Green Bay back to relevancy.

  44. Decades from now, when we look back and reflect on Favre’s career, we’ll remember his legend in Green Bay much more than his stints with the Jets and Vikings (who ironically, would probably both still accept him as their starter today)

    All jokes aside, Brett Favre is a Green Bay Packers icon. I’d dare any Vikings, Jets, Falcons or Packers fan to disagree. Let him have his one (hopefully) final moment.

  45. Rumor has it he want’s to hang his jersey next to Adrian Peterson since he’s the best player he’s every played with.

  46. I’ll always remember Brett’s last faithful act as a Green Bay Packer.

    After raising all the hopes of the purple pansies, he threw the game away in heartbreaking fashion.

    With a wink and a nod, he let all of us here know that he was still one of us, better in every way than our neighbors to the west.

  47. I was a Brett Favre fan until he threw the interception to Corey Webster in the 2007 NFC Championship game vs the NY Giants. The Packers should have won that game and Favre threw it away. I then wrote a long letter to GM Ted Thompson and told him to trade Favre. Thank God he listened to me and the Packers ended up with Clay Mathews with that pick from the Jets in a trade with the Patriots. Subsequently the Packers won another Super Bowl with out Favre. Aaron Rodgers is way more cereberal than Favre and doesn’t throw stupid interceptions. He may not break Favre’s Packer records but in the long run he will prove to be a better QB possibly win more Super Bowls.

  48. Favre was the Packers. Period.

    Some of these “fans” posting here are claiming they dont want to take Brett back or they want him to apologize etc etc.

    Lets be real, Brett gave the Packers more than any player could ever give and much more than any fan.

    The Pack made the right move in letting Aaron play when they did, but any competitive person is going to be a bit upset with that.

    That said, both sides understand the business and the fans need to wake up and appreciate all the great things Brett did for the GBP.

  49. Farve did so much for the Packers for so long! He is a legendary Packer and he deserves to retire as one! Bring him in and give him what he deserves. It would look good for the Green Bay too.

  50. Favre left under bad circumstances of his own creation, then tried to blame the team for it. He was offered a place if he was willing to work as hard as he had the previous two years and he refused. That much is undisputed. However, any time an aging vet and his team have to go their separate ways, it can get ugly. Now that a couple years have passed, I have no problem letting bygones be bygones and welcoming him back to the family. If the organization can embrace a racist d-bag like Hornung, they can take a diva like Favre.

  51. People have revisionist history. Favre screwed over the Packers with his constant and yearly waffling about retirement, leaving the team in a lurch and uncertain. When they finally drafted his eventual replacement in highly accurate Rodgers, Favre threw a tantrum, refusing to even so much as say hello to Rodgers and flat out shunning him in practices. He was the only Packer to have his own dressing room and parking spot, believing himself above the team.

    Favre finally “retired” and cried at his press conference and wished Rodgers luck (finally). The Pack moved forward and drafted another QB. Then Favre threw another tantrum and then demanded to have his spot (including parking spot and dressing room). Rodgers did nothing and was very classy, yet Favre continued to shun and bash Rodgers and the Packers. He forced the trade. They would have lost Rodgers.

    If Favre wants to come back he first and foremost needs to apologize to Rodgers and the Packers for his petulant behavior. Then maybe they’ll retire his jersey.

  52. I retired his jersey a long time ago, I threw it over the fence to my Viking fan neighbor ….. he threw it back after Favre threw the interception in the championship game.

  53. Fact is Favre is the main reason why the Packers became respectable again. For many years they were cellar dwellars. When he took over after Majikowski got hurt, he was the main reason why the Packers were able to be good and maintain it.

    Then other free agents wanted to play with the Packers making them even better.

    Sure they didn’t leave on good terms but Favre is one of the best QBs to ever play the game and he did most of that with the Packers. Both sides need to kiss and make up.

    I’m a Viking fan and was happy to see Brett play for the Vikes. However, I know that he is a true Packer and deserves to be in their ring of honor.

  54. The organization may want him back. But Packers fans, who believe their team can do no wrong, are still reeling and wearing those “We’ll never forget you Brent” T-shirts. I’d give it another two years before they finally get over it, move on, and accept the good things Favre did for that organization.

  55. As a Viking fan living in Wisconsin, Favre having a nice ring of honor ceremony is as likely as taking guns away from citizens in the US. In the spirit of the rivalry I believe Minnesota should have his 4 retired…Favre still hangs out with his team mates from Minnesota, fact!

  56. I don’t think Brett will come back as long as Ted Thompson is here. And good for Brett. Ted’s trademark is subpar and patched together offensive lines. Why does Aaron take so many sacks? Because he saw Brett constantly under pressure and throw too many picks. Therefore, Aaron went the other way and holds it too long. As for being the right time to move on, what about Mark Brunell, Aaron Brooks, Matt Hasselbeck, etc. All backups that went on to start for other teams. Ted’s cheap and should have just paid Aaron to sit another season or two, and he is still ignoring the offensive line. Kudos to Brett, I look forward to seeing him at Canton, and I support his decision not to deal with Ted.

  57. If Don Makowski never had gotten injured there wouldn’t be a Brett Favre as he is today?!

    Make ammends & enjoy the Green Bay city & fans! They are the ones that love u!

  58. Packer fans hated Favre early in the 2009 season when the Vikings beat the Packer twice. But then he went out and totally redeemed himself against the Saints.

    That’s how I’ll always remember him, as ruining the Superbowl hopes of the hapless, tasteless Vikings.

  59. Funny how Viking fans thinks he’s the greatest now after they had a good year with him (never talking about the second year though). You had only one year of his throwing a great season away with a stupid playoff INT and not seeming to care afterwards. We had multiple years of that.

    A true legend is Bart Starr who had 5 championships in less time. Favre should’ve had more than one but he himself didn’t allow it.

    He retired due to a temper tantrum when the organization didn’t sign Randy Moss. Acted like a baby when the new regime didn’t allow him back after 5 months of retirement and made the right decision by going with the non-diva younger and better QB, who went to practices with, and shared the locker room with his TEAM… the thing with no “I” in it. Favre is proof karma exists.

    For those of you who put Favre on a pedestal, get a sense of reality of what he really is. A selfish little man who needs to apologize for his behavior, a .500 playoff record and throwing super bowls away, acting above his teammates everywhere he goes, and for his lewd acts of infidelity.

  60. Favre should come back, so he can replace their over-rated QB. And BF would probably play for free, saving the team $35m this year.

  61. Packer Fans,

    I have been a fan of the Packers ever since I can remember…..In the summer of 68 I was 8 yrs old and had my picture taken on with Vince Lombardi at Lambeau Field, I have pictures of myself with Bart Starr and Ray Nitschke, Jim Taylor, Edgar Bennet and Donald Driver. Brett Favre was never my Favorite player, but he was the pulse of the franchise for 15 years….Vince Lombardi left Green Bay short of fufilling his contract for another team, Look what happened when Curly Lambeau left the organization…..Bart Starr was chased out of town and stayed away for many years as an unsuccesful coach….Things Happen

    Brett Favre deserves to be remembered as a great Packer, a great Player, he deserves to have his number retired, his place in the atrium is deserved and his name needs to go up on the ring of honor at Lambeau field.

    Time heals all wounds, its time. I hope they do it this year, and I hope at whatever game it is, the Packers fans, the greates fans in the world will stand an applaud this great Packer player

  62. We sweeped him – he sweeped us – sounds about even, We’ve gone onto win the superbowl and contend for it every year while the vikes are stuck with Ponder wasting AP’s prime years…

    everyone (Packers/Favre) got it out of there system? Great, let’s go retire his number and get ARod his second ring.

  63. It’s not imporatnt to me if Favre returns or not or if the Packers want him back or not. Whatever.

    The fact remains Favre orchestrated his own departure out of Green Bay when he identified the Vikings as his last best chance to win a SuperBowl. He pretended to retire in order to get an unconditional release.

    It didn’t work.

    All the BS that followed lies squarely on his shoulders. The Packers brass was too smart for him. He is a self-centered egomaniac.

    Yeah, sure, he was a “valiant and durable fighter.” So was Benedict Arnold. Look it up.


    – Paul Allen famously shrieking after Brett Favre’s ill advised pass propelled the Saints to the Superbowl.

    This was the most entertaining Viking game I’ve ever seen.

  65. As a Packer fan now living in Minnesota, I hated Favre when went to the Vikings. But as time goes along feelings like this must fade. I strongly believe it would be great for Favre and the Pack to patch things up some day so we can celebrate the great years he had with us.

  66. For all you 12 year olds posting everything as “facts”, could u please footnote the source of those “facts” so the rest of us can read the true content and full article which pertains to those ” facts”. Otherwise just shut up.

  67. Favre is a first ballot HOFer for which there is no room to argue, and as such he had a “catalytic” effect on his team and its success. The problem descends when people made the overly simple calculations such as “Packers of 1986+Favre=Packers of 1996” and it’s logical cousin “Packers of 199x/200x-Favre=Packers of 1986” and that simply isn’t true. Such beliefs then drove the narrative about being the greatest of all time and such. Favre is a HOFer, but he’s not the greatest of all time. He was a Jim Kelly caliber guy who happened to play quite a bit longer, but not a whole lot better over those extended years.

    But it is the overheated belief of some rarefied greatness that led to the notion that Favre was supposed to get some special consideration not alotted to other HOF greats. That the Packers were supposed to adopt a Favre friendly philosophy to win one more for the Favremeister. Or let him dictate the coach. Or concede to his demands as to which players to retain or sign in free agency. The list was getting rather long between 2005-2008. And Favre detailed all of his “grievances” at length on Greta and other interviews. And if he wasn’t going to get his way, then naturally his contract was to supposed to disintegrate and was supposed to be able to walk where he wanted. The idea of playing as designated somehow didn’t apply to Favre.

    And that is simply nonsense. If Montana had to accept a trade in the end, there is no way a Favre, even as a HOFer as he is, was supposed to be either the de facto GM or get to walk where he wanted. A Staubach or a Tarkenton didn’t get to act as Favre did. And people may not believe it, but they were overall better QB’s in their times than Favre was in his.

    For me Favre wore out his welcome by early 2009 before even going to the Vikings, and he hasn’t said or done anything particularly endearing since for me to change my mind. He did a lot for the Packers, but it was the Packers who patiently coaxed him along in those early years, and gave him his 2nd, 3rd, and 4th chances to make something of his career than being Bubby Brister 2.0. And he elevated to great status. And he elevated the team. But there had to be something to elevate, it wasn’t exactly like the Packers were the Archie Manning led Saints or something.

    When all the credit for Packers’ success is handed out, Favre gets a big slice, but he certainly wasn’t so unique and rare a specimin that he was above the Packers (or the Jets or Vikings for that matter). But he acted like it. Publicly and routinely.

    People should reflect on the FACTS that the Packers had Lynn Dickey (the 4th best QB in team history) who played with dreadful surrounding talent, then had Don Majkowski who had 5 turnstiles for an offensive line, acquired Favre under the new Harlan/Wolf/Holmgren management team, drafted Mark Brunell, Matt Hasselbeck, even Aaron BROOOKS, and then Aaron Rodgers. QB’ing, overall, wasn’t the Packers’ weakest link(s). The Packers could have replaced a struggling Favre in 1994 with Brunell, eventually giving way to Hasselbeck, and had had about the same amount of team success between the two that they got with Favre, everything else equal. Most of everything else about Favre pertains to himself (streaks and records, etc). And when Favre thought the team (if not the world) revolved around him, he became just a bit too insufferable. For YEARS. Not some simple error of judgement not repeated. But a long trail of selfishness that arced from 2005 through 2010. No amount of greatness excuses such protracted behavior, but especially not from a Jim Kelly caliber guy, if the Montana’s and Staubach’s and Tarkenton’s didn’t get to be Diva’s for half a decade.

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