Patriots sign S Duron Harmon

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The Patriots have signed rookie safety Duron Harmon, a third-round pick from Rutgers. The signing was disclosed in the NFL’s Tuesday transactions.

Harmon (6-1, 200) was a two-year starter at safety for the Scarlet Knights. As a senior, he notched 50 tackles and broke up seven passes.

Harmon was one of three Rutgers players the Patriots selected in the 2013 draft, with cornerback Logan Ryan and linebacker Steve Beauharnais the others. Ryan was selected eight picks ahead of Harmon in the third round, while Beauharnais was a seventh-round selection.

Harmon, who was not invited to the NFL Scouting Combine, was something of an off-the-radar pick, but Patriots head coach Bill Belichick liked what he saw from him and Ryan in the Rutgers’ secondary.

“They communicated well, played well. Both were very productive, both defensively and in the kicking game, solid guys,” Belichick said on the second day of the draft, according to the Patriots.

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  1. Bet he jumped at slotted 3rd rnd money, since he was probably just hoping to get drafted. Hope this reach proves to be worth it.

  2. It’s funny how we refer to this pick (just like the Tavon Wilson pick) as surprises.

    Surprises according to who? I mean, OK. We have the media and analysts and whatnot telling us about prospects. But really, there’s a reason none of them (and none of us, for that matter) have a seat in a team’s war room.

    So yeah, maybe none of us saw that pick coming, but that doesn’t mean teams didn’t do their due diligence on every prospect. For all we know, there were multiple teams interested in him but we snatched him. Heck, maybe even a couple of teams had him rated higher than the 91st pick, but had to cover other positions of need, so he kinda “slid down the board” and fell to us. We don’t know.

  3. thetooloftools says:
    May 14, 2013 6:09 PM
    This is just the reason The Patriots are so dominant.
    It’s not the size of the dog in the fight, it size of the fight in the dog.
    I would attribute the majority of Patriots’ success to great QB play and solid coaching. Not because they draft mediocre DB’s from Rutgers (hello McCourty 2.0).

  4. @robertocfg:

    I agree, and I’m not saying I’m any kind of a scout either. But, these publications, taken as a consensus, get most guys at least in the ballpark of where they should go. That’s why there aren’t that many shockers. The consensus was Harmon was a 6th/7th/UFA type of guy. ESPN didn’t even have his highlite film. The Pats always talk about value. If he’s their guy, fine. In my mind it was a waste to use a 3rd on him when they prob could have combined 2 7th rnd pks, got up to the 6th, and still got him. Maybe they know something nobody else does, wouldn’t be the 1rst time. We’ll see how it plays out. I know it’s early, but I wouldn’t use the 48th pick in the draft on a do-over on TWilson, when most people had a 6th rnd grade on him.

  5. This pick was really out of left field, Belichek could have gotten him like 3 rounds later but then again he has 3 rings and I don’t

  6. mendenhallfumblemachine says:
    May 14, 2013 6:23 PM
    Tooloftools ur name fits pretty well. The pats drafting has actually not been thatimpressive and 0 superbowls still in the Belicheat era without a *.


    I just checked. Still don’t see any * next to any Super Bowl teams.

  7. .


    Patriots win totals since 2001: 11, 9, 14, 14, 10, 12, 16, 11, 10, 14, 13, 12.

    As noted in your cracker jack comment, the wheels are coming off and the drumbeat of Patriots fans calling for Belichick’s ouster grows louder by the hour.


  8. Many of us Rutgers watchers were shocked when Harmon wasn’t invited to the Combine. He’s been just as important to the RU D as Greene, Beauharnais, and Ryan were and he seemed to be a victim of a numbers game, with 12 guys on the squad having a draftable grade. Once you aren’t at the Combine, you usually automatically get bumped down to a low round/free agent type draft prediction.

    I think what probably happened is that when teams, especially the Pats, watched film of and scouted Ryan and the others, they saw Harmon making alot of plays, also. But that’s not to say the Pats couldn’t have waited another round or two.

  9. Actually, if you count the two superbowl rings he earned coaching the giants defense, BB has 5 superbowl rings. Plus, 3 additional appearances.

    As far as waiting for someone to drop to the 6th round, you might find a gem there, like Brady, or you might regret it forever, like the Brady 6.

  10. mendenhallfumblemachine says:

    The pats drafting has actually not been that impressive

    Lol yes the numerous pro bowlers BB has drafted are totally unimpressive.

    You do realize the reason the Pats have not often retained a lot of their draft picks over time is the very high percentage of vets they retain most years, don’t you ?

    Nope, guess not. You’d rather blindly bash on Belichick than pay attention to the actual facts. Don’t tell me, you keep BSPN on your TV constantly.

  11. tim8450 says:
    May 14, 2013 7:26 PM
    Actually, if you count the two superbowl rings he earned coaching the giants defense, BB has 5 superbowl rings. Plus, 3 additional appearances.


    Taking this one step further, the Giants have only won the Superbowl when BB has been there.

  12. Interesting that the guy who has said he wants to be a labor lawyer signs first. 🙂

    BB is tired of having dumb safeties like Meriweather. Rodney spoiled him. Adrian Wilson is Rodneyesque though he may not have as much left as Rodney did.

    To the guy who trash talked McCourty, I’d hush if I were you. McCourty has the makings of a very fine safety (more of a FS in my opinion) and that’s where he played most of 2012, and part of 2011.

    Also, Tavon Wilson wasn’t bad last year. He didn’t play full time but I think he got 4 int. I still think he could be a good player. Defensive backs are one of the positions that lose the most games due to injury and in a league where guys routinely get 4k yards through the air, it doesn’t hurt to have a lot of competent and versatile players in the defensive backfield.

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