Tarvaris Jackson gets the first snaps for Bills


The Bills signed a former starting quarterback this offseason, and then used a first-round pick on another.

But the guy who took the first snap in OTAs was the guy who was there already.

According to Chris Brown of the Bills’ official website, it was Tarvaris Jackson who took the snaps with the first team Monday.

Jackson was followed by Kevin Kolb and rookie E.J. Manuel, but Bills coach Doug Marrone has promised that order would change often before he made a decision.

Coaches will often give incumbents the courtesy of the early snaps, but Jackson staying in that spot for long would be an upset.

Kolb looks like a sufficient bridge quarterback until they get Manuel ready. Although, to be honest, Jackson has been every bit as acceptable in his career as Kolb.

But the rookie from Florida State is obviously the one they want in that spot eventually, and the sooner, the better for a team that has lacked an identity at that position for a generation.

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  1. Also known as “how to tell when you offseason is a failure.” or.. “with the first pick in the 2014 NFL draft, the Buffalo Bills select..”

  2. I’m in the minority here, but is all I want is a QB that can win some games, it doenst’t matter who that is. If we push EJ into the lineup early and this team struggles… again, It will be right back to square one again. If it’s a close competition, give it to the veteran and see how far he gets us. One thing I hate to see is a rookie QB get thrown to the wolves, struggles, gets pulled for the backup, and then they try and re-insert him into the line-up at some point. Sure, if it’s a one game thing, yeah, but look at Losman and Edwards, they lacked confidence after they were pulled for a few weeks, then re-inserted into the line-up. I don’t want to see that happen to EJ. If the coach thinks the team is “bad”, then roll with a Veteran until the point of no return in regards to the season, then you can just let the rookie go with it without any real pressure. Jackson and Kolb are upgrades over Fitz, no question. And this offense, belive it or not, is a really QB friendly offense. Great running game, solid O-line and reliable weapons on the outside (Once Chandler comes back). It’s the defense that worries me, if they can’t hold opponents to under 24 points on a consistent basis, it will put way too much pressure on whom ever the QB is, as I think this offense can average 26-30 points a game for the season.

  3. Well, anymore if you draft a QB in round 1 then you expect him to start (and produce) right away. Gone are the days of holding a clipboard and learning for a year-salaries no longer allow for that.

  4. I’m fine with having kolb or Jackson start. I would rather have EJ wait a bit. I know rookie qbs have been doing good as of late, but the majority of them crumble. We aren’t making the playoffs this year anyways, I’d rather not have EJ get a pair of happy feet for the rest of his career

  5. They’re installing a new system, so it isn’t like EJ will be that far behind in the terminology aspect but from an experience standpoint, he’s behind. TJ / KK getting themselves hurt or not playing well doesn’t mean their experience has much meaning either.

  6. I hope T-Jack does well. Probably wont be their starter, but he’s a good back up and a tough guy. Best luck to him.

  7. I truly am excited for this season. I agree Kolb or T Jack should get the start. EJ should not be thrown to the wolves. I believe in the two vets, whoever wins the competition, being able to generate points. I am also excited for PETT and seeing what he can do with the defense. Having Kiko is exciting because as in the words of his own college coach… ‘Kiko made all the plays Dion was supposed to make’

    As always in May i have that hope and excitement that this could be the year.


  8. I think they should start the kid no matter what. Plenty of rookie qb’s have excelled recently, and if EN is what they think he is, he should start from day 1. I think you have to install the read option offense, and practice it all offseason, kolb can’t run that system. I just santa really good look at the kid, we haven’t had a solid qb in so long, if EJ fails this year, draft a new one until u get it right. In my opinon at least

  9. I root for T-Jack because he played with so much heart and toughness a couple of years ago in Seattle. He’s also a great team first kind of guy. However, his inability to read defenses and inconsistent accuracy will probably be his downfall again.

  10. I can’t see a situation where they don’t start with Kolb as the opening day starter. Anything else would leave me scratching my head. Yes, the Bills traded when many question it for Manuel of all the QBs available–I’m an FSU fan and even I question it because he is good but has flaws and may not have as much upside as Gruden and others are saying–but Kolb was paid decent amount of money–might as well start him. Let
    T-Jack be second string and let Manuel learn. If Bills lose four or five out the gate, then go to T-Jack. If they have a terrible record still and no hope of the playoffs with five or six games left, then maybe let Manuel go in and see what he can do.
    That is how I’d approach it anyways. If the team does well under Kolb or Jackson, then just let him ride the pine–with the Rookie Wage Scale now there shouldn’t be as much pressure to have to start the first round QB anymore–IMO. Let him truly learn and develop, if at all possible.

  11. I really don’t understand why T-Jax is still in the NFL. I would rather have Tebow. At least Tebow made the most of his opportunities and won a playoff game. If Tebow was black he’d be considered the franchise QB for a team. Just because he plays the same style as most black qbs in the nfl Many black individuals with their leader Warren Moon can’t accept that. if Tebow doesn’t have a team the guys like Tavaris Jackson should be out of the NFL also.

  12. If Jackson or Kolb look better than Manuel does come regular season, then I am all for one of them taking on the starting duties for now, but if Manuel looks dominant, then there shouldn’t be any hesitation to start him. The rest of the Offense will vibe better knowing whoever they decide to play the QB position is the right man for the job and not just a substitute for now.
    I do believe however that one of the two, either Kolb or Jackson will be released. Released by the middle of the Pre-season in order to catch on as a late addition to a QB needy team. Right now I don’t expect Manuel to start, but you never know what could happen if he smoothly transit’s to the NFL.

  13. Know the facts and don’t rely on rumor, conjecture or stereotypes to come to your own opinion…..tavaris jackson has be demonstrably better than kolb during their respective careers…Jackson is 17-17 and lead the Vikings to a playoff game….was a tough, gutsy leader in seattle who was a highly respected locker room leader who played through serious and painful injury …kolb is 9-21 as a starter and has been unable to stay on the field….

  14. I think based on talent alone, Tarvaris is a better QB than Kolb. The numbers indicate that. In Tarvaris’ last starting stint with the Seahawks in 2011, he led the team to a 5-3 record in the second half of the season after recovering from a torn pectoral muscle in his throwing shoulder. That record would have been 6-2 had Hauschka converted a field goal he should have made in the fourth quarter in the season finale against Arizona. As far as character, Tarvaris is a team guy who works hard in the offseason and showed his grit by playing with the injured wing in 2011. He was a hit in the locker room. Kolb: He’s given every indication that he’s a me-first kind of guy who won’t play in pain and who could very well be a distraction in the locker room if things don’t go his way. This is important for the long-term of the Bills when they decide it’s time to put in their No. 1 draft pick.

  15. There’s no telling if Manuel will be the answer at QB – but the bottom line is that the Bills are approaching this the RIGHT way:

    Sit Manuel, start a veteran. That may mean a “lost season” but it give Manuel a chance to develop.

    If you want to see the WRONG way – look at the Jets. Not only do they draft and start a college Junior who’s coach advised was not ready for the NFL

    But then their idiot head coach adds to the pressure by guaranteeing he’ll take them to a Super Bowl.


  16. I watched Tavaris plan for the vikes and trust me, this guy is not your answer to a starting QB. Adrian Peterson led this team to a playoff game not Tavaris. He makes terrible decisions and runs at the first sign of pressure. I think its funny that t-jack has been with three teams now. He wasnt the answer at the first two, do you honestly think he’s going to be great this season? C’mon.

  17. @joesixpack

    And don’t forget they just drafted Smith–and the rumors continue to swirl that they will start him ahead of Sanchez…thus repeating history again–to an extent anyways (starting a QB that’s not ready for the big time, IMO).

    And you guys bring up some good points about Jackson better than Kolb given statistics, grit, injury history etc. Plus, he has already been there a season or half a season–even though he is learning a new playbook, he is familiar with the guys on the team and has had a chance to build some kind of relationship, maybe even chemistry.

    Regardless, they should not start Manuel until they really see no other choice/option this year. Nothing wrong with waiting until 2014 to see how much he has truly learned and then have him compete for the starting job to see what he’s got.

  18. @jwm042085 when my team beats your team 50-17, and then you take our failed starting QB over a high first round QB pick, I get the right to point out that your team isn’t very good.

    This is the point of the offseason where ridiculous and unfounded optimism rule the day. But not to fear, reality is but a few short weeks away.

    I can see why you don’t like it. Enjoy the summer.

  19. This could be the 2012 Seahawks all over again for Tarvaris.

    Tarvaris Jackson plays as himself
    Kevin Kolb is Matt Flynn
    EJ Manuel is Russell Wilson, a rookie.

    Tarvaris comes into preseason as the starter… Kolb fades into the background and Manuel takes the starting job over in preseason.

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