Titus Young pleads not guilty to eight charges


Former Lions and Rams wide receiver Titus Young was arraigned Tuesday in Orange County (Calif.) Superior Court and pleaded not guilty to eight charges, according to the county’s online database and multiple published reports.

According to the court’s online database — which is not the official court record but a compilation of some general case filing information, per a disclaimer on the site — Young faces two counts of second-degree burglary and one count of first-degree burglary. All three burglary counts are felonies, according to the court’s online database, and he also faces five misdemeanors.

According to the Detroit News and the Detroit Free Press, two of the burglary charges are related to a May 4 incident in which authorities allege Young twice took items from a Chevron station without paying.

According to the News and Free Press, the other burglary charge and five misdemeanors are in connection with the May 11 incident in which Young was arrested in San Clemente after authorities allege he broke into a home, resisted arrest and fought with officers. According to both publications, Young is still in custody.

A pretrial hearing is slated for May 24, with a preliminary hearing set for May 28.

36 responses to “Titus Young pleads not guilty to eight charges

  1. Some day, when he’s in prison doing serious time, he’s going to look back at these moments and wish he could go back in time and slap himself un-stupid.

  2. Some claim he just flipped out and there must be some “mental problem” with him. how about Titus has always been like this, it’s just that he’s been getting caught recently.

  3. Come on Titus do something else stupid… dont stop there (8 counts) … we can do better then just 8 .. punch the judge 😉 you know you want to

  4. The Lions are reportedly interesting in signing Titus Young back to the team if he pleads guilty, therefore he has a criminal record

  5. Worst part of the story is his father is now saying his crime spree is concussion related.
    Total cop out and B.S considering titus never reported a concussion while in the nfl

  6. Fix the ARREST meter, you lazy bums! You’ve certainly reported enough on this story to realize that it happened LESS than 2 weeks ago.

  7. Johnnie Cochran couldn’t get this kid off.

    On the upside: he’s going to be completely uncoverable in the Penal Football League. MVP. Potential Hall of Famer.

    Let’s see Calvin Johnson top that!

  8. Some of you guys don’t understand the first thing about being on trial. You ALWAYS start out pleading not guilty. You retain many more rights when you do it that way. That doesn’t mean you aren’t going to try to plea bargain before the actual trial starts. It has nothing to do with saying you are innocent. You just don’t walk into court on the first day an plead guilty to whatever charges the DA first hands down. So many of you thinking its something else makes me worry about the education of our country. This used to be common knowledge.

  9. Get help Titus. Not everyone is piling on you. Even if it doesn’t seem that way, most people want you to come out of this healthy with your life in order.

  10. This guy really needs help. He should just talk to Tebow. Tim will make him believe again, and teach him how to WIN. As a result, I could see Titus being a consistent 1000 yard receiver, especially if Tebow is his QB. #HallofFame

  11. all charges will be reduced to misdemeanors, he will serve 2 to 3 months Goodell will suspend him 8 games possibly for the year he will go unsigned next season.. a team will desperately need a receiver he willl sign a 1 year deal…
    just sayin’ welcome to America

  12. Please tell me this POS isn’t going to get off on some ridiculous technicality. That homeowner should’ve popped a round or two in his leg. That would straighten him out.

  13. Not Guilty?!! Nice to be an enabled, empowered athlete eh?

    fdugrad, that plea has nothing to do with enabled or empowerment. 99% of people plea not guilty at arraignment. Arraignment is where they read your charges formally. Nothing more than that. A actual trial if there is to be one is at least a year away maybe longer.

  14. From what yahoo is saying he stole water, candy & cigars. I don’t even know people who boost that stuff, usually something..bigger.

    Dude has issues!

  15. Oh Titus who were you trying to impress? New friends? a girl? Well don’t worry you amazed me with how far you have fallen. Guess this is you HOF plan, Everyone loves a comeback story. GL see you in 5-10 you know if your prison husband lets you.

  16. All Titus has to do, is claim that what he did was nothing more than a spontaneous reaction, to a disgusting Youtube video…

  17. I’m really tired of hearing about how Titus is bipolar and needs medication. Are people really that naive to believe that the situation he’s in has nothing to do with drug addiction? This guy obviously used his rookie contract to get coked out with the “homies” and did one too many lines and now finds himself trying to steal for drug money that he doesn’t have because HE blew it all away and now has no means to acquire more. He’s an addict just like all the other addicts of the world. Only difference is that he can catch a ball, and for that, people want to sympathize his short comings and try to use “mental health” as an excuse? He’s just a spoiled brat who was given the world on a golden platter, dumped it down the drain, and is now throwing a temper tantrum because he realized that HE made the wrong decisions not only for himself, but for his son. Welcome back to middle class Titus! Oh ya that’s right, you don’t have a job. Well then, you are welcome in advance for my taxes paying for your cash aide and food stamps for your son.

  18. That tiny little body is going to get tossed around a prison shower a lot I bet, sorta feel bad for him in a way

  19. Usually I’d be right there with most people talking about what a waste he turned out to be and that he deserves to be in jail, but I think there might seriously be something wrong with him…He might have mental issues similar to what Brandon Marshall had, and if so I really hope that he gets some help for that

  20. 8 charges?? Only 8? C’mon Titus. If they let you out again, you should be able to get 4 more for an even 12 in one evening of malfeasance! I know you have it in you.

  21. This is a terribly sad story, and the reaction by the police as well as comments on this site show the barbaric treatment of the mentally ill in America.

    When my uncle started showing signs of schizophrenia, nobody (including the police) took it seriously until he removed all of his teeth with a pair of pliers and tried to burn down a church. Our family only learned what happened after a group of police officers savagely beat him in the church parking lot and then threw him in jail without any medical attention or care. He almost died from the infection in his gums. Unfortunately, this is how the mentally ill are treated in this country. We laugh at them, throw them in prison, and treat them as if they are just a normal healthy person being a dimwit.

    This man is clearly suffering from a serious mental illness and needs help. As long as we ignore the problem, he is a threat to his community until he receives that help.

    Maybe some day, we as a society will grow up and learn to treat our mentally ill as human beings and get them treatment when they clearly need it. Titus Young clearly needs medical help, and it’s a shame that all he’s getting is judgement, derision, and cops chasing him around wasting our taxpayer dollars.

  22. talkintrashallday says:
    May 14, 2013 11:38 PM
    Some claim he just flipped out and there must be some “mental problem” with him. how about Titus has always been like this, it’s just that he’s been getting caught recently.
    Or being held accountable.

  23. Sorry juliusanonymous the cops were not wasting tax payers money by chasing this guy and getting him off of the streets. They were protecting the rest of us from a clear threat. That could have been your house he broke into. I bet the tune you are singing would be a bit different. He may be mentally ill but he is clealy a threat to society.

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