Vikings not currently considering Brian Urlacher

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Despite a report expressing interest by the Minnesota Vikings in free agent linebacker Brian Urlacher, the Vikings don’t appear to be pursuing the 34-year old, eight-time Pro Bowl selection.

According to Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network, the Vikings aren’t currently interested in bringing Urlacher to Minnesota. Instead, they plan on relying on players already on the roster to fill their void at middle linebacker.

The most likely move for the Vikings will be to move Erin Henderson inside to middle linebacker. Minnesota is also expected to look at Audie Cole and Tyrone McKenzie as well as seventh-round draft pick Michael Mauti. If none of those options step up an take hold of the position, the Vikings could theoretically circle back to Urlacher if he’s still available. For now, the Vikings appear to feel comfortable with what they already have.

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  1. Peopleforget about Audie Cole. Last pre-season he had back-to-back INT returned for TDs.
    Not to mention Erin is ready for this promotion.
    Cant wait to whoop Green Bay!

  2. Looks like he’ll be another aging LB (like james harrison) to scoff at his teams offer, only to realize theres no better offer anywhere else. Good job boys!

  3. Not sure an aging urlacher would be better than one of our guys already working for it. It wouldn’t show good faith and would mess with chemistry.

    Can’t get much worse than jasper so I think we will be ok.

    Plus urlachers price for only 2 downs a drive isn’t worth it.

  4. MLB is such an important position and they don’t have a viable option on the roster, but made no real effort to get one this off-season. They’re crazy for that and will definitely regret it.

  5. Relying on people already on their roster?

    Dear lord… this defense got picked apart last year.

    With faster weapons on every team in the north, this is going to be a bloodbath.

  6. I have a hard time believing that Urlacher is so washed up that no one would want him for even 1 year and $3.5m which I believe is something he would be willing to accept. But I guess every team in the NFL knows something I don’t.

  7. I have a feeling Urlachers agents dropped the ball on the Bears negotiations and have been “leaking” multiple stories to drum up interest in a effort to fix their blunder.
    Urlacher’s two million salary offer is like four million somewhere else with all his established marketing and sponsorship opportunities that only the Chicago would provide. Not to mention the probable expense of playing somewhere else where he doesn’t own a house etc. I can’t believe Urlacher thinks he is getting 4 million plus somewhere else unless his Agents fed him it after their failed to heed Emery’s last chance offer.

  8. I think this has to come down to price. A team unsettled at linebacker with playoff aspirations would have to be “considering” a future hall of fame linebacker.

  9. Bears sloppy seconds that Vikings picked up didn’t pan out:
    Dwayne Bates
    Bernard Berrian
    Devin Aromashidu
    Just say no Vikings. The Bears might know when a player is washed up.

  10. That makes 2 stories in 2 days that the Chicago Tribune made up.
    1. Vikings interested in Urlacher
    2. Gabe Carimi may not make the 53 man roster.

    It is the off-season. Not a lot to write about. So they just make stories up! On top of all that…. they just raised their price from $1.00 to $1.50.

  11. wouldn’t make sense for the vikings to sign Urlacher to a bigger deal than they offered to Winfield.

  12. I am interested to see how Erin Henderson would do at Middle Linebacker. Audi Cole also deserves a shot after what he did last preseason.

  13. That’s funny they completely left Hodges out??… He get the nod over Mauti due to his injury … I still think urlacher even at 34 maybe better then rookies an practice squad players?

  14. When Urlacher first scoffed at the Bears and their ‘insulting’ offer, and vowed not to play for them, the Bears were left with only Briggs at LB. The door to his return remained open.

    Since then, the team signed Williams and Anderson, and drafted Bostic and Greene…The door has now been bricked shut.

  15. tokyoassblaster, speaking of defenses getting ripped apart take a look at your packers. the vikes have the best defense in the nfc north so dont speak

  16. Why would they be interested. He was running like he had a load of crap in his pants last year. Slow and old.
    The only reason the Vikings would pick him up is to pissoff da Bears. It certainly works with all the old Packers they take in.

  17. People forget about Audie Cole. I’d like to see what he brings to the table. He had a pretty promising preseason last year. I don’t blame the Vikes for waiting.

  18. This is not a surprise. The Vikings drafted two linebackers, and have already moved Erin Henderson to MLB going forward.

    In addition, they’ve got a promising young second year player in Audie Cole who could fill the void left by Henderson’s move. Speilman likes youth, and it’s hard to see him going after Urlacher unless these young players absolutely flop during training camp.

    There is a reason Urlacher is still available. Not to say he can’t play anymore, but if he were even 75% of the player he was during his prime, he’d be on someone’s roster right now.

  19. ….in addition, teams sign “sloppy seconds” from other teams all the time… is called “free agency”, and the fact that the vikes sign their division rivals free agents is good business practice. Afterall the vikings have won the division 7 more time than any other team in the division since it began in 1967. Its called a “competitive advantage”

    Binkystevens, consider yourself owned.

  20. The real issue is whether the Vikings could afford the cap space Urlacher is asking for?

    The Vikings don’t have a lot of room and Urlacher is looking for one last big pay day. The Vikings have demonstrated that overpaying over the hill veterans for virtually no production is not an issue but this time, they are forced to recognize that there is no such thing as unlimited budget in the NFL. Unlimited stupidity in drafting or signing ineffective qbs, yes, cap space, no.

  21. Seriously, some butt hurt fan reports my comment and it gets deleted? I said nothing bad.

    I am sure this will get deleted too but whoever is the mod here, get a grip and let us debate. I should just report every post I don’t like and see if they get deleted.

  22. Hard to believe how other NFC North teams treat their longtime, HOF eligible, veterans. All because of the “win now” approach. Sad.
    Jump on the ship boys. The Vikes will let you ride off in the sunset properly because of your past self-sacrifice & dedication.

  23. Middle Linebacker is completely over emphasized in today’s NFL. Last year, the Vikings were only in their base 4-3 alignment 43% of the time. The rest was in nickle or dime.

    In the NFC North, you need LBs that can cover and Urlacher was never the best cover LB anyway. The vikes will be just fine.

  24. When the Vikings prefer Henderson and Cole to you, it’s time to retire, Brian.

    What a way to limp into retirement…because you’ve got wounded pride.

  25. LB is important… but besides Ray Lewis which MLB helped win the last super bowl, or who is the Giant’s MLB? AJ Hawk? MLB is important, but it doesn’t win super bowls

  26. vik3z says: May 15, 2013 6:20 AM

    “the vikes have the best defense in the nfc north…”

    What the hell are you smoking?

    2012 NFL defensive rankings:

    Vikes – 14th. in points allowed, 16th. in yards allowed
    Lions – 27th. and 13th.
    Packers – 11th. and 11th.
    Bears – 3rd. and 5th.

    That’s league-wide, okay? In the division, the Bears are first in both points and yards, and GB is second in both…Your team is last in yards allowed, and next to last in points allowed.

    You should maybe research this stuff before posting.

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