Accepting nominations for Colts’ Mt. Rushmore

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The process of nominating candidates for the Pro Football Talk Mt. Rushmore turns from the NFC to the AFC, and the first AFC team is one of the NFL teams that joined the AFL teams when the leagues merged in 1970.

The Colts, currently of Indianapolis and previously of Baltimore, have a long history of many accomplished players, including two of the best quarterbacks of all time.

So, basically the Mt. Rushmore process for the Colts will consist of picking two people to go along with John Unitas and Peyton Manning.

Next month, the final four will be unveiled on NBC Sports Network.  Before you can cast votes aimed at identifying the final four, we need some nominees.  So have at it.

124 responses to “Accepting nominations for Colts’ Mt. Rushmore

  1. Fine, I’ll get over myself:

    Johnny Unitas
    Peyton Manning
    Marvin Harrison
    Gino Marchetti
    Lenny Moore
    Tony Dungy
    Raymond Berry
    Art Donovan
    John Mackey

  2. Unitas
    Raymond Berry
    Robert Irsay (just one of them)

    I was going to put Marvin Harrison in there but he has had some serious legal troubles.

  3. Unitas, Manning, Harrison and Mackey.

    Bert Jones was an unbelievable talent but didn’t last like the Favres, Mannings, Bradys etc. Definitely as good as anyone I have ever seen play.

  4. Manning might retire as a Bronco so I’m not so sure about including him on plans made today. He might need to go up on Denver’s site after winning more titles for them perhaps. Letting him walk as a Free Agent loses claim points at this juncture. There just was not mutual loyalty and commitment to that whole partnership. Gotta have a better rep than that!

  5. I don’t know if he should get on the Colts Mt. Rushmore or not but it’s sure nice to see Bert Jones at least mentioned in the discussion. He threw one of the prettiest spirals you’ll ever see. His career was cut short by injury but he was right up there with Bradshaw, Fouts and Staubach in that era IMO.

  6. Tough one:

    Jim Parker

    Honorable mention:
    Marvin Harrison
    Raymond Berry
    Big Daddy Lipscomb
    Bubba Smith

  7. Johnny Unitas considered himself a BALTIMORE Colt and wanted nothing to do with the Indy franchise as did many of the former Baltimore Colts. You can leave them off this Mt Rushmore.

  8. John Unitas
    Lenny Moore
    Peyton Manning
    John Mackey

    Hon. Mention to Artie Donovan just on principle. Artie was a very good baller (so I’m told), but his legendary story-telling make him an absolute must. Artie was/is/always will be awesome.

    And those old Colts had a hell of a lot of great defensive players too (too numerous to name, but any decent football fan knows who they all are). Point being, those Colt teams back then were absolutely STACKED.

    You can’t make a Mount Rushmore for the Colts – because a mere 4 faces leaves a lot of legends off the granite.

  9. Funny how much the Indy Colts fans like to claim the Baltimore Colts as part of their history, yet outside of Johnny U they either can’t name a single player or think guys like Marvin Harrison are superior… What a joke.

  10. Johnny Unitas
    Peyton Manning
    Geno Marchetti
    Jim O’Brien

    Being a Syracuse fan it’s hard not to add Marvin Harrison or Dwight Freeney. Also Bill Polian will go down as not just a great in the Colts front office, but in the NFL in general.

  11. Raymond Berry, Art Donovan, John Mackey, Gino Marchetti, Lenny Moore, Jim Parker and Johnny Unitas did not establish their Hall of Fame credentials in Indianapolis. They are Baltimore Colts. None of them ever embraced being included as part of the Indianapolis legacy.
    The winner of “The Greatest Game Ever Played” always will be the Baltimore Colts.

    And Indy fans don’t want anything to do with Baltimore Colts. They don’t even recognize the Baltimore Colts in their Ring of Honor.

    Indy Colts Rushmore:

    Peyton, Freeney, Marvin Harrison, Edge

  12. Unitas, Manning, Mackey, Donovan, Harrison, Berry, Marchetti, Freeney. HM: Moore, Saturday. Mt. Crapmore: Steve Emtman, Tony Ugoh, Anthony Gonzales

  13. Some great all-timers wore the ‘shoe. The first 3 are easy, the 4th is a tough call:

    1 – Johnny Unitas
    2 – Raymond Berry
    3 – John Mackey
    4 – Gino Marchetti

    HM – Art Donovan, Lenny Moore, Jim Parker, Don Shula (if not with Miami), and a few guys that aren’t in the HOF – Alan Ameche, Big Daddy Lipscomb (a brief but brilliant career), and Marvin Harrison. Peyton Manning and Reggie Wayne are both great, but neither is done yet, and Peyton might be on the Bronco’s wall when all is said and done.

  14. This is an insult to Johnny Unit as & the BALTIMORE COLTS. Unitas & all the Colts wanted nothing to do with Indianapolis or the Irsays. There should be 2 separate Mt Rushmores for this franchise. 1 for the Baltimore Colts % 1 for the Indy Irsays. Baltimore Mt Rushmore – Johnny U, Raymond Berry, Lenny Moore, Jim Parker. Honorable Mention – John Mackey, Bert Jones, Gino Marchetti, , Art Donovan, Lyell Mitchell, Alan Ameche, Tom Matte.

  15. Peyton
    Johnny U.
    Bubba Smith
    John Mackey

    With so much history, tough to pick just 4. Hard to leave off Raymond Berry, Marvin Harrison, Reggie Wayne, Dwight Freeney.

    If it was a Mount Rushmore of story telling, Art Donovan would be number one. I could listen to that man tell stories all day and all night and never tire.

  16. Johnny Unitas
    Peyton Manning
    John Unitas
    J Unitas
    Johnny U
    Peyton M

    Unitas is the Colts was the Colts will always be the Colts. Peyton saved the franchise after years of doom and gloom, so he’s there too. Truth is, how do you separate Gino Marchetti, Art Donovan, Raymond Berry, and all those guys, same with the new generation- Marvin Harrison, Reggie Wayne, Freeney, Dungy, et al- The 2 that stand above the rest are Unitas and Manning, there are many other greats, but not in their class, not on their Mt. Rushmore

  17. Are you kidding me???

    NO BALTIMORE Colts on this list! None of the BALTIMORE Colts would have anything to do with the Irsay franchise after it stole away from town…they sure as hell would not want to be part of a hypothetical monument to the Irsay franchise.

  18. I agree with some of the previous posts. As a Colts fan, I consider Johnny U & company to be part of Baltimore’s football history. So here is my Indianapolis Colts Rushmore…

    Peyton Manning – obvious choice

    Jeff Saturday – one of the most loved players in franchise history. He was a helluva football player as well.

    Chris Hinton – best LT in Indy history. 6 time pro bowler and anchor for nearly a decade. I’ve always hated that he was part of the package for Jeff George.

    Reggie Wayne – Marvins numbers are currently better, but I expect that will change. Beyond the numbers, Reggie has always been a leader on this team and just a great representative for the organization.

    Honorable Mention – Bill Brooks (great hands), Ray Donaldson (multiple pro bowls), Jeff Herrod (one of the most under rated players), Edgerrin James (best RB in team history), Dwight Freeney ( best defensive player in team history)

  19. Balmer is Balmer and Indy is Indy, and thanks to the way the team moved, never the twain shall meet, so here’s two separate lists–


    Johnny U
    Raymond Berry
    John Mackey
    Weeb Ewbank

    Honorable mention–Carroll Rosenbloom, Gino Marchetti, Alan Ameche, Lenny Moore, Art Donovan, Bubba Smith, Jim Parker


    Peyton Manning
    Marvin Harrison
    Edgerrin James
    Tony Dungy

    Honorable mention–None

  20. MegaHead is nothing but a money-grubbing traitor…to hell with him.


  21. agree with others, do NOT allow Johnny to be on any Indy list. They have to be separate. Johnny wanted nothing to do with the franchise when they moved out

  22. Gotta give some love to Alan Ameche “The Iron Horse”. Don’t know if he is good enough for a spot in the top four though. Same with Bert Jones. Loved him.

    John Mackey is a given for the third spot.

    Reymond Berry is my vote for the 4rth spot.

  23. The Indianapolis Mt Rushmore would maybe have 2 heads on it, that being Peyton and Reggie Wayne and maybe Jeff Saturday. The “Baltimore Colts” would have to have three mountains to accommodate the great players such as Unitas, Ameche, Smith, Richardson, Matte, Mackey, Berry, Moore, Marchetti, Jones. Tying in the above with Indianapolis’s 2 or 3 players is absurd. Unitas would roll over in his grave!!! Indy needs to find their own greats. The names listed above “have nuttin to do with you all, Hon”! That, you can take to da bank!!!

  24. I really don’t get the Baltimore/Indianapolis thing. They are the same team. The Rams celebrate players from the Cleveland, Los Angeles, and St Louis Rams. The Cardinals acknowledge St Louis and Arizona. Not sure why fans of the Colts try to act like they are two different franchises. If you look at the history of the NFL, teams have moved to cities and retain the records and history.

  25. Baltimorons can KEEP their holier-than-thou players like Unitas. INDY Colts Rushmore is Manning, Edge, Marv and D-Free. You chumps ran Irsay out of town and have cried about it ever since. You’ve won two Super Bowls, get OVER it!

  26. heavywoody ,

    Can only assume you are new to NFL football. Just do a quick search about Baltimore Colts and read about their place in NFL history.

    Maybe check out a 30 for 30, And the Band Played On.

    The Indy Colts only recognize Baltimore in their record books/media guide in hopes Indy can wipe the NFL clean of Baltimore Colts.

    Do you think The Ravens are going to combine their history with the Art Browns ,since it is the same franchise? The Titans will look funny with Earl Campbell and Warren Moon on their Mount. Should the Eagles and Steelers be one franchise since they combined franchises(Steagles) during the War ?

  27. Mt Rushmore for the Baltimore Colts:

    Unitas, Moore, Berry & Marchetti

    (sorry indy, but if you want a mt rushmore, you’re just gonna have to steal it from south dakota)

  28. I agree with heavywoody. I dont know why baltimore fans wants to poo poo Indy, you were the Browns, so go hang your hat on that! I’m a Colts’ fan. I’m proud of both the Baltimore and Indy team legacy. Quit being hypocrites!

  29. I’d say Mackey n Harrison, I do like Berry and Freeney.

    Stop crying about the.Colts moving, Baltimore stole another team eventually. Seattle can’t even over pay for a basketball franchise.

  30. Baltimore:


    Peyton Manning (It is about where his career was mostly and his records, etc)

  31. 1. Jeff Saturday should be placed in front of Manning since he gave Manning an extra couple of seconds in the pocket.

    2. Peyton Manning

    3. Marvin Harrison

    4. Reggie Wayne

    Honorable mention

    Dallas Clark, Howard Mudd, and Tom Moore

  32. Raymond Berry And Gino Marchetti, here’s why:

    Both not only dominated their positions, they changed the way the game itself is played forever. Route running and pass rushing are stories that revolve around these two hall of famers.

  33. Can the Baltimore Colts just be included with the Baltimore Ravens in the Baltimore Mt. Rushmore?

  34. >Peyton Manning’s forehead
    >some drunken Irsay tweets/song lyrics
    >a liquored-up kicker
    >and a Mayflower moving van

  35. The Ravens do not use the Brown’s legacy and had it not been for a drunk ass belligerent owner (Irsay) and and equally arrogant mayor (Schaeffer), the Colts would still be in Baltimore, not that we as current Ravens fans even care, albeit the legacy of those great Baltimore teams, remain where they rightfully belong, in Baltimore. No one with a bit of sense faults Indy for acquiring a team. It’s business, plain and simple. As for the Brown’s, they were left with their name and eventually got back in the league. They retained all their records and fan base. Again, the move to Baltimore was a business decision, whether one agrees with it or not. The majority of fans across the board, work for someone else and do not understand the difficulties of making decisions such as these. At least Modell did it right, unlike Irsay. The records and great players of those Baltimore Colts, belong to the town and fans of Baltimore. The most glaring testament to that was John Unitas’s and many other great former Baltimore Colts refusal to be even remotely associated with the Indianapolis Colts, and rightfully so. They gave there sweat equity for town and fans of Baltimore, not Indianapolis! Believe me, we as Ravens fans have moved on and Indy is just another game, unlike the Steelers (best rivalry in the NFL) and now Patriots. The Indianapolis Colts must “earn” their own legacy!

  36. The Core Four:

    Johnny “Mr. Football” Unitas
    Peyton Manning
    John “Mack Truck” Mackey
    Raymond Berry

    I won’t go into Honorable Mentions. This is too hot a topic of a franchise as it is, with the whole Baltimore/Indianapolis thing. Those four listed above are deserving, no matter what criteria you apply. Good enough for me.

  37. It kills me, old Baltimore knuckleheads say they could care less about the Indy Colts and then go on a diatribe of rationalizing how they didn’t steal the Browns and all the reasons why. You know what you did, Modell was sitting in a luxury box in Baltimore while Cleveland was crying. But it was alright because we let them keep thier records and…whatever helps you sleep.

  38. Yup, gotta have separate lists for Baltimore and the Indy version. How many kids in Indianapolis grew up idolizing John Unitas and cherishing Memorial Stadium, AKA “The World’s Largest Outdoor Insane Asylum”? Hey Indy, make your own list, and while you’re at it, consider a name change.

  39. Nobody liked Bob Irsay, and he’s been dead for over 16 years now (Schaefer is dead to, incidentally). Get over it already. Neither side was willing to meet each other half-way. Frankly, if Jim Irsay was the owner back then, they’d probably still be in Baltimore, but he wasn’t. It’s in the past, and the people involved in the Colts organization today aren’t to blame for the move. Stop acting like putting Manning on a list with Unitas is some sort of insult as though Manning was driving the Mayflower truck.

    Anyway, to the topic at hand…

    Has to be Unitas, Manning, Berry, and Mackey.

    Sucks to leave off Moore, Harrison, Marchetti, and Wayne, but, it would probably be too expensive to build 2 Mt. Rushmores. And you’d have to find another appropriate giant hunk of rock.

  40. BTW love the bitter old men who still hold on to their kindercare grudges of their precious Colts leaving Baltimore. As the great, former Baltimore Colt, Art Donovan said, “People say it was a tragedy (the move from Baltimore to Indianapolis) and I tell them a tragedy is seeing children die from cancer on a daily basis,” he said. “This is reality, franchises move over time.”
    P.S. franchises win Super Bowls not cities.
    as a COLTS fan I’ll support them wherever they play.

  41. BTW love the bitter old men who still hold on to their kindercare grudges of their precious Colts leaving Baltimore. As the great, former Baltimore Colt, Art Donovan said, “People say it was a tragedy (the move from Baltimore to Indianapolis) and I tell them a tragedy is seeing children die from cancer on a daily basis,” he said. “This is reality, franchises move over time.”
    P.S. franchises win Super Bowls not cities.
    as a COLTS fan I’ll support them wherever they play..

  42. Back to nominations. Top three are easy for me:

    John Unitas
    Peyton Manning
    Gino Marchetti (1st team All Pro 9 years in a row, 75th Anniversary Team, and a dominating force, he gets the nod over Donovan, though Art has been a great ambassador for the Colts)

    The following are just too close to call, so I’d nominate them all:
    Raymond Berry
    Marvin Harrision
    Edgerrin James

    Tough to leave out Moore, Parker, Freeney, and Wayne, but have to take a stand somewhere.

  43. heavywoody says: May 15, 2013 10:59 PM

    I really don’t get the Baltimore/Indianapolis thing. They are the same team. The Rams celebrate players from the Cleveland, Los Angeles, and St Louis Rams. The Cardinals acknowledge St Louis and Arizona. Not sure why fans of the Colts try to act like they are two different franchises. If you look at the history of the NFL, teams have moved to cities and retain the records and history.
    Please do some reading and educate yourself on the difference between a team losing money unsupported in a half empty stadium leaving a town, and a team which was supported to the hilt by their city, leaving in the middle of the night after pretending they were negotiating, leaving because the pirates from another city made the owner a more lucrative financial offer.

    The Colts Mt. Rushmore:

    John Unitas
    Raymond Berry
    John Mackey
    and one lonely vote for Mad Dog Mike Curtis

    The Indianapolis Irsays:

    Marvin Harrison

  44. No offense to the Baltimore fans but, come on, Bob Irsay has been dead for a while and the team has been in Indy almost 30 years now – didn’t it work out better for ya’ll anyway that he packed up the trucks and left? If Bob had stayed, you would have had to wait 15 miserable years for Peyton to arrive too (or longer, how knows if Petyon would have threatened to play for the Yankees rather than live in Baltimore, just kidding). Plus, based on your high and mighty attitudes that current Colts fans aren’t deserving to be proud of recent players and success, I guess you’ll be awarding the last 2 Ravens’ Super Bowls back to the city of Cleveland???? Let’s not throw stones from the glass house

  45. I love the way the young heads, who never even knew what a Colt was before the 80’s (or for that fact football) can even offer up a lame response! It’s quite simple: Indy Rushmore fine, to mix it with the legends built in Bmore…Nevermore! It would be funny to see another town offer the Indy Colts a sweeter deal and find themselves on that side. I doubt if the song would remain the same. Cleveland dicked around for so long, had it not been Baltimore, it would of been somewhere else. We don’t want Browns records of Jim Brown or other Brown greats like Newsome, etc. That belongs to Cleveland and Cleveland only. Logic defies mental midgets!

  46. One of the tougher ones! Go with Unitas, Marchetti, Moore, Berry. Second Mount Rushmore: Mackey, Manning, Mike Curtis, Marvin Harrison.

  47. Johnny Unitas
    Peyton Manning
    Marvin Harrison
    Tony Dungy

    Honerable Mention:
    Lenny Moore, John Mackey, Art Donovan

  48. Maybe it’s pathetic… but I want Luck, Irsay, Peyton, and Unitas.

    Honorable mention Reg-gie!

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