Cribbs picks the Raiders


The Raiders made receiver/kick returner Josh Cribbs an offer last week at the outset of his post-Cleveland U.S. tour.  After visiting three other teams, Cribbs has decided to accept it.

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, Cribbs has agreed to terms with the Raiders.

Cribbs also visited the Giants, Jets, and Lions.  Jets G.M. John Idzik recently said that Cribbs’ injured knee “isn’t quite there yet,” which in all fairness could be a reaction to Cribbs’ belief that the Jets’ offer wasn’t quite there yet.

Cribbs leaves the Browns after eight seasons.  His full role in Oakland isn’t yet known; the former Kent State quarterback initially made his mark as a return specialist, but he never fully became the kind of weapon on offense the Browns thought/hoped he’d be.

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  1. That just means not many teams were after him or offered good money but the Failders

  2. See you at your Retirement Party…in Cleveland. Had a nice run, Cribbsy.

  3. I swear I read this yesterday:

    “I want a team that’s stable and a team that’s on the verge and missing a piece to become a Super Bowl-caliber team,” Cribbs said. “I want to be with the a team that’s missing (a kick returner); that’s missing a piece of the puzzle to be great.”

    And he picks Oakland?
    Between the Giants, Jets, Lions and Oakland.
    I would have chosen the Giants or the Lions, you need a QB to win in this league, at least Detroit and the Giants have a QB.

  4. This would have never happened two years ago. By cleaning the house and bringing the franchise into the 21st century Reggie’s making Oaktown more attractive to free agents. The ship not only has a rudder, it’s being steered in the right direction!

  5. i hope this doesn’t hurt the Raiders chances of signing Charles Woodson!

  6. Very good football player. Returns kicks and punts, breaking a tackle on almost every return. Excellent on kick coverage teams. Absolute warrior from whistle to whistle. He played half a season with four dislocated toes. Better WR than given credit for here in CLE. Shurmur was too much of a dope to use him. Ideal position might be a 3rd down back who can go in motion and split out. Could be very versatile and effective on offense if used right. Get the ball into his hands, and the dude just knows how to run with it… tough as they come. He was never used right here. Best of luck to him in OAK.

  7. So he picked the $ did he? Odd Oakland is very limited in that department currently. I personally don’t like this signing no matter what. Oakland has a stellar cast of young WRs Streater, Ford, Moore, Criner, possibly McGuffie ,Vernon, & Butler. I don’t see any room for a WR that has never been able to do anything on offense

  8. Now why would he go and do something like that besides money? Like it or not, Raiders fans, that team will NOT be a contender for quite some time. Cribbs obviously doesn’t care.

  9. It’s not about the money, it’s about winning a Super Bowl. Great choice Josh.

  10. Welcome to Oakland Josh!! Now maybe J.Ford can focus on being a slot WR and let Cribbs have the return game!! Now all we need is C.Wood back in Oakland where he belongs and I’ll be pumped!!! GO RAIDERS!! KEEP IT GOING BIG REG!!!

  11. peytonsneck18 says: May 15, 2013 3:57 PM

    “That just means not many teams were after him or offered good money but the Failders”


    Speaking of FAIL. You couldn’t even come up with a word that rhymes with Raiders…

  12. Another piece for building Our Raider Nation into our Raider Empire!!! We shall rise up from the ashes and take over the West then we will set our eyes on the rest of the NFL landscape and destroy all other so called nations! Never stopping until we have reached the Promised Land and conquer it to once again to hoist up high over our Raider Empire the THE LOMBARDI !!! Only to repeat this feat for many more generations! In Reg WE TRUST!!! Rise UP RAIDER EMPIRE!!!!!

  13. Oakland’s return game has been terrible the last couple of years due to Jacoby Ford’s injuries.

    This should make Oakland’s return game a top 5 again. Cribbs was outstanding a couple of years back, I hope he’s fully healthy once training camp opens up.

    Not sure if he will be able to help us as a WR, but at least we know our returning game will be dangerous again.

    Nice job Reggie!

  14. Ahhh, like the Yankees in baseball, the Raiders is the team where players go at the end of their careers. Except the Yankees actually have a shot at winning the whole thing. The Raiders don’t even have a shot to win their division.

  15. Wow……They must have some REALLY persuasive coaches in Oakland, because there was absolutely NO reason for Cribbs to choose them over the other teams, based on the criteria HE gave for choosing a new team. Leaves me shaking my head.

  16. capitaosuecia…you are an idiot and have obviously been living in the closet. In case you weren’t aware, Al Davis is no longer with us…so those contracts are a thing of the past.

  17. Bad knee, 30 year old declining player and can only play Specials. Bad signing for a financially strapped team. Should have just signed a UFA for kickoff returns.

  18. Good signing for the Raiders. They need a special teams threat and an experienced receiver. They also need some established veterans to be leaders. He probably picked the Raiders over the Giants and Lions because its his best chance to get on the field as a receiver. Reggie’s the man. Next up on the list, some veteran defensive lineman.

  19. I’ll miss the guy. Not only a return threat but a savage gunner. Wish him & the Raiders the best of luck.

    Unfortunately his best years are behind him & the league changed kickoffs. And he’s NOT a traditional receiver. Run him. Get him in space. Wildcat. Trick plays. Etc…

  20. Nice signing Reggie. With Jacoby Ford hurt kast year we never found a return guy. Cribbs helps fill that void. Also a vet to help mentor a very Young WR corps. Hes not being brought in to catch 70 balls for 1600 yards, but to show the young guys what it takes to be a professional on and off the field, while making plays in the process. Nice job Reggie, no go get C Wood to do the same for the young secondary.

  21. I have not heard the contract price or length.

    There is a serious possibility that Cribbs could be betting on himself here. If he signed a deal that he could walk away from after a year, this could be brilliant.

    Given the lack of depth, talent, and funds to sign other talent… Cribbs has an open stage to excel, display a load of talent, show that he is the ultimate team player, and draw a lot of interest from teams that will feel he can be the missing piece.

  22. You know what they say…. If a team has haters, they must be a damn good team.

    The raiders have 3 Super Bowl rings, and have had countless “football greats” throughout the years, and anyone who would turn down the chance to play under the great Reggie Mac while he is monopolizing this team into a contending team is a moron.

    Josh Cribbs signed with Oakland because he saw their potential with all of these new coaches and players coming together. There is magic coming back to Oaktown, and when the salary cap issue is gone next year, the raiders will be a force amongst forces.

    Bring it…. Raiders for life!

  23. It’s TOO easy to make fun of the Raiders… seriously. Best thing is that FAILERS fans truly believe that this is a good signing…. once again proving you’re the dumbest in the league, LMFAO!!!!

    In all honesty I’d prefer AINT’s fans were bigger idiots, but nope… it’s just not possible.

  24. Why Do You Losers Come On A Raiders Web Site To Talk S….Bye Haters Enjoy Soon When We Win And Win Superbowls…Keep Laughing All The Way Through Our Wins Find Your Own Team Beiatchessss

  25. Welcome to Raider Nation, Josh. Wish you the best of luck. And, thank you to the Browns fans who made such classy comments about the signing. Look forward to a Raider visit to Cleveland in the next few years, and to party with pro football’s SECOND most passionate fans….LOL.

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