Dolphins’ Marcus Thigpen aiming for NFL touchdown return record


In the first game of his NFL career last season, Marcus Thigpen returned a punt 72 yards for a touchdown. Later in the season he returned a kickoff 96 yards for a touchdown. Overall, he had a solid season as the Dolphins’ primary return man.

But Thigpen has a lot more than just “a solid season” in mind this year.

In 2013, Thigpen says he’s planning to break Devin Hester’s NFL record for combined kick return touchdowns: Hester set the record of six in 2007, when he returned four punts and two kickoffs for touchdowns, and Thigpen thinks he can get seven this year.

“My goal is to get at least seven returns for touchdowns on kick returns and punt returns combined,” Thigpen told the team’s website. “I want to do something that’s never been done before and anything’s possible.”

Oh, and Thigpen won’t be satisfied with just the greatest return season in NFL history. He also says he’s bulking up in an effort to convince the coaches that he deserves to be the team’s No. 1 running back.

“I’m working towards that right now and I’ve put on maybe six or seven pounds. I’m up to 200 right now and my goal is to be the starting running back for this team,” Thigpen said.

That’s probably not going to happen. But you have to admire Thigpen’s confidence.

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  1. Yeah, it won’t happen, if for no other reason than there are virtually no kick returns anymore. Thanks, Roger Goodell.

  2. Marcus Thigpen is a young guy, in his second year, and an extremely hard worker.

    He’s one of those good character guys that Joe Philbin loves. He was used at a RB/KR/slot receiver last year. I would expect to see him in the same role.

    He’s a dynamic player, one of the best KRs in the league last year. His goal is definitely attainable. Good luck to Thiggy!!!

  3. These responses on here obviously have no clue about him, so don’t even question it.
    He could certainly return a few, he’s no idiot when it comes to returning.

  4. Between the changes to kickoffs and the fact that when a player begins to scare teams enough that they will not kick to them, it will not be easy.

  5. This is shaping up to be an incredible NFL season what with Marcus Thigpen setting the touchdown return record, Chris Johnson rushing for 3,000 yards and the Jets winning their sixth straight Super Bowl.

  6. He is a very good returner but 7 is not likely due to changes in kickoffs. He is shifty with decent speed. Not ideal at RB but he can fill in occasionally at RB and in the slot fairly well.

  7. it isnt possible.
    Once you return 3 u r supposed to be dedicated to being a receiver and not allowed to do returns anymore.

  8. Eventually a guy will return one more than Hester, but it ain’t gonna be Marcus Thigpen.

  9. I’m a huge finfin and while I actually feel optimistic for the first time in many years, I think it is time for Philbin to put a cork in these players mouths. Prove it on the field not the microphone.

  10. ” I think it is time for Philbin to put a cork in these players mouths. Prove it on the field not the microphone.”

    Why should have a cork in his mouth? Because he said his goal is to break a record? He didn’t pull a Rex Ryan and say we are winning the Super Bowl.

  11. I actually like the confidence the players are showing. We haven’t seen this kind of swagger in a very, very long time. Hopefully it translates on the field. As for the all the undo pressure everyone is talking about. I say what undo pressure? The expectations are already high being that they made all those moves and people are already calling them the next dream team that looks good on paper but not in a real game. So the pressure is on regardless what these players say or don’t say.

  12. With all fairness to Thigpen, he never said I am going to” or guarantees anything. All he did was set goals for his upcoming season.
    Lets not make this any bigger than what it is.

  13. Never liked talking big but thats kinda of nice to see that they believe in themselves for a change. Also, it’s what you get from young players and this is one of if not the youngest team in the league. They have been made to look bad on the field for a long time and that just might be starting to change. Phins Up!

  14. I’m no physical trainer, but adding weight generally slows a guy down? But my money on kick returns being broke would be Percy Harvin, thought he had two or three in just 8 games last year!

  15. As a boy, I knew that when I grew up, I would be the first player to throw for 60+ TDs and 6,000+ yards in a season, while also having the first 3,000+ yard 30+ TD rushing season. After an incredible 25 year playing career, I was to spend my retirement becoming the first coach to win 1,000 games.

    Why think so small, Marcus?

  16. Unfortunately, adding weight to be a starting runningback is contrary to what typically needs to be done to be a great return-man. They are similar, but different skill sets. He would probably be better off playing at 190 or 185 to retain enough speed and agility for returns, whereas that’s likely too light of a weight to take the punishment of 20 carries a game at the RB position. You’ve got to pick your battles.

    Good for him for setting goals for himself, though. Not enough players have that drive. Best of luck to him!

  17. He’s just stating his goals not sure what the big deal is. Don’t your players to set the bar high

  18. I think it’s great. Everyone in the league is talented and athletic… the difference between good and great is determination and confidence. If he strives for seven he might get four and win a few close games.

  19. It’s not like these guys are just running their mouths. Everywhere they go they get a mic shoved in their face and are asked questions. Hartline was specifically asked do you have the best WRs in the division. Is he supposed to say no? I bet Marcus was asked a similar set-up question but I didn’t see his interview.

    With today’s social media, everyone is a reporter.

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