Emery essentially closes door on Urlacher, keeps it open on Carimi


Bears G.M. Phil Emery has several players who aren’t currently with the team but whose names continue to come up.

Linebacker Brian Urlacher and offensive lineman Gabe Carimi.

In an appearance with Alex Marvez and Gil Brandt of SiriusXM NFL Radio, Emery addressed the situations involving both players.

“Brian was a great player and still is a great player,” Emery said.  “I have the utmost respect for Brian.  As I’ve told people before, I’ve got far too many gray hairs to never say never.  But obviously we’ve made an investment in terms of bringing a couple of key veterans in and drafting a couple rookies.  So I would say that that is less likely to happen than more likely.”

In other, less diplomatic words:  It’s ain’t happening.

As to Carimi, Emery emphasized that it’s a “voluntary situation,” even though as a practical matter it’s not.

“Gabe has made a decision that he wants to stay in Arizona and train,” Emery said, “and we respect that.  And he’ll be welcomed with open arms when he comes back.”

It’s unclear why Carimi is boycotting offseason workouts.  The absences began after a report emerged in the Chicago Tribune that Carimi could be competing not for a position in the starting lineup but a roster spot.  Perhaps Carimi is looking for either an assurance that he’ll be on the team, or an accelerated exit.

Regardless, with the reduced offseason workouts permitted by the 2011 labor deal, players don’t stay away without a reason that traces back to unhappiness with his contract, or with his situation.

15 responses to “Emery essentially closes door on Urlacher, keeps it open on Carimi

  1. Keeping it classy Bears, way to screw over the only guy that has been dedicated to your team for the last decade. You’re one above the Raiders now. At least you got that going for you.

  2. I don’t get it, he injuries his knee in the 2nd game of his rookie year,obviously it was pretty serious so I figure he’s just getting the knee healthy last year. So he should be getting himself in football shape this past offseason, lets not forget there weren’t to many questions about him being a # 1 draft pick so now he’ll be lucky too even make the club ? Did anyone see that line last year .sounds like Columbo all over again get him healthy and than let another club get him for Nothing

  3. One thing about Emery and Mark Trestman is that they don’t convey huge egos like many other GM’s and HC’s past and present around the league. They are building this team properly with position to position competition, and fundamental coaching; unlike the prior regime. Also what I like is they’re not trying to catch lightning in a bottle; ie “throw him out there, and lets hope he kills it.” Rex Ryan, Jerra Jones, and Jim Schwartz think that’s funny

  4. Carimi needs to be gone too, the more the Bears get rid of last years
    O-linemen the better. Cutler needs real protection this season. Carimi had his chance

  5. So, the Bears are not willing to pay Urlacher in the future for his performance in the past? Good for them.

    Urlacher has been on the “most overrated” lists for a few years now. Hate to say it, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they are better without him.

  6. I’ll bet that $2,000,000 the bears offered to Urlacher and he called an ‘insult’, is looking less and less insulting to him right now.

  7. The conclusion here makes no sense. The workouts are “voluntary.” So no “unhappiness with his contract” is necessary to stay away. Are you trying to enforce some unwritten rule here? That everything voluntary is mandatory? If so, I hope the NFL pays you well for your service.

  8. Last years when Urlacher caught that interception and ran it back I knew then he wouldn’t be back with the Bears even if Lovie was still there. He’d be doing go if he can run a 6 flat 40 the way he looked. Though you can’t replace the intangibles of his leadership and his defensive expertise eventually the time would come when rebuilding would happen anyway. New head coach, new gm, new direction for the Bears. As for Carimi he has competition on the line. That line that was a sieve last years is all but gone. A little more protect and the Bears would have made the playoffs last year..The Bears definitely have the tools. The NFC is up for grabs and the Bears are a legitimate contender..We will so how they fair..

  9. Still some upside to Carimi, but a change of scenery seems to be in order…Urlacher may find himself without a team this year, and will regret spurning the Bear’s offer.

  10. It is my understanding that Carimi is working with a specialist, rehabbing his knee, and getting healthy.
    It is a shame that Urlacher forgot about all the years that he was well compensated. His oversized ego prevented him from signing what he was really worth.
    Good luck gentlemen.

  11. Let me some up this article…

    Brian Urlacher – Contract (money $$$) dispute – Door slammed in his face!

    Gabe Carimi – No contract issue ($$$) / still young – Welcome back with “Open Arms”.

    Seems when a player has $$$ issues the door isn’t left open, even if he’s givne 13 years to the franchise. What a joke!!!

  12. Carimi, new coaches, new play book, maybe should be there?

    Urlacher, well paid for many years even while NOT playing, wrist, knee etc.
    Offered a contract, lets see how your knee rehab has gone Brian now that you are an older player. Come be a leader and we can talk!

    Brian says:
    I am offended by your cheap offer? BYE

  13. vfan76 says: May 15, 2013 10:03 PM

    “Keeping it classy Bears, way to screw over the only guy that has been dedicated to your team for the last decade. ”

    bullitts says: May 16, 2013 10:16 PM

    “Seems when a player has $$$ issues the door isn’t left open, even if he’s givne 13 years to the franchise. What a joke!!!”

    Two trolls without a clue…The Bears offered Urlacher $2 mil to come back, which was fair given his age and recent injury history. He chose to turn it down, and bad-mouth the team in the media about how insulted he was. In no way was he screwed over, and the door was slammed by him, not the Bears.

  14. Carimi not showing up for the off-season workouts is because he’s working on strengthening his knee. It’s not some contractual thing, he’s staying down there to make sure he’s in the best possible shape come the regular season. There’s a reason everyone within the Bears (from a management standpoint) is okay with this. It’s more important he play 16 games this year than a few drills in May, get injured, and only be a fraction of himself.

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