Garrard’s knee shows Jets were wise to keep Sanchez


When the Jets drafted Geno Smith, creating a six-man quarterback conga line, many suggested they should cut veteran Mark Sanchez.

But given the realities of Sanchez’s contract, cutting him would mean paying him his fully-guaranteed salary of $8.25 million within 30 days.  And it also would mean not having him around in the event the team needs him.

With David Garrard calling it quits due to the knee injury that has contributed in part to his two-plus-year absence from the game, the Jets need Sanchez.

They may need him even more by September.  The Jets are now a torn ACL to Smith away from relying on Sanchez to be the starter in 2013.

Since they’ll pay Sanchez $8.25 million whether he’s on the team or not, the Jets should keep Sanchez.  Because they may need Sanchez.

Indeed, they have a much greater need for him today than they did yesterday.

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  1. I hope Sanchez gets his head together and his confidence dialed to 100%. Doing that, with a rebuilt and better defense and offense, he is fully capable of regaining the winning quarterback from that he displayed in playoff games.

    With the Tebow Show away from the circus grounds, it’s possible that this could happen. Especially if Sanchez decides to burn competitively and smoke out Smith’s Cam Newton-like entitlement vibe.

    I’m not a big Jets fan, but unlike a lot of pissed off New Yorkers who don’t really understand football I still think Sanchez has what it takes to be a close to elite QB in the league… if — and admittedly it’s a big IF — Sanchez can quit biting his nails and build up the tremendous self-confidence that flows in the really superb quarterbacks like Eli Manning.

    If Sanchez only had Eli’s confidence and peace of mind… then he’d be piloting the Jets for a long time.

  2. “In light of the recent news of David Garrard’s knee the Jets have decided to part ways with Mark Sanchez.”

    This would be the jets being smart.

  3. “The Jets are now a torn ACL to Smith away from relying on Sanchez to be the starter in 2013.”

    What a random thing to say…

    I guess they’re also one exploding brain away from needing a new owner. Or one alien abduction away from needing a new punter.

  4. Seriously, everyone clamoring for the Jets to cut Sanchez seemingly forgot that Gerard’s knee was being held together with silly putty. The Jets actually showed some foresight it not listening to the talking heads pontificating about the number of QBs on the roster. At the end of the day, it was always Geno v. Sanchez. Gerard was never more then a veteran presence meant to push Geno and Sanchez in camp. I

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