Glennon will get “a lot” of preseason reps

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Last year, quarterback Russell Wilson went from 75th overall pick in the draft to the top of the Seahawks’ depth chart.  This year, the guy who bumped Wilson out of North Carolina State could, in theory, do the same thing in Tampa.

Quarterback Mike Glennon, the 73rd overall pick in the 2013 draft, currently is parked behind Josh Freeman.  And the Bucs have been taking the predictable path when it comes to the question of whether Glennon will stay there.

But he won’t lack chances to improve his situation.

Via, G.M. Mark Dominik recently said that Glennon will get plenty of opportunities in the preseason.

“We’re going to put a lot of pressure on [Glennon] and see a lot of reps from him in the preseason.  He’s got to play,” Dominik said. “We may not see as much of Dan Orlovsky or even of Josh Freeman somewhat in the preseason as much as you’re going to see Glennon. . . .

“We’re excited about just the little bit we saw from him [during rookie minicamp] in terms of mentally what he could handle.  We kept piling more on him and he kept doing a great job digesting it, regurgitating it and running the team.”

That could be enough to make Freeman regurgitate.  With second-year coach Greg Schiano already lukewarm about the 2009 first-rounder, the Bucs possibly would like nothing more than to see Glennon do at the quarterback position what Doug Martin did at the running back position in 2012.

If nothing else, the bouquets being tossed Glennon’s way will light a fire under Freeman to step it up, once and for all.  If he doesn’t, Glennon’s streak of supplanting starting quarterbacks could continue.

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  1. I like Glennon a lot, probably came into this draft with the best arm. Doesn’t have quite the leadership skills you want in a QB but the guy plays with heart…

  2. Can you make it through one article without mentioning Russell Wilson and Seattle?

    He didn’t get ROY Florio.

    Make a wager on his placement on the Top 100?

    Above or below RG3?

  3. Tampa Bay could learn a bit from how Philly fans handled McNabb for years before they finally parted ways.

    They never appreciated what they had in McNabb. Not a great or elite QB but certainly a franchise QB and capable of winning games.

    Freeman has more tools than he lacks. You’d think a good coaching staff could do a lot with him or see a lot to invest in. But for the past 6 months I’ve only heard talk about how their leadership isn’t happy with him.

    I get the feeling they’re going to end up disenfranchising the guy and he ends up walking in a trade or free agency….and they’re stuck in QB carousel for years afterward.

  4. Still got a year left on Freeman. If he balls out, great, but if not, Glennon’s good insurance to have… good idea to get him as much reps as possible.

  5. I was under the impression that Russel Wilson left NC State because he wanted to also pursue a baseball career and NC State wouldn’t support him in this endeavor. He then transferred to Wisconsin and dominated, furthering the idea of how versatile he is.

  6. Jacksonville took an unheralded CB named Gratz out UConn several spots before Glennon. I think they are going to regret that decision…

  7. Hey Glennon be yourself play the game that made Wilson transfer away from you oh sorry for the gator fans that want Tebow they for get they have produce a NFL qb yet they wun the best college award… anyway NC ST producing two qb’s and gators you got how many in the league now f the gators go VOLS

  8. start that guy day1. freeman has problems to get this loaded team into the playoffs.

  9. The NFL needs to have some sort of pre-pre season. Three games in length starting in the 3rd week in May. Whoever has the best records fight it out in a 2 week playoff season with the Championship game in Mid June. The fans would get to see football, the coaches can see what they drafted and for me personally, I get to watch actual football instead of hearing ex pros and talking heads on Sports Center and NFL Network think they have a clue

  10. Who cares what Freeman thinks or feels about Glennon. As a Bucs fan I only care about a QB that can get the job done. Freeman has had almost 4 years to show he can be the guy here day in and day out. Though he has shown flashes of potential greatness, he has never put it together for a long period of time. Freeman holds the ball too long and is inconsistent.

    At this point, I believe he is who he is and he has hit his ceiling. Every season for about 3 years here we have hoped “this is the year Freeman comes into his own” and becomes a true franchise QB. Every year he takes a step forward and another step back. There is no excuse, look at all the rookie QB’s who produced and got into the playoffs. Meanwhile, Freeman is the only qb from his draft class to still not make the playoffs.

    I say let the best man win. If Freeman finally gets it figured out this year I’m sure he will get paid. If Glennon can grasp the offense and take to it then he deserves to be the starter. It’s time for all of this team building and moves to get to the playoffs.

  11. If the Bucs get a dominant top 5 defense in the league, Josh Freeman might be able to lead them to the Superbowl.

    That is a big “IF” though.

  12. If Mike ends up out of work, he’ll just hitch up his bib overalls, put his belongings in a handkerchief tied to a stick, and hop the first freight train headed to California. It never rains or snows there, and a man can just pick his breakfast off the nearest fruit tree.

  13. I think this is Freeman’s last shot-year-hoo-rah. It is time to put up or get out. But I don’t think this kid is the answer either and I’m still befuddled as I was the day they drafted him. Glennon? Out of all the QBs on the board left still for the taking? I’m just not seeing it.

    As pointed out earlier–Joe Flacco is 6’5 6’6? And he is the only QB that tall to have success in the NFL–and many argue that his defense really helps him out–just saying. These tall, lanky QBs don’t really pan out either just as typically shorter guys–Brees and Wilson probably being the exception, don’t fare well either. Guess we shall see–just think if Tampa has to draft another QB in two to three seasons then this truly becomes a wasted pick.

  14. I’m a saints fans and I must say. I’m not happy that he is in the NFC south. Because I think Glennon is going to be amazing in a year or two. And Bevin the best QB’s in the league in years to come.

  15. This isn’t news. Of course he’s going to get a lot of reps in preseason. What backup QB doesn’t? He’ll play most of 3 quarters in the first 2 games, 1 quarter in the third and 3 quarters in the 4th. That’s pretty much standard for a second string NFL QB.

  16. Holding my breath on this whole QB deal. Looks my old boat needing seams recaulked. Oh, it sank in a small storm.

  17. ” Glennon’s streak of supplanting starting quarterbacks could continue.”

    Glennon did not supplant Wilson. In fact, after Wilson skipped spring football each year to play baseball, Glennon still couldn’t beat out Wilson. Instead, the job was handed to him by former coach O’Brien, because Wilson wanted to continue to play both sports. O’Brien insisted he drop baseball, which is why Glennon saw the field his Jr.year. Had Russell stayed Glennon would not have beat him out, even with no spring practice for Wilson.

  18. ” the guy who bumped Wilson out of North Carolina State could, in theory, do the same thing in Tampa”

    this isn’t what happened at all. you make it seem like Glennon is better than Wilson. When in fact Wilson was playing baseball and wouldn’t “commit” to NCSU for Spring Football and summer camp, so they went to Glennon.

  19. I hope Glennon beats out Freeman and starts from day 1. Simple math says that there no way bucs bringing back Freeman. Glennon makes some awesome reads, and not a check down machine. He can be coach schinao version of Brad Johnson.

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