Gus Bradley: Blackmon’s “never done anything wrong with me”

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Jaguars coach Gus Bradley says that he was taught while growing up to “trust people right from” the moment you meet them because they haven’t done anything wrong to you.

As you might expect, Bradley’s comment came while talking about wide receiver Justin Blackmon. Bradley said earlier this month that he trusts Blackmon, who will serve a four-game suspension to start the 2013 season after violating the league’s substance abuse policy, and he reiterated that on Tuesday by saying that Blackmon’s “never done anything wrong with me.” Bradley said he and Blackmon frequently meet in Bradley’s office at Blackmon’s request for conversations that have reinforced his trust.

“I base it on my dealings with him. We’ve had extended conversations. He looks me in the eye when he’s talking to me. When I talk to him about trust and things like that, I feel it hits home with him. He responds the way I hope he responds,” Bradley said, via Ryan O’Halloran of the Florida Times-Union. “I understand it’s a process. I’m not naïve to that, but I love the challenge. When he comes in the mornings and visits with me, it’s been great.”

It is in the best interest of the Jaguars offense to help Blackmon avoid further “poor decisions” any way they can and Bradley’s comments since the suspension make it clear that he believes this is the best way to do that. He’s less clear about what a violation of that trust would mean for Blackmon, but chances are it wouldn’t be met with the same level of kindness.

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  1. This young man needs the support of the people around him. He has a substance abuse problem which many people have. Every year these people recover and go on with their lives with the help of friends and family. He needs to realize what an important stage of his life he is presently at and commit himself to becoming sober. Once there life gets better.

  2. Trust people who haven’t done anything wrong to you personally? That sounds like a FABULOUS philosophy!

    The greatest predictor of a person’s future decisions is his past decisions!

  3. Well if the coach is going to continue to support guys who continously try and throw away their career, it will be a short stay in Jacksonville.

  4. Blackmon is walking a tightrope right now, but someday he just might look back upon all this in amazement of his irresponsible behavior.

    How Justin bounces back from this adversity will tell you more about him than anything he’s accomplished thus far in his young career.

  5. Gus Bradley is just saying what he has to say. But eventually he will get to know Blackmon and see that he has some issues.

    And, to be honest, I think the Jaguars and some of his teammates are some enablers. Sure, Blackmon has talent, but he is clearly immature and slowly becoming a loose cannon. I think it will take something drastic (Being locked up or, God forbid, killing someone, for example) for Blackmon to realize that he is headed in the wrong direction.

    I hope he gets it together, because he is very talented and the Jags invested so much in him. Now the Jags need to start being honest with him.

  6. Nothing surprising here. Jags have an investment with a huge upside and an obvious downside. Bradley has nothing to lose by public statements of support. Within the organization and behind closed doors, no doubt, Blackmon has been made aware that the leash is short and the ramifications will be severe. In other words: Here’s the rope kid. Are you gonna save yourself or hang yourself?

  7. Potential draft picks have NEVER done anything wrong personally to ANY NFL GM or coach because they don’t have any experience together.

    You evaluate how a player is going to react by the way he has reacted in the past. A player who has done bad things to people and made poor decisions in the past will most likely do it again in the future. To say that he never did anything wrong to me personally is child-like comment.

  8. The should get former jags great WR jimmy smith to talk to Justin on the phone from the slammer to let him know what will eventually be his future if he does not stop now.

  9. Bradley is either a fool or not long for being a headcoach in the NFL. To ignore player’s pasts is about as asinine as it gets. Guys like Blackmon have no problem “looking you in the eyes”…..and lying, you’re the fool for not recognizing it. My guess is a liar and druggie like Blackmon will still be around when Bradley is looking for his next job.

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