Jags using Denard Robinson at quarterback, too


When the 2013 NFL draft began, former Michigan quarterback Denard Robinson was deemed to be a receiver.  When the Jaguars selected Robinson in round five, they dubbed him a running back.

It has since become clear he’ll play both positions.  It’s now becoming clear that he’ll also play quarterback.

Per multiple reports, Robinson lined up at the position in shotgun formation during Wednesday’s OTA practice.  Asked after the session whether that makes Robinson a “quarterback” or a “Wildcat” option, coach Gus Bradley laughed and said, “We don’t have to tell you,” according to Ryan O’Halloran of the Florida Times-Union.

What the development tells us is that, apart from not wanting the distraction that goes along with Tebowmania, the Jaguars don’t need him because they already have a guy who will do what Tebow would have done.

And if Robinson does it well enough, his label could change in a year or two from running back to quarterback.

15 responses to “Jags using Denard Robinson at quarterback, too

  1. Denard is a great athlete but he is fragile…and an even worse passer than Tebow. It’s laughable that they would choose Denard over Tebow to use in that capacity.

  2. I could see them using him all over the field like Cribbs a few years ago. He could play receiver, wildcat QB, and running back (although Cribbs didn’t get many touches there). Either way, the Jaguars are smart enough to know Robinson will be everything but a QB.

  3. Coming from a jags fan, this only adds more excitement for the future of the franchise. Besides Blackmon’s slip-up Everything has been positive since the Bradley hiring.

  4. I wonder where I can sign up for the “try out for the Jags QB” camp. I wonder if Denard will wear shoe laces in the NFL.

  5. Denard is a WAY better passer then tebow. Not even a comparison. And he’s tough as nails. Only missing time when he had serious nerve damage.

  6. So much better than Tebow… that he started the season as a Heisman candidate, got beat down by Alabama and finished the season as a back-up tailback that lined up under center from time to time.

    Reminds me of the old “brick wall and a corvette” speech from a few years back.

  7. Just get the ball in his hands and let him make plays. The guy is nothing short of electric!

    Play him at QB, Play him at slot, play him at Tailback. Just find a way to get him the ball 10-15 times a game!

  8. Hey, the more positions you can play, the more valuable you will be to a team, and the more money you can make.

  9. I really doubt Robinson is a starting NFL QB at any point. I do believe that he can be a great WR and maybe backup RB.

    I like when struggling franchises turn themselves around so I hope it works out.

  10. If the competition for the QB position is Blaine Gabbert, Denard Robinson, and Chad Henne…

    Might as well give the kid the reps. He at least might be able to get something going with a read option.

    Last year RG3 made the Redskins offense exciting and, to be honest, there was VERY little talent. Now I’m not saying Robinson is as good a passer, because he isn’t. And I’m not saying he’s as fast, because he isn’t. But, with MJD in the backfield with him and Joeckel being able to either kick down and lead out… It would be more exciting than watching balls tossed into the dirt.

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