Jaguars rotating passers until further notice


A less generous sort might suggest that picking a name out of a hat might be as good an option.

But new Jaguars coach Gus Bradley said he wanted to keep the repetitions in OTAs even between quarterbacks Blaine Gabbert and Chad Henne.

“It’s going good,’’ Bradley said, via Vito Stellino of the Florida Times-Union. “We’re rotating by period. There’s a lot of competition and they’re battling it. Everything we do we’re trying to create some sort of competition for our team. Hopefully as OTAs go on, we get more and more of those situations to evaluate them.”

Considering the fact the Jaguars didn’t add anything meaningful to the depth chart there, those two will hack it out all summer, in what appears to be the least-appealing competition for a starting job east of Oakland.

Bradley didn’t want to suggest a lean at this point, saying he wanted to wait to evaluate them until they were in pads. Either that, or he can’t bear to look.

The Jags can’t even muster a decent competition for the third job, as undrafted rookie Jordan Rodgers is out following sports hernia surgery, leaving fellow undrafted rookie Matt Scott to get all the extra snaps before training camp.

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  1. I say stick with Gabbert. He’s only been on the field for a year and a half, and was really forced into action his rookie year when he should have learned from a vet not named Luck McCown. Plus he didn’t have the peices around him on offense to really do much.

    We’ve seen what Henne can (or better yet, can’t) do. Henne did some good things for Jacksonville last season except win. He’s a back-up at best IMO.

  2. Or, he can’t bear to look…that’s a funny one.
    Last year, Gabbert was a much better practice player than Henne. Unfortunately, it didn’t translate to game day. I think they did the right thing, bolstering the line, and adding Robinson and a few other pieces to the offense. Gabbert will get no more chances after this year, but it makes sense to go with what they have.

  3. Scott or Rodgers both might be the best two QB’s on this roster–lol ha ha. I agree, Henne has already showed about what he can and can’t do in the league and Gabbert probably has this last season to prove he was worth that first round pick. I think it isn’t all bad for J’Ville and their fans. Next year is the year to be picking high with the talent at QB being much better or at least early indications are (always someone who comes out of nowhere and some sure things dropping due to injury or something else).

    Of course, Henne and/or Gabbert could go on to become journeymen like Rich Gannon and Brad Johnson, who finally put together a few nice seasons, post-seasons, etc. Doubt it but we just never know what will happen. I saw someone say 81 days yesterday until pre-season. I might be in the minority but I can’t wait just to have some football again!

  4. How can they not just think about adding Tebow. I am not an unreasonable Tebow fan, I realize there could be a tremendous downside (Media, QB ability). But, if you are going to fail, which they will, you might as well make money in the process. They already are having a competition between backups on every other team, they might as well add another “backup” to the running. Don’t tell me they can’t add an offense that fits Tebow, they have Denard Robinson to run it if he gets injured, or back him up all season, he is even a better choice at QB than what they got.

  5. Ya and as soon as they realize they have nothing at QB, the call will go out to Tebow. The owner loves the guy. They usually get their way.

  6. The new offense that Jedd Fisch is installing is Gabbert friendly. It is a fast, change on the fly system, and Blaine has the quickest mind of any QB in the league. Or not yet in the league.

  7. Yes, Gabbert has the quickest mind in the NFL. It’s especially noticeable by how quickly he gets scared in the pocket.

  8. Stop it with the Tebow comments. Even if he’s released was the statement made in January, and that is it. The uptick in ticket sales (Tebow fans only) would not be worth the aggravation. In fact, Jacksonville would be the most vulnerable team in the league to the circus…what would be a distraction in most cities would be a disruption in Jacksonville. Dave Caldwell knows this, and so does Shad Khan.

  9. Tim Tebow is sitting out there. The Jags may as well add him to the mix. What do they have to lose at this point?

    Create a buzz, sell some tickets and merchandise this season with Tebow, then add a rookie in the first round next season.

  10. Perhaps they can use a variation on the selection process used by Cleveland a few years back: flip a coin.

    Now add a twist – if the coin lands on its edge & sticks in the turf, then sign Tebow & annoint him the salvation of the franchise.

  11. So a Bucs fan wants us to sign him to make money? You do realize you were 2nd to last in attendence so maybe the bucs should sign him to make some money.

  12. Might as well start Gabbert. It’s not like the Jags are going anywhere this year.

  13. Matt Scott is the real sleeper here. If he gets enough reps, and an opportunity arises, this kid could end up with the job.

  14. OK “thegreatgabbert”….

    I used to think you were a naive homer that was pulling for the local guy. But “the quickest mind in the NFL”?!?!? Now I KNOW you are pulling our chain!

    …or you have serious issues.

  15. Henne and Gabbert had similar stats last year but Henne looked so much better on the field.

  16. It’s rather amusing seeing Jag fans say ” the owner really likes Tebow, so they should sign him.” Do you really want your owner to start making personnel decisions like Jerry Jones? What if your owner really liked Titus Young and Rolando McClain?

  17. top 3 reason that the jaguars will stutter all season.

    Any qb competition involving Henne

  18. Jags dont deserve Tebow. He’s a winner.

    They have chosen to stick with a poor man’s Jon Kitna (Henne) and a poor man’s Kevin Kolb (Gabbert).

  19. “So a Bucs fan wants us to sign him to make money? You do realize you were 2nd to last in attendence so maybe the bucs should sign him to make some money.”
    I’d take Tebow in a heartbeat (increase our ticket sales and allow us to sign bigger names with the extra revenue), we made strides to become relevant again (big free agency this year and last), what has Jacksonville done? #Nothing. Our division is the Saints, Falcons and Panthers, ya’ll try to be relevant in a division of slacker teams. Colts, Texans and Titans, pfft!

  20. Gabbert has the quickest mind in the NFL? I had to check the calender to see if it was April fools day. He’s one of the worst QB’s in the league and with him as the starter we will continue to lose. The worst thing about him is that he’s completely oblivious to his own failure(“We’re pretty happy here at quarterback”) and will keep holding us back as long as we waste our time on him.

  21. Ok, Gabbert has a way better chance than people think. Everyone underestimates this kid. Who on here can tell me who our starting O-Line was last year? lol I bet none of you. Go back and look at the games where he was sacked two or less times. QB ratings are all 80+. Analytics showed when given more time to throw the ball, which he hardly had last year, he was in the top third of the league in passer efficiency. when he had less than 2.6 seconds to throw that dropped, hence his terrible stats. Not saying it’s not all his fault, but he’s had no help. This season with our line on paper looking like its going to be better than last season, and have more depth. Monroe on the left, with Rackley most likely beside him at guard. The veteran Meester in the middle. Uche at guard beside him, and Joeckel on the right. MJD is great at picking up the blitz, he’ll be back this year. Lewis is still one of the best blocking TE’s in the league. He has guys who can make plays outside and in the backfield now.
    These are all things he didn’t have before. It’s another new system, with another new coach but I have a feeling he’ll handle that better this year. Andrew Luck has just as many offseasons under his belt as Gabbert, and Gabbert is smart with the ball. He picks and chooses which risk he takes. He had one of the highest wonderlick scores ever. The kid is smart. He’s just young. Give him a chance, if it doesn’t work draft someone high next year, if it does, draft someone late and let him develop as insurance. That’s the approach and should be.

  22. Ps not to mention the team being sold, 4 different head coaches, blah blah blah, etc. Just saying, the kid has more upside than any veteran QB in the league his age. Is that bc he has the most room to improve? Partly, but also bc he works hard, is a team player, has the tools and is smart. Argue all you want but I’m right on this one. How it ends and if he turns out to be great or a “journey man” idk, but he deserves a chance.

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