Jason Garrett: No change in Tony Romo’s input into game plan


There’s been a certain pattern around the Cowboys in recent years.

Whether the topic has been windows of opportunity to win a Super Bowl or the identity of the team’s offensive play caller, owner Jerry Jones tends to make a proclamation that’s quickly followed by coach Jason Garrett playing things down. Since Jones has been talking up an an expanded role for quarterback Tony Romo when it comes to offensive game planning, it was only a matter of time before we heard Garrett’s take on things.

“It’s really been similar to every quarterback situation that I’ve been involved in with every team that I’ve been involved in,” Garrett said, via the Cowboys website. “In every place in this organization and in others, you’re trying to get that kind of rapport between your starting quarterback and the coaching staff, and we’ve had it, and we’ll continue to have that. … He’s been our starting quarterback for six years now, so his voice matters to us. But, it’s mattered for a long time.”

Romo turned 33 in April and took over as the Cowboys quarterback in 2006, so this will actually be his eighth year as a starter for the team. At some point, people should stop the annual talk about all the things Romo needs to do more of and realize that he’s probably developed into the quarterback he is going to become.

For better or worse, the Cowboys’ fate will likely be determined by how much they’ve improved the team around him.

22 responses to “Jason Garrett: No change in Tony Romo’s input into game plan

  1. Other than Monte Kiffin and Bill Callahan, what has changed in Dallas? Why in the world would Cowboy fans be optimistic? Not being snarky. I feel the league is better off when Dallas is relevant

  2. its not the team around tony romo that needs improvement. its tony himself that needs improvement. stop turning the ball over in crucial situations.

  3. It’s got to be tough for the Cowboys and Jets to constantly have to defend their QB’s.

    Only difference is the Cowboys aren’t in denial, but the Jets… well.. enough said…

  4. Tony is a good qb, borderline great if he had a good offensive line(he doesn’t).
    He’s 33 and past his prime, making tons of unjust money which cripples his teams cap number.
    I doubt he changes his high risk, high reward game.
    I doubt he has any more input than he’s ever had.
    Nothing new here.

  5. When will people realize tony has never been the problem? For every game he has “lost” he has “won ” five with that spastic team around him.
    If his receivers aren’t hurt his running back is, or the defense pulling people off the street.

    I have said it before and shall again, Troy Aikman would not have one winning season with these teams, much less a playoff or a Super Bowl.

    No Romo doesn’t need everything perfect around him, but it would be nice to have them be competent . The Defense rarely shows up when the offense does and vise versa esp. Also, Garret is trash.

  6. Tony Romo is not a bad quarterback. If you constantly compare him to Rodgers, Peyton, brees, Brady and big Ben then yes he isn’t as good. But compared to rivers, Cutler, shaub, Stafford, and maybe Ryan and flacco he may be at the top of that list. Its time for people to realize the difference when comparing him to other quarterbacks

  7. Romo’s biggest problem has always been his putting. He would probably qualify fot the US Open if he made more putts.

  8. garret: hey romo its 3rd n ten go shotgun 4 wide draw on one
    romo:really coach it never works
    garret: tony you won’t b jerrys favorite if I sabotage every drive
    tony:what ever ok fellas run the play that never works on one ready break

  9. Romo’s biggest problem is Jerry Jones. Actually, everyone there’s biggest problem is Jerry Jones.

  10. Rotoworld ranks The Dallas oline #27. Simple question? Could Brady, Peyton, Flacco, and Eli throw for 4900 yards behind it? Yeah, he threw a career high 19 picks but what do you expect when you are under constant siege? Hell, Eli threw 25 in 2010 and he has one of the best offensive lines.

  11. Let’s look at the age thing in regard to winning Superbowls…

    John Elway age 38 SB XXXIII
    Johnny Unitas age 37 SB V
    Kurt Warner age 37 SB XLIII
    Fran Tarkenton age 36 SB XI
    Roger Staubach age 36 SB XIII
    Jim Plunkett age 36 SB XVIII

  12. Tony Romo is the last thing Dallas needs to worry about. Like you said they need to improve the team around him.

  13. Sorry to say this but neither one of these guys would have been around this long in another organization.

    This is Jerry Jone’s ball of wax. And until Jerry retires we shouldn’t expect too much and be pleasantly surprised when we get more.

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