Jay-Z, Geno Smith link intensifies

Jets quarterback Geno Smith still hasn’t hired a new agent.  One of Smith’s advisers, former West Virginia and NFL defensive lineman John Thornton, says Smith hopes to make a decision soon, likely after attending the NFLPA’s Rookie Premiere in L.A. this weekend.

While Jay-Z’s Roc Nation agency may not secure the ability to represent Smith for the purposes of his football contract, Jay-Z’s Roc Nation agency could end up representing Smith at a minimum for marketing.  Fueling the potential connection is a photo Smith posted on Instagram of himself with Jay-Z.

There’s an element of risk involved for Jay-Z.  Since he’s not certified by the NFLPA to represent players for the purposes of negotiating football contracts, he can have no role in recruiting players to hire Roc Nation to negotiate their football contracts.  So if Smith hires Roc Nation for both marketing and football representation, plenty of other agents will cry foul regarding Jay-Z’s perceived role as the closer.

As a result, the best outcome for Jay-Z would be to sign Smith to Roc Nation for marketing purposes, and then to have Smith hire a different firm to handle the football contract.  That would go a long way toward dispelling the idea that Jay-Z is acting as a runner for his own firm in violation of NFLPA rules.

The question then becomes whether one of the other firms currently competing to negotiate Smith’s football contracts would be willing to handle the football side of things only, and to defer to Jay-Z on the marketing side.  That approach could mean Jay-Z would be running the show, with Smith at a minimum seeking Jay-Z’s advice before making any moves from a football standpoint.

48 responses to “Jay-Z, Geno Smith link intensifies

  1. Or, Jay Z just signs him to the marketing deal and they help him with his contract for free. There are a number of ways they can get around that. There is no rule against giving someone advice on a contract that they are not getting paid for, especially the way rookie contracts are slotted now.

  2. Roc Nation Sports is a partnership backed by CAA. they recently signed Robinson Cano and Skylar Diggins.

    Jay Z is half a billionaire. he isn’t negotiating anyone’s contracts but his own. im sure the CAA reps have all their ducks in a row if Geno was to align himself with Roc Nation Sports.

    honestly tho, not sure if Geno is a big enough talent for Roc to ink. probably nothing more then a friendly ‘welcome to the neighborhood’ photo op.

  3. Jay Z must be serious about represting only NY athletes. Whats the point in doing only NY guys?

  4. I hope Jay-Z is teaching him how to rap because after a couple of years with the Jets, Geno will definitely need something to fall back on.

  5. I am all for this because when this fails maybe JayZ and his crappy marketing will go away for good. Please please please go away, JayZ.

  6. So a 1st round projected QB who fell a round, ended up with a mess of an organization, awful offense with no weapons, instantly thrown into a QB controversy in the media capital of the world… and Jay Z is his rep.

    Yeah. This should work out well.

  7. Tired of hearing about both of these guys. A future NFL bust and a rapper who thinks he’s God.

  8. This just wreaks of the Master P fiasco with Ricky Williams a few years back.
    A contract that’s done by a guy who has a higher profile than the player can only be a bad thing for the player. It’s not the hardest thing in the world to see that Jay is dirty dealing behind the scenes and no matter how you spin it, this just screams lack of ethics.

    Too bad that Geno won’t listen to anyone else for advice and distance himself from this charlatan, surely there is a veteran within earshot that could get to this kid’s ear… if he would only listen to him though.

  9. This can go either way though Jay Z isn’t a bad businessman at all. The man is ambitious and has transcended being just a rapper.

  10. Geno Smith is not bright enough to hire another agent. He will hire Jay-Z firm and then do something stupid like talk about how Jay-Z gave him advice on his contract.

  11. Why does it seem like Geno Smith can do more for Jay-Z than Jay-Z can do for Geno Smith?

  12. I’m not sure which pick is going to be worst…..Jets picking Geno or Geno picking Jay Z? 0-2 as far as I see things.

  13. Jay Z and his wife are scumbags for visiting Cuba and promoting the communist government that
    has consistently over the decades exploited and censored the Cuban population.

    I would not trust this jerk if I where Geno.

  14. Oh, this just keeps getting better.

    Geno, for the sake of future unintended comedy, please take the rap star as your agent.

  15. Jigga needs a partner of the legal pursuation and a better client than Smith if he’s going to get this venture off the ground. The comparisons to Master P are unfounded, J aint passed tha bar but he knows a lil bit and has all the connections anyone would want.

  16. To those saying Jay-Z looks old. He is 43. I’m not exactly seeing a 50 yr old man when I look at him.

    He still looks younger than Greg Oden

  17. This guy just SCREAMS draft bust. I think the only reason he’ll ever start a game in the NFL is because he’s playing for the dysfunctional Rex Ryan jets. He will struggle to be in the league longer than Rolando Mcclain.

  18. This guy went 39th right?
    Behind such legends as Travis Frederick and Giovani Bernard.
    What’s the big deal?

  19. I don’t like Geno for JAY-Z. I don’t have a good feeling about Geno in NYC. It’s tough here. If you don’t have the right temperament, this city will eat you up. JAY can do better than this guy. But JAY says, “I’m not a businessman. I’m a business, man!” JAY-Z do your thing!

  20. Getting a rapper to be your sports agent is a great idea!

    Look how good it worked for Ricky Williams when he got Master P to be his agent!

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