Mangini could land with 49ers as consultant

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Former Jets and Browns coach Eric Mangini, out of the NFL since the conclusion of the 2010 season, could be getting back in.

Mangini is in talks with the 49ers about joining the team as a consultant, according to Jason La Canfora of CBS.

The man who vaulted into the ranks of head coaches after running Bill Belichick’s defense in New England has spent the last two years working for ESPN.  Mangini’s name has been mentioned from time to time as a potential defensive coordinator.

In San Francisco, Mangini could be advance insurance against the potential departure of defensive coordinator Vic Fangio, who surely is moving closer to the head-coaching “A” list after spending the last two seasons orchestrating one of the best defenses in the league on a staff led by Jim Harbaugh, a former NFL quarterback and offensive specialist.

41 responses to “Mangini could land with 49ers as consultant

  1. That sounds pretty pro-active
    Prepare for Fangio possibly leaving
    Hopefully, Mangini could fill in nicely

  2. At least he can put down “traditional” media experience on his resume after his stint with ESPN.

  3. I’m a Pats fan who despite all my ill feelings for him thinks that he could actually be a good HC someday. I think he left the Pats way too early in his coaching career to be a HC. I know some guys have done ok after never having been a coordinator or only having been a coordinator for a short time (as Mangini, having only 1 year as a DC) but there’s a huge jump from position coach to managing and gameplanning with a whole unit. Experience that can help a guy transition to a more big picture thinking type job like HC. One thing I do know is that he is a great DB coach so even if he has to work his way back that way, he will probably do fine if he has learned from his mistakes in his prior HC gigs (as BB did).

  4. I’m excited to get another football mind in the gold city!! Lets not forget that he came from the Jets and Browns. Only mistake he made was that he took those jobs. Its not always the coach. Sometimes its the front office that makes a head coach look bad.

  5. Coward, rat, narc. Whatever you want to call him, at the end of the day he is a spineless loser. Without bill belichick his best football job would have been coaching pee-wee. There is a reason he has been blackballed from the league for so long. No one wants to work with a p.o.s. like him.

  6. Eric the Rat who betrayed the trust of his mentor has been on the outside looking in the past few years due to his actions. He was too immature to understand that the gutter rat named Mike Tannenbaum was a destroyer not a builder. The Jets will be years from recovery because of the damage Tanny left there. Mangini will suffer for the rest of his life.

  7. I am going to get killed for this, but I would like to see him get another shot.

    If you look back at his JETs tenure, it was he and Tannenbaum that put together a very good team that Rex took over and brought to two AFC title games. Once Rex started getting rid of Mangini’s guys, the team went downhill fast.

    In Cleveland he was building a team that was putting together a very tough and nasty defense and they put a whipping on the Steelers in his last year there.

    I also think he has been humbled, and he has really also shown a better side where he is not a total prick 100% of the time.

    Again, I will get killed for this, but if he went to an organization like the GIANTS or Niners with a Strong Front Office and they just had him be the coach, I think he could be very successful.

  8. I’d prefer Ed Donatell instead, but Mangini would be ok.As my fellow Browns fan stated earlier in this thread, just don’t let him anywhere near the draft and the Niners will be fine.

  9. Mangini Consulting Services LLC.

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    – Stabbing your friends in the back
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    – Hazing your rookies to the point where the league forces you to make a 10 hour bus ride
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    – And of course… losing, losing, and more losing.

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  10. I kinda feel bad for Mangini. He only got fired because management forced Brett Farve on him. Those teams that Rex took to the AFC Championship? Mangini built those teams.

    I liked what he was doing with the Browns, but c’mon… they’re the Browns. I still like Mangini and I’ll be rooting for him.

  11. brownoholic says:May 15, 2013 11:03 AM

    As long as he isn’t drafting, he’ll be doing fine…

    Right, he should never have drafted Darelle Revis.

    A Browns fan opines, PRICELESS!

  12. I’ve always liked Mangini, and after hearing him on ESPN like him all the more. He is a pretty good coach whose career validates the #1 rule for success in the NFL: Have a good QB-win. Don’t have a good QB-lose.

  13. “dalcow4 says:
    May 15, 2013 12:25 PM
    I’ve always liked Mangini, and after hearing him on ESPN like him all the more. He is a pretty good coach whose career validates the #1 rule for success in the NFL: Have a good QB-win. Don’t have a good QB-lose.”

    Like the time he missed the playoffs with Brett Favre as his starting QB.

  14. Obviously, Mangini is a bit of a pariah in Patriotland, but he was, nonetheless, a pretty good DC. I don’t know that there will be much of a falloff from Fangio when he goes out for his HC job somewhere. Like several others have said, he did pretty good with the drafting and putting together of defenses in both NY and Cleveland. If he can learn more about the Offense under Harbaugh, I have no doubt his next stint as an HC somewhere would probably turn out better.

    Oh, and he needs to be less of a jerk.

    Even BB needed a do over before he turned out to be not-too-shabby at this whole Head Coaching thing.

  15. Patskrieg dot com says:
    May 15, 2013 1:03 PM

    “Like the time he missed the playoffs with Brett Favre as his starting QB”


    If I remember correctly they were going great until Favre hurt his shoulder.

    Oh wait– you’re a Cheatriot lover– nevermind, i’ll just ignore your opinions on Mangini.

  16. @lrjets
    Did Mangini really have anything to do with the Revis draft pick? The lone draft he orchestrated in 2009 for the Browns netted only one player. Clay Mathews Jr. was served up on a silver platter to follow in father’s footsteps and Mangini passed. None of his 3 2nd round picks are on the team and two of those are out of the league. He gutted the Browns in 2009, got rid of its best talent (even if they were egos) and replaced them with older, over-the-hill vets. Sure, his Browns beat an injured Pittsburgh in 20 below zero weather and and Rob Ryan’s defense fooled Tom Brady and suckered an exhausted Saints team, but he was awful as the Browns coach. Truly.

  17. Not surprising at all. GM Trent Baalke worked with Magini while on the Jets staff and Niner special teams coach Brad Seely worked with Mangini on the Patriots and Browns coaching staff.

    According to my sources – Mangini would actually spend time helping the Niners offense on ways to scheme against the league’s top defenses. No Seattle – you’re not one of the league’s top defenses after a strong 2012 December against teams that had already packed it in

  18. Mangini in a position of teaching at the C-Stick Home for Aging Has-Beens. Oh Happy Day!

  19. “browns627 says:

    and that boys and girls is an example of a well run coaching staff..”

    Well, at least until Ratgini gets there and drives the competence level down.

  20. Smart move by the 9ers getting “insurance”. They will still have plenty of options I’m sure however, it’s always good to have a backup plan or even a backup for your backup!

  21. The issue w/ this guy isn’t his coaching, its his ego. I think he can be a great coach, seems very smart, good w/ x’s and o’s, etc. but I bet if his ego wasn’t so big, he would still be in Cleveland right now. How do you think he got the GM fired within the first two months?

    Exact same thing goes w/Josh McDaniels.

  22. lrjets says:
    May 15, 2013 12:14 PM
    To Pats fans…..

    The Pats didn’t win a Super Bowl without Mangini!
    You complain all the time about how people come to Jets posts only to bash them then you come here and post this nonsense to bash Pats fans? Dish it, can’t take it huh?

    Here’s one for you: Mangini and every single other coach under BB who went on to be a HC (Saban, McDaniels) never won a single playoff game without BB either. And neither did Parcells.

    As you’ll note, I posted positively about Mangini and I doubt you’d do the same if he did to your team what he did to mine. I think it’s time you looked in the mirror, or the dictionary under “hypocrite”.

  23. Sorry I’m a Niners fan but I think that’s this is going to be a bad move, he is good but not good enough to fill Vic’s shoes, I want either Mooch, or Gruden. If we have either one of them, teams should look out.

  24. @CKL…..”here” is a blog at the NYJ section. I don’t think it’s being a hypocrite to defend Mangini re: Spygate.

    A few factoids.
    Spygate happened vs. the Jets.
    Mangini was the HC of the Jets.

    Security reported it to Mangini and it took on its own legs, and the rest is history. Did anyone expect Mangini to say, “OK Bill, keep the tapes a-rolling for old times sake”?

    I have some issues with Mangini. When Favre tore his bicep muscle, it was not publicized. The Jets were 8-5 at the time. By continuously playing Favre on his reputation alone, the Jets instead of possibly playoff bound, wound up at 8-8 and nada.

  25. Harbaugh fears having to face Brady in the Superbowl and wants someone around that has had some mild success. That’s what this is about. That second half on Sunday Night last season had him tweaked. Were it not for the hole on the kick return and the injured NE DB’s giving up a fluke TD they’d have choked up a lead of epic proportions. They weren’t quite the same after that game, even though they made it to the SB. The defensive backfield is a major concern for them, thus the Mangini angle, as he also has experience there, and knows who they would be facing in the SB.

  26. I have mixed feelings about Mangini as a Pats fan, he is certainly a great football SCHEMATIC mind, definitely picked up on BB’s defensive philosophy of taking away the opposing teams best weapons, essentially making you play left handed.

    I obviously despised him for ratting out the Pats in 07′ but looking back on it now, it is a total Belichickian move, by doing everything possible to win and or get an advantage. As much as it makes him into a rat, riddle me this, would you rather have a ruthless cutthroat hc who does everything in his power to win even pushing those boundaries (Payton, Belichick) or a sit back and play by the unspoken rules set by the old boys club (Norv Turner, Lovie Smith) type hc?

  27. Belichick Super Bowl Record w/Mangini 3-0
    Belichick Super Bowl Record wo/Mangini 0-2

    Shocked it took this long. I believe Mangini has spanked Beli/Brady 3 times and once with a talentless Browns squad embarassed Brady.

    Why AFC East Miami or Bills never pursued him defies logic just for that reason.

    Mangini is responsible for Revis,Mangold,Harris Furguson, Washington and hell, Danny Woodhead

    49’ers are smart, get a guy with his knowledge and use it. Always hire the smartest people you can find.

  28. @lrjets

    The relationship between BB and Mangini was bad before cameragate, and it has been said it was due to some pretty iffy stuff Mangini did when he was on his way out the door. I think Mangini was mad and looking to get some revenge hence, he turned the Pats in when other coaches like McCarthy simply told him to stop and Herm Edwards was fully aware of it and waved at the cameras.

    My post from last night got deleted but that was basically the gist.

    I would much rather have the maverick who pushes the envelope and I defended Payton as BB like back when all that happened saying when you have a maverick you get an onside kick in the SB that is a big reason NO won, and you also get ignoring pay for performance. You take the good with the bad.

    It’s still possible that someday BB and Mangini will have a cordial relationship. After all, BB did hire back Daboll who left with Mangini. And he did mend fences to have a cordial relationship with Parcells as well. I doubt BB would be ok with betraying anyone the way Mangini did him because one of his main beefs with Parcells was how Parcells was already out the door to the NYJ and negotiating all that when the Pats were playing GB in the SB.

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