McClain could be back

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There’s something not quite right about the decision of a 23-year-old top-10 draft pick with three years of experience retiring from the NFL.

Then again, there’s usually something not quite right when it comes to linebacker Rolando McClain.

My first thought upon seeing the news that he’ll be walking away from the game is that he’s doing so temporarily, an that if he stays out of trouble for a specific period of time (perhaps a year, perhaps less than that), McClain will unretire and return to the Ravens.

It’s a brilliant approach, since it gives the Ravens an escape hatch from McClain’s most recent legal troubles and it likewise gives McClain a path to return to the team.  Indeed, Baltimore will retain McClain’s rights, since he’ll be placed on the team’s reserve/retired list.  So if/when he returns, the Ravens would move him to the active roster, and they’d have him under contract for one year at $700,000.

One source with knowledge of the situation tells PFT that the decision to retire was made solely by McClain, with no influence from the team.  McClain, we’re told, wants to focus solely on getting himself together before continuing his football career.  The Ravens have offered to be a resource for McClain during this process, a consideration that likely flows in part from McClain’s connection to Alabama, where G.M. Ozzie Newsome played college football.

Thus, the only way McClain’s NFL story won’t continue will be if his arrest record continues to grow.  But if he can keep himself out of trouble, McClain could indeed be back.  And he’d likely be in Baltimore.

“We’ll see what happens,” the source said.

What could happen is an unlikely story of redemption for a player who, with some maturity, still has plenty of football left in him.

39 responses to “McClain could be back

  1. Don’t forget Pacman Jones was able to get himself together and become Adam Jones after getting into a lot more trouble than McClain. People are capable of changing and fixing their personal problems if they put in the work. The Ravens must know something that we don’t.

  2. Arrests are not the only way his NFL career doesn’t
    to continue. He might simply decide he doesn’t want to play. Not hard to understand why someone might think permanent injury or concussions aren’t worth it.

  3. Ya like this loser can do anything else other than play football. Obviously he’s trying to avoid the long arm of the NFL coming down on him. One year and he will be back, resurected, a movie by abc, Michelle and O having for dinner and talk of a future senate seat.

  4. What a shame. This guy has all the talent in the world. He gets 25 million guaranteed from the Raiders, and just chills and gets arrested with his Alabama homies once he got paid, what a fricken loser scumbag piece of crap. He will be broke in two years and I will throw a party about his demise.

    He does not deserve a second chance after this, what a loser.

    He and JaMarcus Russell will probably end up in the same purple drank crack house. I want to watch the u tube video when it happens.

    Great job in the draft AL, these last years. You just went crazy.

    Reggie, bring us back!!!!!

  5. You know if he concentrated and worked as hard on the job he is paid to do rather than fooling around every time he goes home, he might be surprised to find how much easier it is to get his life back together.

  6. Taking a year off and getting your life together makes plenty of sense. Hopefully he takes the time to evaluate his life and his game. Come back next year and give all these haters in here something else to jaw about. A lot of bitterness and jealousy in some of these comments..

  7. If this dummy can’t figure out to move away from Decatur Alabama, I mean like to another state, not 20 miles up the road, the story ended today with this announcement.

  8. Rolando, I’d like to introduce you to Titus. Titus, meet Rolando. I’m sure you two will have lots to talk about.

  9. To the guy who said I just hope the Ravens have a losing record…unlikely. Your the biggest of all scum wishing ill will on another team why dont you hope your team is successful. Seems like a better choice…

  10. From a pure football fan standpoint, i wish you the best Mr. McClain. I hope you’re able to get your life together so us fans can see you on the field again. I hate seeing young talented athletes struggle when they have so much on the line. They just need to have some genuine friends/people around them to help them make the proper decisions when opportunities present themselves. Yes they are grown men, but so am i, and when i have a tough decision to make i like to consult my parents and it will be a sad day when I’m no longer able to do that. I know ours a long rant but i really do feel bad for McClain…and Titus young for that matter.

  11. He retired so he can hang out with JaMarcus and sip the purple drank. Nothing worse than waisted talent.

  12. I sure hope this doesn’t mean he thinks he’s set for life and he’s going back to the hood to be the top dog.

    A lot of these guys that come from nothing think they’re all set when they sign a contract, because they don’t understand what they have.

    Here’s to hoping for the best.

  13. He’s really not that bad of a kid, just a little misguided, … this is a good move by him, and I’m thinking he’ll be back. . . He loves the game, and he loves his home, This past weekend, put together an event, that was positive, and free for the community. (but that didn’t get reported)

  14. Ozzie knows what he’s doing. That’s why he leads the World Champions with an elite QB who was perfect during the post season.

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