More changes to Jets front office


Assistant General Manager Scott Cohen isn’t the only member of the Jets front office being shown the door as General Manager John Idzik puts his team in place.

Multiple reports in New York indicate that director of football administration Ari Nissim is also leaving the team. Nissim had been with the Jets since 2006 and played a major role in negotiating contracts when Mike Tannenbaum had Idzik’s job. Jojo Wooden, who was the team’s assistant director of player personnel, also left recently to take a job with the Chargers.

There’s also word on some of the new faces who could be joining the Jets. Many of those reports on Nissim’s ouster also mention the expected arrival of former Cardinals General Manager Rod Graves. PFT is working to confirm those reports, as well as a possible role for former Seahawks General Manager Tim Ruskell with the Jets.  Idzik and Graves previously worked together in Arizona while Ruskell was in the Tampa organization at the same time as Idzik in the 1990s.

It’s an expected part of any first year under a new general manager, but all of the moves away from the recent past with the Jets won’t do anything to quiet talk about the shakiness of Rex Ryan’s hold on the coaching job.

16 responses to “More changes to Jets front office

  1. What a bunch of cretins.
    Lucky to win 6
    Couldn’t happen to a better team, city or fans

  2. Even more of a reason as to why this is a make or break season. Fellow Jets fans better not think that if Rex loses his hold again on this offense, that his job is going to be safe.

  3. Rex, It’s ok I like you….We are direct, keep it real kind of people who sometimes can tick off some but the players love ya…If you bomb this year in NY take it like a man and go get you a DC job for about 2.5 to 3M. Kick some backside, relax, re-calibrate and go for another job in 2-3 years…..SOMEONE will most definitely come calling…… You are more than welcome on the Cincy staff if Zimmer gets a HC job…Only you got to coach a 4-3 🙂 Good luck!

  4. It seems a little late in the offseason to start making these crucial changes in the front office which doesn’t bode well for starting a new season on solid ground. Rod Graves was good in Arizona and like Whisenhunt was victim to an internally flawed organizaation. Too bad for Rod, his career seems ill-fated if he’s to now end with the Jets!

  5. Front office is one thing, but the team won’t begin its turnaround till they have a new Head Coach.

  6. Locals live in fear of Idzik John, a tall, stooped, spectral figure, who never smiles and carries a scythe. “Eat all of your peas, child, or Idzik John will come for you.”.

  7. A 10-6 season, a playoff game, and Woody gives Rex another couple of years. That’s what I’d do.

    The press seems to think Idzek doesn’t like Ryan. I’m not so sure about that myself.

  8. geefan1 says:
    May 15, 2013 12:48 PM
    How is Rex still employed?

    Maybe because he’s been a head coach for four years and gone to the conference championship game twice—with Mark Sanchez as his quarterback.

    Maybe that’s why.

  9. @green41563..

    Finally another voice of reason, the guy can flat out coach, he’s not had 1 playmaker on offense an average at best QB and he’s won with average roster that he didn’t pick because coaches don’t pick their players ask Parcells!

  10. Jets fans will mindlessly support Wrecks Ryan until the day he leaves (then they’ll say he was the worst coach ever.)

    In this case, as a fan of a non-NYJ team, I’m on the same page as all Jets fans.

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE. Woody – Keep Wrecks Ryan!

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