Panthers restructure DeAngelo Williams’ deal

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After some early offseason hedging about the stable of high-priced running backs he inherited, it appears new Panthers general manager Dave Gettleman has decided to keep both of them.

According to Brian MacIntyre of Yahoo! Sports, the Panthers have restructured the deal of DeAngelo Williams, which could keep him in town through 2015.

The move peels $3.2 million off this year’s salary cap, and also cuts into the cash Williams was due to make in future years by $8 million over the 2014 and 2015 seasons. Without that concession, there was a real possibility this would have been his last year in Carolina, and only because the bonus acceleration made him too costly to cut this year.

Coupled with an earlier restructuring of Jonathan Stewart’s deal, it keeps the Panthers core of backs together, giving them something they can count on during a bit of a transition to new offensive coordinator Mike Shula.

15 responses to “Panthers restructure DeAngelo Williams’ deal

  1. Excellent news. From FA, to the draft, to fixing bad contracts Gettleman continues to prove with every move that you need football guys running football teams, not beat writers (Hurney).

  2. If anything this makes it a much easier cap hit for the Panthers to swallow in the event that they do trade Williams, which I could still see happening.

  3. True, this makes it easier to keep him. And, it also makes him easier to trade/cut. I prefer the “keep” part, but with Stewart, and now Barner in the mix, maybe we could trade for a good OL or WR. Either way, I’m quite impressed with Gettleman so far. Hurney was a sap.

  4. I was a little skeptical at first but Gettleman as GM has been the best move we’ve made in years

  5. I like how my comment to kingbeason52 somehow went into oblivion. Dude, how can you say #34 has been inconsistent? When they don’t USE HIM then maybe, but he’s got over 5.0 yds/carry FOR HIS CAREER, gone whole seasons without fumbling, and a great blocking back. What in the world can you possibly imagine about his game that’s been inconsistent?

  6. Good. I was surprised when DeAngelo decided to re-sign with us a few years back. Like KingBeason said he does mean alot to our team. Now that he is restructured we can allocate those funds to other positions of need.

    I’m really liking the moves that our new GM is making.

  7. Great news, D-Will is a playmaker and it would be a horrible decision to let him go. I hope he retires with our team when the time is right.

  8. If the coaches can get creative enough to actually blend use of these two better than average backs with Cam Newton’s physical talents for running and throwing, the upcoming season might be a better one than the last two.

    It would also help to have a receiver to take some of the heat off Steve Smith.

    All of the above predicated on Newton growing up and maturing into a TEAM attitude instead of the whiny ME attitude his first two seasons. I have my doubts about this kind of maturation actually happening, but one can always hope.

  9. I watched deangelo in college for a Memphis team that rarely does much right (exception Isaac bruce and deangelo) he has always done the right things the right way from leading the nation in running to being a great blocker and awesome in blitz pick up not a panther fan here but I will always be a fan of de angelo congrats to panthers, barner can learn form these 2 stewart included

  10. This is the best news I’ve heard all off-season! Williams needs to stay due to Stewart’s tendency to get hurt. Together they are a great “Thunder and Lightening Duo”. Barner can learn and get into the mix since he can run like the “Wind”. Good move Mr. Gentleman! If you can find a decent offensive lineman, wide receiver, or safety with the spare change, it would be fantastic!!!

  11. It’s not that I don’t think they should restructure Williams but with drafting Kenjon Barner, it’s getting crowded at RB.

    The Panthers offense is no longer the John Fox version. It features the passing and running of Cam Newton so I just don’t see how they will use all three RBs effectively. If Barner is what we think he is, then maybe Stewart should go.

  12. Barner seems like a decent hands type back… maybe he can line-up in the slot and catch some bubble screens or run some wheel routes up the sideline… seems like they are just gonna have to be creative to get everyone involved.

  13. Great Move. And many have mentioned how it makes it easier to trade DeAngelo now….yeah, or it could make it easier to trade the more oftenly injured Stewart, I’d much rather have Williams over Stewart.

    I agree with this as well:

    jawnyblaze says: May 15, 2013 8:57 AM

    Excellent news. From FA, to the draft, to fixing bad contracts Gettleman continues to prove with every move that you need football guys running football teams, not beat writers (Hurney).

  14. I now truly believe that the changing of GM’s is going to make the Panthers into a contender with any team in pro football. We have very good players, but they need a great supporting cast and special pieces to this teams puzzle.
    Like with this years draft. He targeted “hog mollies and other key players” because like he said, and I quote ” You can’t through the ball when your on your back”.
    Who knows we may have another Luke on our hands, a great kick returner who will help on special teams.
    Only time will tell, but I think we are going to see better results in the next few years. ” GO PANTHERS “

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