Pollard won’t accompany Ravens to White House

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Safety Bernard Pollard isn’t simply done talking about the Ravens.  He’s done talking to the Ravens.  Well, at least some of them.

Pollard tells 105.7 The Fan in Baltimore that he won’t be attending Baltimore’s post-Super Bowl visit to the White House.

I’m not gonna be there,” Pollard said.  “I gotta sit this one out, man.  I actually have a vacation with my family and then I’m coming back to get [my ring].  If I didn’t have a vacation, I wouldn’t come in anyway.”

So what’s the problem?

“It’s not my teammates,” Pollard said.  “It’s not my teammates at all.  I would celebrate with them any time, any day of the week I would celebrate with them.  But at the end of the day, I know what happened, I know what took place. . . . I’m sorry, I just don’t want to be in the room with certain people.”

Pollard didn’t name the “certain people” with whom he doesn’t want to share space.  But he heaped praise on G.M. Ozzie Newsome and owner Steve Bisciotti, so it’s apparently not them.

“Ozzie is great,” Pollard said.  “Ozzie is amazing.  I love Ozzie, man, he gave me an opportunity.  Mr.  Bisciotti.  It’s just one of those things where they made some moves, they cleaned house, Ozzie put together a really, really good defense as we see on paper right now.”

Pollard still seems to be particularly troubled by the situation that has been characterized in the media as “practically a mutiny,” along with its potential link to his release.

“I’m just a player where you ask me my opinion, I’m gonna tell you,” Pollard said.  “And for you to get upset or whatever afterwards, you know, you asked me.  That’s that. . . .  We were just asked our opinion about something.  And we let the coach know our opinion. . . .  It was us as players. . . .  We were asked, the floor was open.  And we responded, and let the coaches know how we felt, and that’s how it has to be as a football team.  We can’t walk around on eggshells as a football team.”

Though Pollard didn’t specifically mention coach John Harbaugh, it’s likely that he’s one of the people against whom Pollard holds a grudge.

Then again, Harbaugh and the Ravens ultimately may be in the right.  Pollard will never admit — indeed, he may not even realize — that he was out of line or over the top in anything he said or did while with the Ravens.  Still, Pollard has a reputation for being outspoken, for complaining, and for drawing too much attention to himself.

“Three teams in how many years,” one source said in the wake of Pollard’s release. “Soon four.  What does that tell you?”

The Ravens surely didn’t expect Pollard’s habit of complaining to suddenly change once he was released.  Still, if he can manage not to complain his way off the roster in Tennessee until 2014, it’ll be well worth the price of admission to see the Ravens and Titans get together in Baltimore.

34 responses to “Pollard won’t accompany Ravens to White House

  1. He’s right…..Dont ask him what he thinks and then scorn him because it isnt what you want to hear…..females do that

  2. Why would he want to see Harbaugh’s face or visit the house that slavery built. Imperialists.

  3. I really wish he’d shut up already. I understand being mad/upset after being cut, but it’s been months now. Give it a rest. I can see why he was cut now. I know some of these questions are baited, but Pollard could also give a short, political answer.

  4. bettis3636 says:
    May 15, 2013 4:19 PM
    He keeps getting a job… So he can’t be that bad… T.O. And Chad are still looking!


    Pollard is also several years younger than either of those guys, which I’m sure is a factor that helps swing things in his favor. Still, he had far too many personal foul penalties like helmet to helmet contact which made him a liability on the field in Baltimore.

  5. Can’t’ say I blame Pollard for not wanting to attend. After 8 years of Bush, and 5 years of Obama, the White House is not the destination it was at one time.

  6. I am not going to begin to say anything about Pollard personally, but I love to watch the guy play. He will knock the “stuffing” out of dudes.

  7. Don’t miss out on a once in a lifetime opportunity because you want to be stubborn. When I was in the Navy I had all of my things signed off for my ESWS (Enlisted Surface Warfare Specialist) pin, but being ticked off at the Navy and the poor leadership I said, “Man, I don’t need that. I’m getting out in a few months.” When I got out and had to join the reserves for money I thought about that wasted chance to get my ESWS pin and felt bad. I truly did.

    He should come, spend time with the people he likes, ignore the ones he doesn’t and just do it. He will regret it like I did.

  8. “lks311 says:
    May 15, 2013 4:17 PM
    Dumb. Regardless of your politics or who’s in the office, that’s a Bucket List item, Bruh.”


    why is this a “bucket list item”, bruh? i can assure you, the white house is probably not on top of a lot of peoples bucket lists…. its a big buildling, youve been in a big building before right?

  9. It seems to me like Pollard is changing the facts. From what was reported, Pollard and Reed refused to practice in pads and “came close to starting a mutiny.” To rectify the situation, Harbaugh opened the floor and let players speak their minds. Now Pollard is claiming he was released for speaking his mind. I tend to think he was released for his behavior BEFORE the open-floor-discussion.

    Either way, I’m glad he’s gone.

  10. Pollard should go for the simple fact that it’s a celebration. It’s a bond that all those players will share as champions. To not go because you’re bitter or angry at your ex-coach must mean it cuts pretty deep for Pollard. Too bad because he might not get to go again.

  11. Like was already said,
    He cannot cover. I said it before and I’ll say it again…these moves were not about cap or age; they were about overhauling the assembly of 1-trick-ponies. EVERY player they let go had 1 if not several glaring deficiencies.
    -Pollard was a cancer, but more importantly he was a liability in coverage and playing in an NFL geared for passing. That is not a good recipe.

    -Boldin made phenomenal catches but he had to because he could never get open (though I am sorry on this one)
    -Reed is walking IR stint every year: bum shoulder, neck, degenerative hip disorder.
    – Krueger was awful against the run.
    -Ellerbe is decent for the six games per year he is able to stay healthy
    Good enough to win a SB? Obviously
    Good enough to repeat? Not that group

  12. Cannot blame the Raven organization for removing such a disruptive force with respect to player/coach relations. That said, I respect Pollards decision to sit this one out. No one can question Pollard’s physicality and intensity on the field but I hope, for his sake, that he learns to rein it in so to speak in the locker room.

  13. I didn’t like the move to cut Pollard until I heard him on the radio this morning. I don’t need the attitude to make it’s way outside of the locker room doors.

    Don’t be the guy that skips prom because your date went with a different guy. And if you really are, “gonna tell you”, then tell us, say his name.

  14. If the rest of the Ravens would follow Pollard’s lead… Maybe Obama could focus on something more important like doing his job. You know… Basically doing anything EXCEPT worrying about football.

  15. Oh Lord I was looking forward to him bringing the wood for my Titans…I sure hope this is an isolated issue and he doesnt bring a bunch of wah wah drama to Nashville.

  16. I still remember that play in the Superbowl when Crabtree catches a pass Cary Williams hits him and as Crabtree is going down Pollard hits him and stands him up, Crabtree regain balance…touchdown. Tremendous hitter, horrible tackler. You should know this Bernard, its a business and you should have a poker face for when its needed, after all you won a Superbowl with all these guys whether you like them or not.
    Too bad you are not going to the White House i heard they serve good food there.

  17. Go to the White House and meet the president? Yes, that’s a freaking bucket list item no matter who the president is. Saying its just a “big house” is like saying a Lamborghini is just a “fast car”.

    And Pollard, don’t worry. You won’t be missed.

  18. Why is everyone saying this isn’t a bucket list item? It’s the President of the United States, the leader of the free world. I was FARRRR from a Bush fan but he was still our President and I would have been honored to shake his hand.

  19. “ravensterps says:
    May 16, 2013 9:44 AM
    Why is everyone saying this isn’t a bucket list item? It’s the President of the United States, the leader of the free world. I was FARRRR from a Bush fan but he was still our President and I would have been honored to shake his hand.”

    I see your side of it, as its something someone could brag about, I guess, but there hasn’t been a leader in that Oval Office for a loooong time and the country is less free with each law passed by Congress, then signed by the “leader.” I can see the other perspective just as clearly as I see yours.

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