Ravens’ Justin Tucker: I can have a perfect season on field goals


Ravens kicker Justin Tucker has a simple goal for the 2013 season: Never miss.

“It’s not unrealistic to say that I can have a perfect regular season kicking field goals and extra points,” Tucker told the team’s website. “It’s just a matter of, no pun intended, putting in the leg work right now.”

As a rookie last season, Tucker went 30-for-33 on field goals and 42-for-42 on extra points in the regular season, then went 4-for-4 on field goals and 16-for-16 on extra points in the playoffs. Tucker says he remembers exactly what he did wrong on the three kicks he missed, and he said he thinks he’s a better player now than he was when he arrived in Baltimore as an undrafted rookie last year.

“Every single day is the same,” Tucker said. “When I got here a calendar year ago, I was thinking the exact same thing I’m thinking now: how can I get better and contribute to the success of this team?”

Perfect regular seasons don’t always end well, as both Gary Anderson and Mike Vanderjagt found out the hard way. Anderson went 35-for-35 in the regular season for the 1998 Vikings, but he missed a crucial kick in the NFC Championship Game, costing Minnesota a trip to the Super Bowl. Vanderjagt went 37-for-37 for in the regular season for the 2003 Colts and also made all his kicks in the playoffs after that season, but Vanderjagt’s streak ended with a costly miss in a 27-24 loss to the Patriots the following year, and he may be best remembered for missing a field goal in the final minute of a playoff loss to the Steelers, in what turned out to be his last game as a Colt.

Ravens fans would gladly let Tucker get away with a miss or two in the regular season if he stays perfect in the playoffs.

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  1. Some people will probably blast the guy, but you have to admire anyone who wants to perfect their craft. I like the fact he admits he knows what went wrong on the misses. I’m now a fan.

  2. I like his chances. He’s only in his 2nd year and already among the best kickers in the league.

    As a Panthers fan, I’d love to have a kicker who was as automatic as Tucker.

  3. i like his confidence and he should absolutely feel that way as a player. however, now that he has stated his goal to the media i hope he misses his very first field goal attempt of the season.

  4. Ahhhh the offseason!!! Season where everything is possible…

    -Tucker will have a perfect season on field goal
    -Marcus Thigpen will break the record for most TD on returns
    -All Day will run for 2500 yards

  5. Ah May, the month where the boldest predictions are made.

    It’s better to miss one in regular season. Less pressure in the post season. Ask Gary Anderson.

  6. Yo logicailvoicesays,

    Your Redskins represent the DC area, and play in VA. A true Redskins fan would know that.

  7. “vette200 says:
    May 15, 2013 12:50 PM
    Hate to say this…but I have a feeling that Justin just jinxed himself by saying that! It never fails.”

    Well I mean Flacco said he was elite and at the end of the season he was the last QB standing so I don’t think it always fails.

  8. Wow I read this exact quote…2 weeks ago on Ravens24x7. Best part about Tuck is his signature knock out punch he does after every made FG. The kid does not lack confidence and after seeing wanna the greatest of my era in David Akers lose his mojo, it doesn’t bother me one bit that he’s saying this.

  9. I am a Ravens fan & season ticket holder. And, I love me some J Tuck. But………. I’ve gotta feeling he’s gonna go Cundiff & shank the bejeebees out of his 1st FG attempt. May hit the pylon at the front corner of the endzone. Some things are better left unsaid.

  10. logicailvoicesays says:
    May 15, 2013 12:41 PM
    Maryland’s number two team needs all the help and points they can get.

    Why would someone who claims to be a Redskins fan ONLY post on Ravens articles and never seem to post on any Redskins articles?
    Seems a lot like something a Steelers troll would do. Again and again. And again.

  11. Damn good results for someone who plays “outdoors” in the “northeast”.

  12. heyguru1969:

    I respectfully disagree, this guy just turned me off from being a fan. He is going to have a hard time winning me over. I hope he misses his first kick now just so we don’t have to possibly hear updates about him on a weekly basis as he tries to accomplish the goal. I love confidence just as much as anybody else, but I don’t see confidence here I see a flawed thought process that concerns me with how he went about saying what he did.

    His choice of words turns me off 100% like a cold dead fish. Justin Tucker is a yucker. I wasn’t even going to comment at all on this story since I don’t like blasting players in general unless I have a good reason, but you claimed that we “have to admire” him, and I think it should be more of the opposite, but in the very least absolutely we do not have to!! I save my admiration for real stars that say the right things that impress me!!

  13. I can’t recall a kicker ever speaking up about anything and it being a good thing.

  14. I remember a year ago after the Cundiff miss, not many kickers wanted to come in an challenge a vet who had a great year minus that awful shank. UDFA Tucker comes in and pun intended, out kicks Cundiff. He has great touch back numbers as well and on those misses I think 2 were in the rain with possible footing issues. For him to have a perfect season Cox’s has to have perfect snaps and Sam needs perfect holds. But Tucker is clutch, even if he takes an illegal practice kick lol

  15. Should have a lot of chances. I see most drives that don’t end in a punt or turn over ending in a FG attempt.

  16. Keep hating. Justin Tucker, Blair Walsh, and Greg Zuerlein are the three best kickers in the league already and they established themselves as unproven rookies. All 3 were clutch last year, no one I’d rather see kicking for my Ravens that’s currently playing.

  17. He’s a great kicker.. I’d give him a better shot if the Ravens played in a dome.

  18. He may be perfect, but he won’t get a lot of chances cause the Elite Joe Flacco is all about touchdowns!

  19. He didn’t say he WILL have a perfect season, he said he wants to. No kiss of death here, just a guy staying positive. He has a good shot too since there will be far fewer field goal attempts and many more extra point attempts. The Ravens got better people, look around.

  20. What, are athletes now not allowed to hold themselves to extremely high standards? If this motivates Tucker to keep on striving to get better in every way possible, good for him. And who wouldn’t want to have a perfect season? He didn’t say he WILL have one, he said it’s possible and that it’s a goal of his.

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