Redskins sign injury plagued pick Thompson


The Redskins just announced that fifth-round pick Chris Thompson signed his rookie contract, and tweeted out a photo for good measure.

The surprise might be that he didn’t hurt himself while signing.

Thompson was an electrifying running back at Florida State, averaging 7.5 yards per attempt his senior season. But he was also among the unluckiest players in college football.

His final college season was cut short by a torn ACL, after his junior season was derailed by two broken vertebrae (though not from the play in that photo, what do you take us for?).

If he could stay well, he has a chance to be a good change-of-pace back or returner. And certainly the Redskins ability to cultivate late-round backs gives reason for hope.

The Redskins have now signed three of their seven draft picks.

19 responses to “Redskins sign injury plagued pick Thompson

  1. Not true. Kurt Cousins is a good player and the Redskins are getting the youth and depth that will allow them to eventually dominate the division

  2. The Skins are as good as RGIIIs knees……What a mindless comment,do you and everybody forget that Alfred Morris is second in rushing with 1600 plus yds.So it wasnt all about RGIII

  3. There are lots of athletes that could have been great if they had stayed healthy. This guy is one of them. As is RG3… sad but true.

  4. Any player that is accident prone should be a good fit. Unfortunately, the Redskins peaked last year and are sliding back down to the bottom of the NFC East. I love RGIII, but he is a one hit wonder, but that is why you play the game.

  5. Mr. Wright 212 says: May 15, 2013 2:32 PM

    Chris is going to be great. I hate that they keep drafting my Noles as a Giants fan.
    Your Giants keep drafting my Hokies! Turnabout is fair play!
    CT was great when he could play, really felt for the kid when he broke his back in college, Very glad he could come back from such an injury and hope he makes a career for himself in the NFL! Speed is what the ‘Skins are missing at RB….agree with markywhalberg about KR/PR too.

    Keep the hate coming, only adds fuel to the fire. HTTR!

  6. IRG3 will take them as far as the basement of the nfc east Washed-up-ington Failedskins

  7. You sick jerks! To use the actual photo of his injury is absolutely inexcusable! Awful and insensitive. I could not even finish the first paragraph of the article once I glanced at the gruesome photo. Awful…Just Awful.

  8. dirtydrynn27 says:May 15, 2013 2:46 PM

    The Skins are as good as RGIIIs knees……What a mindless comment,do you and everybody forget that Alfred Morris is second in rushing with 1600 plus yds.So it wasnt all about RGIII
    You do realize that Alfred Morris rushing for 1600 was a product of Robert Griffin being on the field. He racked up a whopping 87 yards against the Browns with Robert Griffin was out. He went over 100 yard a grand total of 7 out of 16 games.

  9. Nice title… where did you steal it from the Washington Post?

    Their headline today is probally gonna be…

    “Redskins Sign Oft-Injured, liability Chris Thompson, Front office in dire straights with 4 Draftess yet to sign”

  10. Great! An injury prone running back, getting to hobble through the canyons and quagmires of FedEx Field 8-times a year. Hope his Blue Cross is paid up.

  11. Special teams is all I have to say!….Niles is slow and doesn’t deserve to wear burgundy and gold!….the kid will be a more than fitting replacement!….why does this site always post negative things about the Skins?….very classless on your part…and why does this site block my relevant comments but not the comments of peytonsneck18 who is a failure at life….PLEASE POST THIS!!!! (A relevant question)

  12. Adrian Peterson was considered an oft-injured RB. And so was Frank Gore. I think they both did pretty for themselves and their teams. You can’t play this sport without getting hurt at some point. It’s about who can keep coming back. And this kid can.

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