Richard Sherman hires replacement ref for charity softball game


Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman is hosting a charity softball game in July, and he has found just the right umpire.

Sherman wrote on the Facebook page for the Richard Sherman Celebrity Softball Game that the umpire will be Lance Easley, one of the replacement refs who handed the Seahawks a win over the Packers last season by ruling that Seattle had scored a Hail Mary touchdown as time expired.

“Remember the Ref who called TD during the Green Bay Game Monday Night??? His name is Lance Easley and he is going to Umpire for us July 7th! Don’t be surprised if a few flags are thrown,” Sherman wrote.

Umpires don’t throw flags in softball, but maybe Easley doesn’t know that.

39 responses to “Richard Sherman hires replacement ref for charity softball game

  1. I can’t wait to read the comments for this one. This is going to be hilarious!!!

  2. This is absolutely hilarious, such a “Sherm” thing to do. This kid doesn’t shy away from the spotlight, and he’s reveling in it. Going too far? Maybe, but he sure knows how to have fun.

  3. I know a lot of people don’t like Sherman for his mouth, but I love the guy because he plays for the team I root for and can back up his talk with his play. I purchased my tickets to this game a while back and I think it’s funny that of all people he would ask this guy to umpire his softball game.

    Love the sense of humor! Go Hawks!

  4. Easley definitely should pack a whistle and blow it on his first call as a joke. It’s charity softball and it would be funny.

    This is America and it pays to make fun of yourself!

  5. As a Bear fan who lives in Seattle, it was kinda funny hearing my buddies swear that was a legit catch by Tate.

    Then again the Pack lost so… great cell ref!

  6. The ref/ump will just call the infield fly all the time and say it would have been a catch.

    It’s brilliant, really.

  7. I got to meet Richard Sherman last week and he is actually a really nice guy. He beat Doug Baldwin in Madden 35-0 and onside kicked after every touchdown.

    *They only played until halftime with 2 minute quarters.

  8. Even as a Packer fan this makes me smile. Its funny. Also probably make the event bring about 3x the money it would have otherwise. Not that it wouldn’t draw a crowd but now its an event. You know they are going to pull something funny like a bad call at home plate with Sherman coming home or calling balls at all the strikes when he is batting.

  9. if sherman were as quiet as, say, champ bailey, perhaps he would elevate his prestige and legacy in the nfl.

    but the more he talks the more I go back and watch him getting punched in the face by trent williams.

    listening to him on nfl top 100 you can very easily tell he is an incredibly gifted and well educated man. I’m sure in time like most folk he will mature and let his amazing game speak for himself. hell if he chose to he could do so now with how great he plays. and clearly he gives back to the community, this story is about his charity event. but until he learns to tone it down, he is as big a loudmouth as anyone else.

  10. A game which ended up having nothing to do with the postseason. Anybody have any jokes they want to tell us that they heard in the 90s? That would have just as much relevance.

  11. 30 days had passed since Sherman last saw his name come up in the media so he had to do SOMETHING to get his name back out there…like a sad spoiled kid screaming for attention.

  12. Read the rules. Watch replays of similar catches. It was a catch.

    And let’s not forget the bogus penalties that put 9 Packer points on the scoreboard.

    The Packers deserved to lose that night. Lance was just Gods way of rubbing it in.

  13. This is actually a good move by Sherman, hiring this ref to umpire a softball game. The ref would do a great job as an umpire since he obviously knows more about baseball than he does about football.

  14. I can’t wait until he has to make a call on a baserunner and ball reaching a base simultaneously. Maybe the first baseman will catch it and then the runner can slide in a few seconds later and be safe

  15. D like how people say if they lost that game they don’t go to the playoffs. Ok, say they lost…10-6 own tie breaker with minnesota and chicago, and get fifth seed, nothing changes besides the record. Anyways…bought my ticket for the game, should be a lot of fun! Rumor is fitz will be there…that’s pretty cool considering how often he endures sherms trash talk lol

  16. I like him as a Player (reminds me of a faster/taller Al Harris) – I don’t care much for his “brashness”, but his humor is pretty funny.

    The Seattle fans that defended that call still suck thou….

  17. Maybe Sherman will throw a few happy meals to that moronic imbecile “Captain Comeback” from “Stone Cold Hard Football Something or Another” who actually had the stones to claim, and diagram, that Tate “clearly” caught the ball.

    Easley made a mistake; it happens. But then he doubled down on his mistake, continuing to admit what we all knew – that he blew the call.

    But what should we expect? He works for Bank of America as a junior banker. He’s being trained to double down on mistakes he never admits to (even under oath).

    Good for Sherman to have some fun with it; but Lance Easley needs to have some respect for himself, if there is any left to be had. He’s not the joke; he’s now the punchline.

  18. Jeez, who cares, it didn’t matter to the ‘Hawks. They still get in, even if it was a loss. They beat both Minny and Chicago during the season, so nothing would of changed.

    By the way, 99% of the Seahawk fans have moved on to the upcoming season. So should any of you that are still dealing with it. Get over it, it was ruled a catch on the field and from the replay, NFL employees in the Booth.


  19. I never want to hear a Seattle fan talk about how the Steelers “cheated with help from the refs” in SB XL, not after how they clearly reward those who pervert the system in their favor. True hypocrites.

  20. I know someone said Al Harris in comparison Sherman is already far better by year 2. 8 ints and 3 FF and Harris highest career number was 4 Int. Sherman has far better hands and ball skills. Its never shown as a highlight but watch his pick on out of bounds throw but a Cardinal QB. The kids talent is unreal. Converted WR still growing as a CB.

  21. Mavajo ” playoffs comment ” it’s funny their are still moron fans like yourself who don’t realize the Seahawks won 11 games and without that GB game would have still been the 5 seed in the NFC seeing how they beat both Vikes and Bears.

    Again another hater comment with absolutely no knowledge from a ill informed fan.

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