Rolando McClain retires from the NFL


Linebacker Rolando McClain hasn’t been released by the Ravens, but he won’t be playing for them in 2013.

Ravens General Manager Ozzie Newsome announced Wednesday that McClain, who was arrested for disorderly conduct last month, is retiring from the NFL.

“Rolando let me know that he plans to retire from the NFL,” Newsome said in a statement from the team. “We have placed him on the Reserve/Retired list.”

McClain’s arrest was the latest in a series of run-ins with law enforcement that have checkered McClain’s brief professional career. He also wound up being asked to stay away from the Raiders for several games at the end of last season after a blow-up with coach Dennis Allen. The Raiders released him in early April and it all adds up to a rapid fall for the eighth overall pick of the 2010 draft.

Since McClain is just 23, it seems inevitable that we’ll hear rumblings about McClain wanting to make a comeback in the next couple of years. He might get a shot, but it will be a much longer one than the one he blew over the last few years.

149 responses to “Rolando McClain retires from the NFL

  1. Hey ravens fans, what happened to u guys like being able to turn this turd into a hidden gem? Lol

  2. If JaMarcus Russell was a linebacker, he’d be McChump.

    Just another example of someone who quit caring the minute he was paid.

  3. Low risk signing by the Ravens. Gave him exactly $0 in his short tenure. Glad he’ll not be wearing purple this year. Drafting Arthur Brown sealed his fate I believe. Wasn’t happy when we signed him, was willing to give him a shot to see if he could get his head out of his —, but happy that he’s moving along. I’d rather put a rookie UDFA out there who wants to be a football player than put a guy who just wanted to be an NFL draft pick.

    Buh bye, Rolando. I hope you get your life together.

  4. Why couldn’t he just move from the state of Alabama? Seriously. Every time he goes there he gets arrested.

    What a waste.

  5. “At this time, I have come to the realization that my future is in crime rather than football. While I have haven’t been very successful I have been prolific at getting arrested. Therefore I am ending my career as a football player to peruse interests as a criminal.”

  6. Or is he retiring just to avoid the indignity of a suspension based on his recent antics, known or unknown?

  7. It’s like the old saying goes: “what an idiot!”

    I guess I will see you the next time I’m bored and surfing the Internet for “Alabama mug shots”

  8. Best of luck in your future job where you will end each sentence with “Do you want fries with that?”

  9. Way to tackle your issues, Rolando. Just quit your job instead of using it as a way to make your life better.

    The Ravens are probably better off without him anyway.

  10. I remember when the raiders drafted him out of bama, the funny part is how every one was talking about what a solid pick it was and how the Raiders seem to finally start doing things rthe right way, Wich at the time anyone would have said. Too bad for the raiders that even when they are “right” they’re wrong

  11. What is with the Raiders selecting not only 1st round busts, but busts who aren’t even in football 3 years later?????

    Their scouting department is horrifically bad.

    “Commitment to incompetence.”

  12. The only thing keeping him out of prison is the NFL. He lives within miles of Decatur, and he can’t stay out of trouble there. I think the odds are greater that he’ll be incarcerated than he will make a comeback.

  13. Ozzie the great will replace him. He’ll keep an eye on the police blotter for a replacement.

  14. Hope he is able to get his life sorted out. That should be his priority right now.

  15. Tremendous amount of talent and young but unfortunally put himself into too many unintelligent situations.

    Hopefully he is able to take the time needed and get his mind right before wanting to make a comeback where he is able to reach his full potential

  16. this guy is up there with titus young..wasted talent! titus’s dad says he needs help and maybe rolando needs help..maybe he just needs to get out of his hometwon! none the less if it is the case go get the help you need!

  17. Rolando isn’t retiring hes just waiting fo r the nfl and the world to change their drug policy and to eliminate discrimination against people who beat up others

  18. The Ravens gave this guy every opportunity to make a name for himself (in a positive way) and stood by him even after his recent run-in with the law and he now decides to call it quits? Sounds like this dude needs to make some appointments ASAP with a shrink to get his head on straight because if he doesn’t I wouldn’t be surprised if he ends in up jail or 6-feet-under within a few years!!

    What’s a 23yo with a checkered past going to do with the rest of his life? If I’m a betting man, he doesn’t see 30 without some serious problems in his life!!

  19. I highly doubt it, but if he saved the money from his signing bonus and first couple years salary, retiring at 23 would be AWESOME.

  20. Don’t think you can “retire” from the NFL after 3 or 4 years. Quitting is more like it. Without the NFL, probably going to be more likely to get in more trouble, than he did in the NFL.

  21. Well I guess its better to retire than to get cut…again!! LMAO!! What a punk!! If he just quits like that then he never really loved the game…just the $$$!! Maybe him and Jamarcus can make a comeback together lol

  22. Well this thread escalated quickly…lol. I figured everyone would weigh-in on this one. I think I agree with other posters–he will sadly end up in jail or prison without football and still is young enough to turn it around, get some structure, better his skills and play even half up to his billing. Can honestly say I didn’t see this coming at all. I’m sure the Ravens will be fine in their LB corps either way, as I didn’t really see him contributing all too much.

    Plus, there are still players getting cut and worth a look and the second round of FA to come–heck all the way up to when the season begins for them to find some solid depth at least at the position.

  23. A lot of guys quit caring the minute they get paid but still manage to have full careers, even if as backups. There’s more to this than simply not caring.

  24. Honestly, I respect him if he is retiring with the intention to straighten himself out. But if I hear his name come up in the next 3 years about arrests and then striving to return to the NFL, the respect will go out the window.

  25. Annother Al Davis pick
    The guy got batty at the end
    Karma, I guess

    I hope the Raiders are on the right track now

  26. Smart move. Get your body and mind right, and then try to play in the NFL. It would have been nice though if he wasn’t allowed to receive so much money so that other players who deserve it and earn it could compete for those dollars. What a joke of a system.

  27. Why ride the front seat of a Porsche, when you can ride the back seats of Ford Crown Vics?

  28. He got 23mil guaranteed from the Raiders and was only going to play for the veteran minimum. If he doesn’t have the passion to play anymore perhaps it is best that he walk away now. If he lives within his means he and his family can live comfortably for the rest of their lives.

  29. I remember that the Giants were thinking about drafting him before Al Davis went and made one his patented Al Davis moves and picked this guy way ahead of where he should have been picked. Instead the Giants picked JPP 15th… Whew, thanks Al.

  30. Baltimore should build a statue of this guy and put it next to Ray Lewis’s. After all, according to Ravens fans, this was the greatest off-season pickup the league has ever seen.

  31. Gotta say, I was hoping this guy would fall to the Giants in that draft and I couldn’t be happier to be wrong. He’s just another example of how you really can’t grade a draft for at least a couple of years. Guys like this, Aaron Curry, Russell, etc., are proof there are no sure things. I know they didn’t work out for different reasons, but the point is it’s impossible to be sure about any player.

  32. wakaflaccoflame says: May 15, 2013 1:17 PM

    In before people bashing the Ravens when they’ve neither gained or lost anything from this.
    Yet non Raven fans who hate us won’t accept nor acknowledge that. Low risk. Was it a mistake? Yep But one that cost us nothing.

  33. I don’t really get the comments on here equating Rolando McClain with the Ravens all that much…he didn’t even play for them. It would be like equating Titus Young and all his drama with the Rams – ‘Man, Jeff Fisher really struck out on that one!’ *rolls eyes*

  34. The fact that Ozzie Newsome announced McClain’s retirement suggests to me that this was a “negotiated retirement” between him and the Ravens. It saves McClain the indignity of being dropped and comes coincidentally after the Ravens drafted Arthur Brown for ILB. This allows McClain to save face for now and wait awhile to return. I suspect Ozzie is trying to take care of his ‘Bama boys.

  35. 10-1 he gets busted propositioning a tranny within a year, broke in two years, and a tearful ” I’m a new man and ready for another chance” press conference shortly thereafter.

  36. If he wants to make a comeback he can start by getting rid of them flabby pecs. Embarrassing.

  37. I was hoping the Steelers would take a chance on him when the Raiders let him go. But if he couldn’t make it with Ozzie’s backing, he couldn’t make it anywhere. What a sad, sad waste of so much talent and potential.

  38. I hope he gets the help he obviously needs. This appears to be the latest in a downward spiral of self destructive behavior and I hope the next headline isnt reporting he was found dead from suicide.

  39. Ill cut the guy some slack, he must be having a breakdown and with money in the bank he needs rehab not training camp. Would be nice if stories like this would get deeper into the players background and that way less idiots would post and gloat about this kids failure.

  40. When people retire, that means they usually collect a pension. This guy didn’t play long enough to qualify for even the minimum NFL pension.

  41. It seems as if no team in the history of the NFL has gone through a stretch where the drafted or signed as many busts as Al did before he passed. It’s a miracle they won as many games as they did.

  42. Deb where ya been?? Post more often, PFT had been taken over by 95% trolls these days so it’s always good to see the original PFT’ers comment…even if your a steeler fan 🙂

  43. I just wanted to drop by and say


  44. This is another example of why making a big deal over how many players a particular college or particular conference had that were “drafted into the NFL” is a waste of time. Many of those drafted can be out of football without a trace in two or three years. A better statistic would be to show many have had an impact in the NFL two or three years later.

  45. Hey ravens fans, what happened to u guys like being able to turn this turd into a hidden gem? Lol


    LOL at this clown comment.

  46. Another example of the “brilliant” job the Raiders consistently own the draft! HAHAHA!

  47. @fukpittsburgh: It’s a valid question. When the Ravens picked him up after the Raiders dropped him on the curb Ravens fans were raving about how the ravens could turn him around.

    Not this time.

  48. Why are people harping on Al Davis and the Raiders for drafting him???
    If the raiders would have passed on him some other team would have drafted him … he was one of the top LBs in the draft.

  49. @malab377- hit the nail on the head there! This is his worst possible decision. And underachiever who gets cut will often get looked at again, but one who ‘retires’ has little or no chance for a comeback. He’ll be in prison before he’s 25. At least the Ravens could have kept tabs on him. He’s his own worst enemy.

  50. I am curious how much of the 5 year, $40 million contract with $23 million guaranteed he actually received? Since he is “retiring” and has had off field issues. I’m sure he got at least half of the $23m. I could retire on that at 23 years old. Not sure Rolando could though. Suppose the bigger question is not how much he received, but rather how much he actually has left!?

  51. good riddance. it was low risk high reward. within 2 weeks he already got arrested by doing the one thing he said he wouldnt do…go home. good luck with your life. youre gonna need it

  52. Obviously, he doesn’t want to be cut when it only hurts his reputation and he gets no $. Ravens prove they are a classy operation by letting him bow out gracefully.

    This is why we are World Champs and the Steelers are still trying to dig themselves out of a hole that’s only getting deeper.

  53. Damn hes only 23!? Most college athelets would just now be coming out of college right now! Fix yourself RO and dont throw your life away, your just too immature…

  54. Rolando and Titus should start a hip-hop duo and go by the stage name #FAIL


  55. Somehow I have a feeling this won’t be the last time we here about Rolando McClain, and I’m pretty sure Football won’t be part of the story either.

  56. Boy I’ll tell you that McClain he was one hell of a ball player, HOF career if you didn’t get a chance to see him play….well you really missed something special.

  57. So when do the Bengals get credit for not signing this clown? But the Ravens actually had to pay people to negotiate a contract for him. Nice work Ozzie. You’re the greatest GM ever from what I hear.

  58. What a waste. Leaving college he was the ‘safe’ pick for Oakland, a good sensible draft choice. Showed some promise as a rookie but then it all started to go downhill.

    Retiring at 23 ? What people are giving him advice? Work hard on the 1 year deal with the Ravens and it could equate to a big new deal.

    That moneys going to run out at some stage and then no doubt he’ll be doing the Jamarcus Russell ‘boo hoo look at me’ begging type video he released recently.

    Its sad in a way but hes only got himself to blame.

  59. No, the term “retiring” should be reserved for those who played the game with respect and passion, what Mr McClain is doing is called quitting and flaming out. He’d probably be in government housing facilities unable to hold a job if it weren’t for the National Football League. Good riddance.

  60. So long Rolando! We are better off without you. I guess you found out police is tougher here in Bmore than in your hometown.
    Hard work beats talent, when talent doesn’t work hard. GO RAVENS !

  61. Haters fail to understand it cost the Ravens nothing to do this, so it was not a failed signing. Now, I don’t think they should have signed him in the first place, and maybe (probably?) the “retirement” was really “retire or we will cut you”, but it didn’t cost them anything.

  62. “hovadagod says: May 15, 2013 1:31 PM
    I hope he gets the mental help that he obviously needs”

    Huh? Let’s not pretend he’s mentally ill like Titus Young. Rolando McClain is a straight up turd, a criminal, and sefl-entitled wannabe gangsta. How else do you explain someone who was given the opportunity of a lifetime, fame, wealth and threw it all away because he thought he could commit crimes like shooting at someone and think it’s ok.

  63. At least he did what the Ravens didn’t have the guts to do…now wait for the report he was about to be cut to save face.

  64. As someone who lives near Decatur, AL, I’m very sad to hear this b/c it means he may be around here more often…

  65. Since hes being placed onto the Reserve/Retired list can he still be liable of the ‘days without an arrest clock’?

    Because if he isn’t that average just dropped.

  66. therealraiderduck says:
    May 15, 2013 1:19 PM

    Just another example of someone who quit caring the minute he was paid.


    Don’t be ridiculous, he played for Alabama. He’s been getting paid for several years now.

  67. Sad to say, but this will likely not end well. McClain & Young .. how to not make it in the “League”. Lets hope they both stay out of jail, don’t get shot and stay out of Chris Henry’s Ex’s pickup truck bed. RIP Slim!

  68. So does this mean he is ineligible for the Ravens Criminal Mount Rushmore? If so, there are so many other worthy candidates.

  69. This was part of the Ozzie Plan.
    He was just trying to throw other teams off.
    Just wait. He’s playing chess while the others sit in their drool.

  70. souldogdave says: May 15, 2013 2:16 PM

    Don’t that beat all. Kid’s as dumb as a sack of hammers.
    That’s an insult to sacks of hammers everywhere. He’s dumber than that.
    bengalsucker says: May 15, 2013 3:33 PM

    So when do the Bengals get credit for not signing this clown? But the Ravens actually had to pay people to negotiate a contract for him. Nice work Ozzie. You’re the greatest GM ever from what I hear.
    Typical Bungles fan, taking credit somehow for something they didn’t do and celebrating the Mighty Bagels’ 45 years of accomplishing nothing.

    Dear Bugles fan, the Ravens are the World Champions, much as it gripes this Steelers fan to say it. They are #1. Your team is nobody, has no Lombardi Trophies in its offices, has not won a playoff game since Bush Sr. was President, and neither your team nor you has one blessed thing to gloat about.

    The Ravens spent nothing on this guy, lost nothing, and are the best until someone knocks them out. If that happens, I doubt that it will be your unaccomplished team that does it.

  71. Not sure how this is a mistake by Ozzie Newsome. Didn’t cost him a dime to get rid of McClain. Tons of undrafted free agents that teams give tryouts to are cut, I suppose each of one them are mistakes as well?

  72. Retiring at 23? i don’t get it…
    What does he have to fall back on, anybody know? I know he’s had legal problems and makes bad decisions but this is kind of bizarre to me. Maybe he needs time off to clear up legal troubles and try to get his life in order? I hope so

  73. What a freakin loser this guy is. Just another athlete that either has the wrong friends, dates the wrong women, or does not have the ability to control himself. No lost to society, let him go.

  74. He was mad that he had to take a pay cut after playing in Alabama. The good ol’ boy system in Alabama is much better at hiding stuff than in Oakland and Baltimore.

  75. He’ll go home, hit bottom, dry out, find Jesus, and then become a local cop. He’ll end up giving “Dare” speeches at the local schools and handing out his football trading cards.

    Or, he’ll send off for one of those internet Preacher certificates, set up a tent, and tell others how to live their lives.

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