Scott Cohen out in New York

In roughly four months, Jets assistant G.M. Scott Cohen has gone from being a candidate to run the football operation to being unfit to continue working for it.

According to Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News, Cohen is the next man to go in the post-draft shakeup under G.M. John Idzik.

It’s not a surprise, given that new General Managers want their own people in place.

Cohen arrived in 2008 as assistant G.M. after serving as director of pro personnel with the Eagles, working closely with former Eagles G.M. Tom Heckert.

The changes in the team’s front office serve only to fuel speculation that, just as Idzik wants his own people implementing his vision of the front office, he’ll eventually want his own coach to effect Idzik’s vision of the team.

8 responses to “Scott Cohen out in New York

  1. Idzik will need Woody Johnson’s permission to change head coaches which he will not get.

  2. How does Bradway still have a job? He failed as a GM here and should have been gone years ago. Idzik needs to implement scorched earth policy and get rid of everyone that had to do with the mess they’re in.

  3. The Jets are a mess, we all know that. This is just another bump in the road. Who is next??

  4. I would bet that one of the questions at Idzik’s interview dealt with his opinions on working with Ryan. Johnson wanted a “Rex Guy”. Of course, nothing Johnson or the Jets do makes much sense.

  5. I love all the guys that say Rex is the problem I honestly don’t get it, had anyone looked at that roster and thought they could’ve won anything? ?
    The guy took mediocre talent to the championship game 2 years in a row , No one can say had 1 playmaker since he’s been there yet he’s still won.
    The guy can coach get over it, he’s not picking the talent he’s just coaching it didn’t Parcells leave the Pats cuz he couldn’t grocery shop? ?
    Then why would you think Rex did??

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