Another Jets rookie makes an agent change

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In the aftermath of the draft, Jets second-round quarterback Geno Smith changed agents.  Now, three weeks after cornerback Dee Milliner became the ninth overall pick in the draft, he’s making a change, too.

According to Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News, Milliner has parted ways with Mitch Frankel and Tony Fleming.  Per Mehta, “all signs point” to Milliner hiring Pat Dye, once the mandatory five-day waiting period ends.

Mehta explains that Milliner is making the change because he wasn’t a top-five pick in the draft.

If true, it’s a ridiculous reason for making a change.  The only team in the top five that reasonably could have taken Milliner was the Lions at No. 5, and they opted to go with defensive end Ziggy Ansah.

Milliner possibly believes that his former agents didn’t do enough to contain or respond to reports regarding his various surgeries.  While every team had access to that information, once it becomes public, more pressure is placed on General Managers who are considering picking the player.  If Milliner ended up being plagued with injuries, Lions G.M. Martin Mayhew would have been deemed the new Matt Millen in Motown.

Still, the facts are the facts, and there’s only so much any agent can do to control or shape them.  And if Milliner thinks his fall was disappointing, maybe he should talk to Smith, a supposed top-five lock who barely made it into the top 40.

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  1. The Lions were never going to take a defensive back. I don’t get why people keep insinuating they were. I thought Mayhew or somebody like that even came out and said that they like D-linemen.

    They believe in that weak strategy of a good pass rush trumps a suspect secondary.

  2. And Jay-Z has another bust of a client he’ll try and blackmail teams with… scamming them into paying him and his clients hundreds of millions…..

  3. Idiots, your agent has no control or know where you will be drafted. They can make projections and speculate just like everyone else but ultimately teams decide not your agents. These guys are ungrateful human beings and despicable.

  4. Your agent can only do so much… the reason you fell down the draft board is that teams are nervous about spending millions on guys who had five surgeries in college!

  5. patrick peterson barely made the top 5 and he was a hell of a better prospect than Milliner. its not that easy being picked in the top 5 being a corner.

  6. Another head case. This guy is signaling what the future is going to like in contract negotiations. Another ego out of control just like his new coach.

  7. At least he’s not as delusional as Justin Pugh, who was shocked that his favorite team (Eagles) didn’t take him at 4th overall and vowed to seek revenge. Guy is lucky he was even picked in round 1.

  8. While I completely agree with the comments above that agents have no impact on where the player goes, I do agree with Milliner that his agents did a terrible job in covering up his injuries. Do you remember that day on PFT that was dedicated to Dee Milliner and all 5 of his injuries?

  9. Agents negotiate contracts.

    Players performance on and off the field dictates their compensation and draft position.

    The buck for “falling” stops with Milliner.

  10. L O S E R S LOSERS LOSERS. Now let’s go have a snack and play like losers.!!!!!

  11. Are we going to pretend Manish Mehta is a trusted source? He did the same thing a couple of days back reporting about Garrard’s injury.

  12. Manure Mehta comes up with crap for stories. The daily news had Cimini and just when you think they couldn’t do worse, the get Manure.

  13. A month before the draft a team leaks out to several draft experts in the media that they like DJ Hayden as the #1 CB. Then a couple days before the draft damaging information on top 10 CB Dee Milliner gets leaked to the media. A day later and before the draft it gets leaked that Oakland will pick round 2 CB DJ Hayden 3rd overall but would rather trade down and then pick Hayden.

    Flashback to 2009. Before the 2009 draft an unknown team leaks that top 10 WR Michael Crabtree acted like a prima donna at a team interview. It soon gets out that it was Oakland. A week before the draft an unknown team leaks to several media experts that round 2 WR Darius Heyward-Bey is worthy of a round 1 pick. Two days before the draft Oakland leaks out news that their number 7 overall pick could be a surprise. Oakland then drafts Darius Heward-Bey as the top WR in the draft.

    Might be a coincidence and many of the front office types are departed since 2009 but does sound similar.

  14. Manish Mehta ‏@MMehtaNYDN 3h

    I’m told that Dee Milliner hasn’t expressed unhappiness about his draft position during his search for new representation. #nyj

  15. Boy the jets know how to pick them. What a primo Dona, you fired your agent because you wasn’t a top 5. A team is gonna pick who they need, the top 5 picks didn’t need a CB. No agent would have doe differently and you would ave still ended up a jets. No need for them to trade up because they knew you’ll be there when they picked you at 9.

  16. I was begging for the Lions to take this kid being a Viking Fan.

    Good Luck Jets,,,,,,,,,,,,,,we will see you resurface in 5 years.

  17. Do you think it’s just by chance Jay Z and Obama are friends. Let’s see who lands this kid.

    Nice IRS Move O

  18. Agents lie all the time about their client and bash other players. Teams do it too (hello Ryan Naqib). So that’s how the game is played. Guaranteed Millner will be the new Revis with new contract demands every couple years.

  19. I can see problems ahead. Its funny those that have it keep their mouths shut and those that dont normally have issues. Of course i am only saying this if its true he making the change because he was not a top five pick.

  20. how did Mehta get this info? considering his source was that old defensive coordinator…who is no longer with the team.

  21. Unfortunately, the standard “Player/Rep” agreement is drafted by the NFLPA and completely one sided in favor off the player. The agent cannot recoup the time expended in draft preparation with the former client. Now the new agent simply steps in, get the kid his “slotted” contract amount and cashes a check for doing nothing but answering the phone when Millner called; tough business!

  22. This should bode well for the Jets. Maybe Cromartie being the stand up roll model he is can show these guys the way….oh wait!!!!

  23. That’s a shame to hear. I used to work for Mitch and Tony, nice guys.

  24. LOSERS!!! You got the story wrong again as usual. Must be nice to have a job with zero accountability. Then again when you set the bar really low even PFT looks average!!!

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