Brandon Weeden: I want to be the guy

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Browns quarterback Brandon Weeden has said several times this offseason that he’s not worrying about competition from Jason Campbell and focusing on being the best quarterback he can be.

Weeden was on that topic again Thursday, talking about how much work he’s been doing to learn the offense being put in place by head coach Rob Chudzinski and offensive coordinator Norv Turner and how confident he feels running the offense as a result. Weeden is convinced that he’s the guy to lead the Browns in 2013 and is hopeful that the team’s coaches share the same conviction.

“I hope they see not only what I do out here, but how I’m handling myself working and doing all of those other things,” Weeden said, via Nate Ulrich of the Akron Beacon-Journal. “This means a lot to me. This is my job and I take it seriously and I want to be the guy. I want to build off last year, and I think we’re going to be a better football team and in a lot of ways I want to be a part of it.”

According to reports out of Cleveland, the Browns are giving Campbell a legitimate shot to win the job and there’s been no indication otherwise from the team. That said, it’s hard to see the Browns not giving Weeden at least a shot at running with the job. The new regime may not have brought him to Cleveland, but he’s a potential asset for the team on the field or in a trade while Campbell’s probably going to have a hard time rising above the quality backup level at this point in his career.

14 responses to “Brandon Weeden: I want to be the guy

  1. Sorry old timer your opportunity has come and gone. It’s a game of youth now. Time to connect with Bubby Brister for a round of golf.

  2. As a Browns fan, I’d be really surprised if the Browns aren’t picking a QB in the 1st round next year. This year’s team will be much like last year’s team: play tough, maybe scare some teams, but still lose often with much blame laid at the QB’s feet. The only reason the Browns didn’t draft a QB this year is because they, like most of the league, didn’t think there was a QB in the draft worth taking. Weeden is given this second chance by default.

  3. Colt McCoy wanted to “be the guy” as well. He found out you needed more talent to do so though and accepted that he is a NFL backup QB.

  4. What is with the Brandon Weeden firing squad? I thought he showed some poise and talent with only mediocre receiving group to aid him. He was a rookie, no other rookie QB has been brushed off this quick. He was very similar to Tannehill and you don’t see anyone calling for his head.

  5. And Brandon,
    We want you to be the guy, You must realize we are tired of the QB carousel. For 10 years, Since Holcomb came and had 1 good game and Butchie figured he was the guy. Burning through more QB’s than I can count, and giving none the confidence to have the job and not taking the time to couch them up. Brandon you need to be the guy, This was My grandfathers team, my dad’s team, My team but now my kids are reluctant to watch this mess, so be the man, lets continue the family traditions.

  6. cpo187 says:
    May 16, 2013 6:37 PM
    Colt McCoy wanted to “be the guy” as well. He found out you needed more talent to do so though and accepted that he is a NFL backup QB.


    Were you aware that McCoy was working with zero players who had NFL-quality receiving skills? What was he supposed to do with no one on the team who could get open, and no one who could catch a ball?

  7. Weeden actually put up better numbers overall than Tanneyhill last year, but all we hear is that Tanneyhill is the second coming. Give me a break.

  8. I’m a Browns fan and I want them to do well but the reason nobody is on Tannehill even though both he and Weeden were rookies last year is their ages. Tannehill is 24 and Weeden is 30. Who has more upside? How many quarterbacks start after 35 let alone excel? Weeden is a stop gap at best. If he plays well great but the Browns would be foolish not to go get a top QB next year.

  9. Just a reminder to Brown fans, the other teams who drafted QBs last year tailored their offense to the guy they drafted. Last year the Browns tossed Wee den in a system that he never ran. This year, the system suits his skill set heavily and it suits the receivers greatly. Super speed on the outside, quality slot, middle stunts and great RB. It will be a whole new year. Have hope, for real this time.

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