Browns sign Brian Hoyer

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Add another name to the Cleveland Browns’ quarterback depth chart.

Brian Hoyer, who was released by the Cardinals this week, has agreed to a two-year deal with the Browns, according to Adam Caplan of SiriusXM Radio.

Hoyer got the first start of his NFL career in a Week 17 loss to the 49ers last season and played fairly well, at least by the standards of the 2012 Cardinals offense. He has also played for the Steelers and Patriots.

From all indications, Brandon Weeden will be the guy for the Browns this season, and Hoyer will compete with Jason Campbell and Thaddeus Lewis for the No. 2 spot.

23 responses to “Browns sign Brian Hoyer

  1. Hoyer isn’t bad. Never really got a shot yet. A real one anyways. He might work out well up in Cleveland. I wish the young man nothing but the best.

  2. Hope the kid gets a fair shot to compete. If he does ,he will make the team,and be breathing down Weeden’s neck.

  3. I remember when all of the people who worship at the alter of Bill Belichick said that this guy was the second coming of Matt Cassel and his excellency had groomed another backup QB who would star elsewhere.

    How’d that turn out? Doesn’t matter to the Belichick fanboys, apparently, because they are now saying the same thing about Ryan “dumber-than-a-box-of-mallets” Mallet.

  4. Wow…Didn’t see that coming.I’m being very sarcastic. I’m glad we were patient and let him come to us and not give up anything. Hope it turns out better of a local boy than charlie frye

  5. havent seen a lot of him, but im a 49er fan and was impressed by the way he played against them in week 17 with playoff implications for the niners on the line

  6. Good signing by the Browns! Best of luck to Hoyer, I have a feeling he will get the opportunity to shine in Cleveland while Arizona is still floundering:(

  7. He’s from the Cleveland area so it would be nice for him to make the team. Who knows if Weeden doesn’t work out maybe Hoyer can come in and play a few games at the end of the season.

  8. Here we go again …..
    Couch Holcombe
    Garcia, Holcombe
    Dilfer, Frye
    Frye, Anderson
    Anderson, Quinn
    Delholme, McCoy
    McCoy, Wallace
    Weeden, McCoy

  9. Anyone who thinks Brandon Weeden will be on the team in August is mistaken.

    I am not Vince hasn’t liked Weeden since he played college ball. This signing is about proving I am Not Vince is right. This isn’t about winning football games, signing Hoyer is about ego.

    The Browns aren’t a playoff team, they need to develop a quarterback. If its not Weeden then go out and get a young guy to develop-NOW not next year or the year. Watching Hoyer and Campbell is Brady Quinn and Derrek Anderson all over again.

  10. “”Hoyer isn’t bad. Never really got a shot yet. A real one anyways.””

    No Browns qb has either since the return, at least with talent surrounding him. We will beginning another two year experiment only to start over again in 2015. It’s a given with a 5th choice head coach, a gm who knows nothing, and an owner who might be facing jail time for screwing customers. Oh yeah, things are looking up aren’t they?

  11. You can do much worse than Brian Hoyer. One thing I will say about the Browns QB situation, We may not have a starter on the team but at least we have three capable backups, many teams don’t have one. A quality 1st string QB combined with any 2 of these three would equate to one of the best QB situations in the NFL.

  12. Remember when some idiots in New England were suggesting that the Patriots trade Brady to clear the way for this guy?

    He is indeed similar to Cassel, in that both of them are better when under the wing of BB 😉

  13. He’s from Cleveland and a virtually unknown NFL commodity at this point, so cue the QB controversy whenever Weeden throws his 1st pick or goes 3 & out.

  14. Hell with the oline we have here in cle as long as youre an accurate qb youre gonna look good. I dont care if this guy grew up in nicaragua i just want a damn quarterback. I could care less if hes a local guy. Whats up with everyone pickin off the crap off of belicheks shoe?

  15. You know it’s bad when your team is picking up the Cardinals cast offs!

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