Charles Woodson’s Denver visit ends without contract

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Charles Woodson paid a visit to the Broncos on Wednesday, meeting the team’s coaches and executives to discuss the possibility of coming aboard for the 2013 season.

The details of the conversations remain unknown, but we do know that Woodson left the team’s headquarters without signing a contract. That doesn’t mean the sides won’t keep talking or that there wasn’t discussion of a deal, but, for now, Woodson remains a free agent. Woodson is believed to have a contract offer from the Raiders already in his pocket as well as interest from the Panthers as he looks to end his longer than expected stay on the market after his release from the Packers.

Mike Klis of the Denver Post believes that the Broncos are “likely” the favorites to land Woodson’s services because they are a better bet to contend for the Super Bowl than either Oakland or Carolina. Given Woodson’s early preference to play for a contender, it’s pretty hard to argue with that view of things without having any idea of what kind of money teams are putting on the table.

Per Klis, the Broncos view Woodson as a “much-needed ballhawk” on a team that had 13 interceptions last season. That probably doesn’t mean a starting role, but it would likely mean plenty of work for Woodson in various roles supporting Denver’s starting defensive backs.

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  1. I love Charles Woodson but the Packers were better against the pass when he was out last year – about 35 yds per game better when Woodson was out. Maybe if you have a really good defense around him like Denver he can move all over and play a blitzing/drop back safety role. But his days of even covering a slot receiver are over – he just isn’t quick enough anymore.

  2. Come back home to Raider Nation, C-Wood! Ditch the Denver Donkeys and finish your HOF career where it began.

  3. Keep getting older Mules. The Chiefs are assembling a dynasty team and will run Manning out of the league. KC owns the AFC West now so the Mules should start saving picks and money until after Mr. Andy Reid retires………with multiple titles

  4. Nice, there’s a typo that changes the meaning to the opposite of what you guys meant =)

    “Per Klis, the Broncos view Woodson as a “much-needed ballhawk” on a team that had interceptions last season.”

  5. I love Charles and want him back on the Raiders in bad way…but only if he accept that he’s now a safety with playmaking ability as opposed to a every position DB. Playing within a scheme as a true FS I believe he has a couple all pro seasons left in him.

    The help he could provide guys like Branch, Hayden and Jenkins could really be invaluable to the future of our defense.

  6. Lol at that chiefs fan. You do remember what Alex Smith looked like before harbaugh, right? Go watch some tape then come back with your findings

  7. Woodson Agent is in talks with Raiders right now. Both sides are talking both sides are interested this deal could get done within the next couple of hours unless Broncos call up NOW and offer a big dead to Woodson. Woodson agent just informed Broncos that Woodson is on the “verge” of signing with Raiders. Broncos likely to try and over spend if they truly want Woodson. Woodson agent not fooling around if Broncos do not up the deal with more cash Woodson will be a Raider once again by the end of today

  8. “Broncos are “likely” the favorites to land Woodson’s services because they are a better bet to contend for the Super Bowl”…

    Really? I don’t think so…not with ole one-and-done MegaHead running the show.

  9. The Chiefs won 2 games last year.

    They haven’t won a playoff game since 1993.

    They’ve had 4 winning seasons since 1999.

    Facts hurt.

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